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Lemmi's last post
While I have gotten some enjoyment out of my short time on this server, I have elected to leave right now. Tonight my character was severely misinterpreted. Very severely, from both an OOC and IC perspective. And you know what, I really don't care. Whether I try justify the way I chose to roleplay my character with another 10 page post or just let him be misinterpreted, I'm going to be caused an equal amount of stress that I really don't want to put up with either way. So I have elected to let go of Warcraft all together: uninstalling the game. I will note that there are other reasons for this outside the game as well.

I would like to extend thanks to everyone who I roleplayed with. And to the GM's for conversing with me on the number of topics I brough up on the forums. I sincerely apologize if my leaving causes an inconvience to anyone. I hope my presence here has at least contributed to the server somehow.

My one suggestion in leaving? I would suggest that in the introduction, GM's require that a player explain his or her own idea of roleplay and how it applies to the warcraft setting. This should give you a good idea of how that individual will interact with others both IC and OOC before they even log into the game, and should help to correct some individuals who may cause problems before they have a chance to.

On a last note, I posted this as I was uncomfortable simply disappearing, I felt I owed you all some form of explanation. On the other had, you need not respond to this thread, as I'll likely never see it. I don't plan on checking the forums again any time soon. I wish everyone on this server luck and a lot of fun in their future roleplay.
:( Sorry to see you leave, I never had a chance to RP with you. :(

Bye bye!

Thread locked.
Have you hugged an orc today?
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