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Law in Stormwind
Trouble seems to be brewing a lot in the Soggy City. I'm not sure why but I have some thought of how to help with the rp. Could we make up a list of the kinds of infractions guards would be called for and their result? Something like...
Drunk In Public: Fine: 2 silver Jail Time: Until you dry out/are sober

And sticky it some where. Sound good? Same thing for Horde country, it will be interesting to see the difference in the justice system at least.
Have some MIND CONTROL JERKY! (Care of Drukag)
[Image: 3YOM.gif]
These are just my guesses.

Harassment: Fine: 20 silver Jail time: If it happens a lot with the same person, 2 weeks in jail.

Assault: Fine: 25 silver. Jail Time: 2 weeks.

Threatening a guard: Fine: 15 silver Jail Time: 5 days.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
Being the medieval-inspired society that it is, I imagine that punishments would be far stricter than they are today - If I'm not mistaken, especially thievery and robbery was punished rather severly back then.
I know for a fact that Ironforge hands out executions very lightly, but then again, dwarves don't use Jails while Stormwind does.

I'd say that Murder results in a long time in Jail (if not, why would the Defias be in the Stockades, and not in the execution square?,) while repeated offences and treason results in Execution.
I also imagine that insulting the King would result in heavy fines and/or a period in Jail.

In addition, the way I see Stormwind, punishments would vary after your Social Status;
While a Nobleman can get away with almost anything, and only be facing a fine if he doesn't, a peasant or craftsman will be facing an unfair trial and heavy punishment for the same offences.
I'm imagining that the Juridical System will only be impartial and fair when it comes to the middle-class; Semi-Wealthy merchants, Bankers, Wizards, etc...
Hogral Coalbeard - Impulsive Explorer
The horde has no prisons, and they don't view the act of taking away someones freedom for a limited amount of time as something that is A) severe enough, and B) cost effective for the horde as a whole.

Let me put it like this: if someone in the horde commit any transgression worthy of punishment, that punishment will likely be very very severe. Things like thievery and forgery are all viewed with the same "If the other person couldn't hold on to his wealth, he clearly didn't deserve them" mentality. It is very much the law of the jungle that rules, and by letting the strong prey on the weaker, they root out those who would otherwise be unable to fight for what is rightfully theirs.

This, of course, results in the fact that most (if not all) of the horde can handle themselves in such situations, and protect what is theirs. Murder on a fellow member is seen as dishonorable, but if it has been part of a dispute that demanded blood, it is possible that the killer will go free. In any other case, he likely faces death for being a liability.

If there should ever be something a grunt (or a brave, etc) cannot handle on the spot, the offending party will be presented to the leader of their given faction. Orcs to Thrall, Trolls to Sen'Jin, Taurens to Cairne Bloodhoof and so forward. The one horde race which would likely make extensive due of prison time and fines would probably be the Sin'dorei. But knowing how they treat free citizens, one should not expect to find a trial that has not had bribes tipping the scales every which way. Corruption among the magistrates and judicators would likely be -expected-. And he who does not/cannot pay the court under the table would likely find himself in deep deep hawkstrider doodoo. (Much like trying to have a fair court in Italy, hoh hoh)

At least, this is how it seems. But for the most horde races, there is very little bureaucratic involvement or red tape. Sometimes a swift arrow in the chest while tied to a pole outside Ogrimmar is the safest and most reliable way to make sure someone does not repeat offences.
waffenbaum Wrote:I'd say that Murder results in a long time in Jail (if not, why would the Defias be in the Stockades, and not in the execution square?,) while repeated offences and treason results in Execution.
I also imagine that insulting the King would result in heavy fines and/or a period in Jail.

I'm guessing the Defias in jail are there for theft and ambushing trade caravans, not for murder. Unlike popular belief, the Defias Brotherhood is not out to murder every single human being in Stormwind. Even that massive boat isn't designed to level Stormwind to the ground, it's meant to put a blockade in the Stormwind Harbour to put them into an economic crisis.

Everybody seems to think that the Defias will kill anybody they come across (which I suppose is encouraged by ingame actions), but in reality, Van Cleef sends assassins out to kill the Defias who do that. In his words, “a dead traveler carries no treasure, and a ruined village has no plunder”. Defias who step out of line are warned once, then killed.

Knowing that, it's easy to assume that the ones in jail aren't murderers, because they'd have been killed by van Cleef already.

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