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Leonardo Pavo II [Human Warrior]
Player: kindle135

Character Full Name: Leonardo Aureliano Pavo II

Character In-Game Name: Leonardo

Nickname(s): Leo

Association(s): Kingdom of Stromgarde, League of Arathor, Stormwind, The Alliance

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: Typical warrior skills: specializes in phalanx and mounted combat

Age: 28

Sex: Male

Hair: Long red hair and a matching beard

Eyes: Green

Weight: 220 lbs

Height: 6'1

Usual Garments/Armor: Usually seen in his weathered Stromgarde tabard with his equally dilapidated red suit of armor. Otherwise he wears simple commoner's garb. Around his neck always is a medallion bearing the emblem of a peacock.

Other: He has a sense of entitlement in his tone of voice. When he speaks he tones it in such a way that makes it sound as though fact. His skin is tanned and calloused and from his stature he has clearly been performing labors of some sort for a good part of his life.

Personality: Leo is proud; his pride is the sort of pride that comes only from military experience. He is under the assumption because he has spent time killing enemies of his kingdom his opinions are more correct through that. He is unyielding in his patriotic conviction, believing that the enemies of his kingdom were the cause for the loss of his family and his family's wealth. Though he has grown accustomed to battle at this point, outside of combat he is rather dull. If he doesn't have war stories then all he has is a banal racist philosophy that he will adamantly refuse to ever be wrong.

History: The Pavo family had long been part of the Arathi nobility, some brazen claims even laying stake that the family were among the original founders of the Empire of Arathor. Though never proven, the family was linked with Stromgarde and ultimately declined along with the empire. The family once again rose to prominence when Percival's grandfather, Leonardo Pavo, fought valiantly in the Second War, who was admired for leaving his position as a clergyman to adopt armor and join the Silver Hand when it was formed. His valor earned him and his family large land grants. Leonardo's only son, Aureliano, who fought alongside his father in the war, worked at Hammerfall as an overseer for a couple years, fathered Leonardo and nine years later his brother Percival, and went off to continue his family's valor in Draenor, never to be heard from again.

This left young Leo and his brother Percival without a father, forcing the elder Leonardo II to take up the reigns of his family once more. Leo was trained ardently by his grandfather to no avail. Though Leo was able to grasp the practical combat skills his grandfather could teach he never cared to learn the patience and discipline parts of being a paladin. In one particular outburst Leo threw a shield at his grandfather because he didn't want to learn how to heal, regarding it as for "pussies and priests and old men like you." Leo would learn to eat his words later on after his family had fallen on hard times and had to move from their country estate to Stromgarde. Some time after their move ogres, bandits, and trolls began to attack the city in separate waves. Leo, though only 18, was knighted by the court after his grandfather pulled a favor. Though Leo fought ardently against the attackers the ogres eventually proved too much. Leo spent days fighting against the ransacking ogres. In this time his mother, his brother, and his grandfather had fled to Refuge Pointe.

Before Leo could leave the battleground of Stromgarde his family had already fled south to Stormwind. Leo didn't realize this as he thought his family dead, they left no word for him because his family thought he was dead. Leo had little time to despair as there were more enemies afoot. Leo joined a band of ex-Strom Outriders and lanced every bandit, ogre, troll, Forsaken, Orc and what-have-you as though they personally had strangled his family. Ultimately Leo became the leader of his own band of outriders as men began to admire his courage. The power, however, went to Leo's head. His courage ultimately turned to brazen stupidity as he began leading raids closer to Tarren Mill and Hammerfell. Casualties became worse and worse and Leo ultimately lost leadership as his men left him. Leo was still fervent in his lust for vengeance for his kingdom and his family and he continued to work for the League of Arathor in the Arathi Basin.
[-] The following 1 user Likes kindle135's post:
  • c0rzilla
I really enjoyed reading through this profile. Nice work!

Quote:If he doesn't have war stories then all he has is banal racist philosophy that he will adamantly refuse to ever be wrong.

In between "is" and "banal" should be "a", I believe!

Quote:His valor earned him and his family large land grants and Leonardo became a member of the Order of the Silverhand.

"Silverhand" here should be spelled out, like "Silver Hand". Also, I would assume that this means the grandfather was a paladin at this time? If so, I would like to ask that you mention so in this paragraph to prevent any confusion in the future!

Quote:Leo was trained ardently by his namesake to little avail.

I think you mean "source of his namesake name" rather than namesake! While it sounds repetitive, I can't think of any other way to put it that doesn't imply Leonardo II is teaching Leonardo I how to fight. :B

Let us know when these changes are made, and you should be good to go!
Fixed I hope! And I actually meant to use eponym but couldn't think of the word.


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