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Larohel Shadewood [Night elf]
Player: denisalex

Character Full Name: Larohel Shadewood

Character In-Game Name: Larohel

Nickname(s): The Stalker

Association(s): The Ash Wardens

Race: Night Elf

Class: Hunter

Skills and Abilities: His skills and abilities are not too different from a common hunter, it's just that he likes to use his melee weapons quite often into a fight. Even though he succeeded to learn how to use a bow efficiently, he still has a particular pleasure to slice his enemies with his glaives and even to stab them with his spear.

Age: 28

Sex: Male

Hair: Dark blue tail

Eyes: Yellow

Weight: 98 kg

Height: 2,07m

Usual Garments/Armor: He wears a white hood that covers all of his face, except his eyes. For the rest of his body, he wears a white leather tunic, white leather shoulderguards, brown leggings and black boots, as well as black wristguards.

Personality: Larohel is a mysterious elf, quite observable from his nickname and his usual garments. He likes to hide and follow his enemies to a point of no escape, where he can ambush and kill them without any problem. He generally despises all the members of the Horde, but has a special hatred for the Orcs because they invaded his homeland and killed many of his kind. He clearly trusts only his kind and suspects the other members of the Alliance, except the Draenei, of being warmongers.

History: Larohel was born in Ashenvale and raised there by his parents, along with his older sister, Adlanna. Since he was much younger, his parents wanted him to become a druid so he could have followed the steps of his father and of the other proud Night Elf males. His sister was training to become a sentinel and Larohel was watching her with envy everytime he would see her congratulated by their parents. That specific feeling was haunting Larohel since he was fascinated by the weapons which his sister and the other Sentinels wielded.

Years passed and it became obvious for Larohel that he could never become a druid since he had no druidic potential at all and this was quite observable by his parents and by the other Night Elf druids that wanted to teach him the druidic arts. Larohel couldn't make any strong connection with the wilderness, so, one day, he told his parents that he couldn't become a druid and would have liked to train as a hunter, instead. Both his mother and father were very disappointed to hear that their own son was too weak to become a druid, but eventually accepted him to train so he could become a hunter. While Adlanna was praised by their parents all the time, Larohel was treated like a weakling and was never trusted by his parents, nor by his older sister. Since he was treated so bad by his own family, Larohel started to spend more of his time with his older friend, Elvoriand, that taught him how to hunt. He felt relieved that he found someone that treated him normally and never made fun of him for not wanting to become a druid.

After a few months, Elvoriand managed to teach Larohel how use both the bows and the glaives and then Larohel could start to hunt on his own. He was elated that he fulfilled his wish of learning how to use those weapons, but his state of elation was diminished by his family because they kept treating him like an unskilled person. He could not do anything about it and accepted this for many years.

When the Orcs invaded the lands of the Night Elves, seven years ago, Larohel wanted to join the Sentinel force to attack the green-skins, but his parents didn’t let him do so, because they still considered him to be weak, but instead, they let Adlanna go with the Sentinels. The older sister returned home heavily injured by the brutal Orcs that killed many Sentinels and also ended up killing Cenarius, the Night Elf Demigod. Larohel was not surprised to have seen his sister injured as he thought that she was not even capable of wielding a blade properly and was praised by their parents only to annoy him.

While the Orcs were still cutting down the elven forests, a much greater force threatened the Night Elves, it was the Burning Legion itself that attacked the lands of the Night Elves and their powerful leader, Archimonde attacked the World Tree, Nordrassil, which was the source of the Night Elves’ immortality. Larohel’s parents left with the other Night Elf forces in order to stop the Legion and let their two children in Ashenvale. Though Adlanna was still weakened by the wounds inflicted by the Orcs, Larohel was not even bruised because he was forced to remain within the Elven settlement so he would not get hurt. After the Night Elves made a great sacrifice, of giving up their immortality in order to destroy the Eredar leader, they were helped by the forces of the Horde and the Alliance to push back the Legion from their lands.

After the Legion was weakened, Larohel’s parents returned home, but did not stay for long because, one night, they both left to a destination that is still unknown to Larohel. Adlanna acted like she knew what was going to happen. Larohel immediately noticed that and asked his older sister what was going on, but she told him that their parents would come back soon. Larohel was yet suspicious about that.

After a few days, he started hunting again so he could have gained more skill, but one day he heard about the Birth of Teldrassil. Larohel was surprised about it and came home to ask his sister, but his surprise was about to get even bigger when he saw that she was not home. He waited a few days for her return, but it was in vain. Then he realized that his parents might have come over and took Adlanna with them, far from the Night Elf lands as he suspected.

Though he was looking for an answer, he couldn’t find any since his family left without a word. Elvoriand tried to calm him down all the time and was always close to Larohel. This made Larohel feel better and felt like Elvoriand was his true ‘family’ because he cared about him all the time and never treated him like a weakling.

To this day, Larohel remained in Ashenvale, protecting the woods from the ‘savage beasts’ as he calls the Orcs.
Up until the Third War, all night elf men were bound to become druids through the pact with Ysera that they made, as part of their sacrifice for the world tree and immortality. If your character is going to be a male that did not become a druid, there need to be some more extraordinary circumstances than "he didn't feel like it." Perhaps he had literally no druidic potential, or something else?
The only problem now is that it feels like you put a little too much emphasis on him having no bond with nature now, heh. It's just a grammatical thing. Cut out some of the sentences and you'll be good to go.
Alright, changed one of the phrases.

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