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Lenneth Tyranea [Blood Elf]
Player: Morhana

Character Full Name: Lenneth Tyranea

Character In-Game Name: Lenneth

Nickname(s): Len


Race: Blood Elf

Class: Rogue

Skills and Abilities:
Spellthief: Lenneth uses magic to enhance her skills. This allows her to use haste to make herself faster, hide herself, blink past enemies, and launch small arcane blades like throwing knives. Effectively, her usual rogue abilities are enhanced and explained through the use of magic.

Enhanced Equipment: Lenneth has enchanted and specially made sneaking and combat equipment. Her dagger is enchanted to slice through common armor and weapon materials easily. Her sneaking outfit is made to soften her footsteps and reduce the sound of her movements, making her harder to hear coming.

Age: 73

Sex: Female

Hair: Blonde, short and usually covering an eye with a colored streak.

Eyes: Emerald Green

Weight: 105 lbs

Scale: 0.86

Height: 4' 11"

Lenneth is short for her kind, a trait inherited from her mother's line. Her blond hair has an ultramarine streak through the front, and often hangs down in front of her eye. Her bottom lip is pierced and decorated with a black ring on each side. She wears dark bluish-violet lipstick, and similarly colored eyeshadow. Her body is toned and lean from her dancing and being a sneaky sneak.

As an entertainer she'll wear whatever her job it the time calls for, but she keeps a tight-fitting sneaking outfit of leather and cloth for when she has a need to be stealthy. In this sneaking suit, she carries a small kris in a black leather sheath on her hip.

Lenneth is greedy and selfish, but has occasional generous moments. Since the attack on the sunwell, she has come to fear extremely powerful individuals to some extent. She is young and can be naive at times, but she's not unintelligent by any means. She's often quick to make friends, and affectionate to those close to her.
As an entertainer, she strives to make her audience happy and will often make sure she pushes herself while practicing to be able to accomplish that. She will occasionally use her presence as an entertainer to pick out valuable targets from her audience. Her time and experience as a criminal has made her more capable at identifying people based on various habits. The way they carry themselves, talk, and interact with others tend to be the types of things she looks for.

Lenneth was born and raised in Silvermoon City. In her youth, her mother taught her to dance, and when she came of age, she started making a living as a performer. Her most common work was dancing, but she also took on acting and singing to a lesser degree.

After some years of saving money, she began putting these funds to use by learning to use magic. As a natural learner, she quickly picked up what it took to use magic, and do it safely. Her social life brought her to spend time with some less-than-reputable characters, and she took to petty crime to make extra spending money for herself.

Through a combination of magic and physical prowess, she managed to make quite an effective spellthief of herself. With her natural talent for little crimes, she took to taking on larger jobs, even going so far as to work with teams to pull off intricate heists on rare occasion. Her life continued this way for many years, and she managed to take quite a savings for herself through her thievery.

This was all lost when the Third War came, and soon Arthas lead his undead Scourge through Quel'thalas. Lenneth fled as soon as she saw danger, leaving Quel'thalas for a time. While away, she was hit hard by the loss of the Sunwell. She returned to her homeland to find others teaching the survivors of the attack how to absorb Fel, as a means of sustaining themselves. Despite this turn to Fel as a people, Lenneth continued down the path of the Arcane.

The young Spellthief remains in Quel'thalas to this day, only venturing out on occasion. No longer taking on large crime, she hunts small takes here and there, but mostly sustains her needs through her profession as an entertainer.
It's a little short, but I feel it's acceptable for her age. I'll give this an initial to play it safe!

Initial approval!
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While you've gotten past the whole '10 lines between personality and history' rule, I want to see you add a few more sentences to her personality, especially considering that she's a criminal. How does that impact her socially, and how does that make her view other people? How does being an entertainer interact with her criminal lifestyle? I'd like to see those questions answered in the personality.
[Image: anim_500.gif]
I've edited the personality to list how her work as an entertainer and criminal interact with each other, and affect her life.

[Image: anim_500.gif]

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