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Leron Silverfang [Cataclysm Rewrite - Blood Elf Warrior Noble]
His core information remains the same, except for class and some family mention, so I left it in the preferred code. Changes will be in this shade of blue right here. If you gais want the other format, I'll whip it up.

<div class="floatright">{{charbox
| name = Leron Falorialus Silverfang
| image = [[File:Leron3.png|300px]]
| nicknames = Commander, Old Man, Mister Silverfang, Lord Silverfang, Sovereign
| player = [[User:SachikoMaeda|SachikoMaeda]]
| faction = Horde
| race = [[Blood Elf|Sin'dorei]]
| gender = Male
| class = [[Warrior|Noble Warrior]]
| age = 544
| height = 6' 8"
| weight = 182 lbs
| eyes = Bright Fel Green
| hair = Long and bright silver. He generally keeps it up in a topknot, only taking it out to bathe or sleep. What is not kept up hangs freely halfway down his back with some neatly draped on his chest.
| affiliation = Horde, Silvermoon, Blades of the Silverfang
| occupation = Noble, Politician, Actor, Playwright, Dancer, Singer, and Entertainer
| mentors = [[Lenorius|Lenorius Silverfang]]
| companions = [[Salor|Salor Manaweave Silverfang]] (Husband)
| relatives = [[Lenorius|Lenorius Silverfang]] (Father), [[Melyndra|Melyndra Silverfang]] (Mother), [[Zeein|Zeein Silverfang]] (Brother), [[Kyran|Kyran Silverfang]] (Son), [[Elianna|Eliana Silverfang]] (Daughter), [[Ruibarra|Ruibarra Silverfang]] (Cousin), [[Xaiden|Xaiden Silverfang]] (Cousin).
| alignment = Lawful Neutral
| status = Alive

When relaxing, he dresses rather casually. He is a very heavily scarred person. Most of his scars are on his torso and arms and remain hidden with his clothes. The most apparent scars are on his face. One just under his eyes and running across the bridge of his nose, another scar runs along the right side of his face from the hairline to jawline, over his right eye. His right eye is missing though his eyelid is intact. He's a rather imposing Blood Elf, his build rather muscular for someone who presents himself as a "simple politician".

'''Alignment:''' Lawful Neutral

Generally very laid back, he would prefer to spend his days kicked back with a mug of rum and plenty of people to talk to. His "don't worry be happy" outlook is one he tries his best to force on others, especially his workaholic cousin Ruibarra. Even if he would like to sit around, he rarely does. He spends three hours each morning working out and training to stay in shape as a soldier. He can be overly dramatic at seemingly random times. He has a great interest in the performing arts and anyone else who shares it. He will commonly ask people if they act, sing, or play any instruments. He has a nasty habit of acting overly dramatic or breaking into a song. This is accredited to his years in performing arts. While he feels it is a display of his talent, it generally embarrasses those he is around at the time.

If needed he can become quit the serious person. This change is only seen on the battlefield or if he is recruiting soldiers. This mode of seriousness lasts only until the job is done, then he is back to his usual goofball self. He likes to try and find friends in the people he meets, however he does feel racism towards humans. If given the opportunity, he will deny helping or working with a human since he sees them as a very untrustworthy group. He also has a distaste for Trolls, Night Elves, and a minor distaste for Goblins. He is never racist directly and will subtly show it through actions or carefully structured sentences.


Born into the noble Silverfang family, Leron's childhood was extremely lax. His father Lenorius was younger brother to head of the family, Ryidel Silverfang, leaving Leron with little to no chance of ever being head of the family. He knew his uncle had children and paid little mind to the family's struggle with the other noble houses. In his early years he took a liking to watching plays with his family. He was amazed by the actors on stage and hoped to do like they did. To be on stage and to act out a story seemed to be so much fun for him. His father was quick to enroll him in acting classes, and soon singing and dance classes. Through his studies he groomed himself to be the best possible performer he could be.

When he came of age, his father began training him in combat. Leron incorporated techniques from his dance classes into his father's training. It didn't take long for him to excel in close combat, though his skill with the sword suffered greatly. He experimented with various weapons until he found his niche with the polearm. It was during this time he became an older brother. He would in time find himself to be the eldest of many siblings in time. He took to his two brothers Volus and Zeein rather quickly and would teach them what he could in his spare time. When he was about fifty, he moved from his parents' manor and into the city of Silvermoon to establish his own theater. He spent decades to centuries working within the comforts of his home and theater, producing many rather well known works of various genres. It was during this time he met Salor Manaweave. The two began talking near instantly and would find themselves wed almost two years after. Lenorius disapproved of such a union, though he never spoke a word of it. Instead, he would praise the other siblings more.

Leron managed to make his own name independent from his family with his theatrical pieces. He was known for his works first and his nobility second. He took care of his theater and paid his employees exceedingly well. When the Second War came, he left his theater in the care of one of his best friends so he could join his family at the battlefront. Regardless of tension between him and his father, he took on each battle for his people and to ensure the safety of his allies. When the war ended, he returned to his theater and his growing family. The next few years were highly prosperous for his House. This prosperity, however, did not last long. During one of his planned visits back home was the day of the Scourge invasion. He with many of his family fought against the oncoming undead. Many in his family died that day as well as others who turned up missing in the chaos. By the end of the day his family was shattered and the comfortable life he once knew was gone. After the invasion he returned to the city to find his theater in ruin and well over half of his employees dead.

The withdrawals from arcane nagged at him as he fell into a depression. In the chaos of the invasion he was separated from the rest of his family and found it exceedingly difficult to contact any others. He took refuge inside the city as he waited for word from any of his family. It did not take long for him to be reunited with Salor and the few of his children that were still alive. He waited with his family until fel was brought back to Silvermoon. He was quick to ensure his family's withdrawals were sated before his own from second hand exposure. When news of what happened to Kael'thas reached his home, he decided to take to Northrend on his own expedition with a few soldiers he had gathered. He camped on the northern border of Crystalsong Forest, picking off random Death Knights and Scourge under the Lich King's control. His expeditions lasted only weeks before the Lich King's end when he got into a rough fight with a Death Knight, losing his right eye, damaging his nose, and nearly losing his life all together.

He found his way back to Silvermoon a beaten mess, only to be scolded by Salor endlessly. Out of his spouse's fear for his life, he retired from combat and focused on rebuilding his life and family. In time, he found his siblings, cousins, and parents that had survived the assault from the Scourge. A long series of wise investments and political contacts secured his family's place in nobility once again. His current endeavors lead him to the establishment of his theatre in Silvermoon and operations with his cousins Ruibarra and Xaiden, as well as his brother Zeein, in running his family's militia. Though few and far between, he still sees combat behind his spouse's back.

==Skills and Abilities==
'''Piano Man''': Leron is highly skilled in many piano-esque instruments, ranging from the standard piano, to the pipe organ, and the harpsichord. He can play them as well as compose music for them and spends a great amount of time doing so.

'''Politics and Policies''': Taking political lead of his family, Leron is practically in charge of everything regarding the Silverfang name. He is usually first and foremost in the making of any major house decisions and has become independent of his cousin Ruibarra.

'''Keep it Cool''': A short temper keeps Leron from accomplishing much under immense pressure. As opposed to lashing out, he does his best to disengage any potentially stressful situation.

'''Theatricat''': Overly dramatic and quite skilled in acting, Leron can adapt to nearly any social situation. His voice carries a great presence and, when speaking loudly, can be heard over a great distance. In the battlefield, he uses his voice and choice words to boost morale of troops. He owns a theater within Silvermoon that works as his base of operation as well as a second home.

'''I am the Warrior''': The only "true" warrior of his house, Leron has no access to Light abilities. His sense of arcane is generally incredibly low, though he can use his minor knowledge to create a Thunderclap like ability. His specialty falls with the polearm, though he can use swords when needed.

'''Twenty-Nothing''': Leron lacks a right eye, causing issues with depth perception.

[[category:Character]][[category:Blood Elf]][[category:Warrior]][[Category:Special]]
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I see a lack of table breaking. I'm afraid I can't approve it. :|

'''Table Breaker''': Slays any and all tables, desks, or any other flat surfaces that could be used as such with only a pelvic thrust. More effective when Salor is put into play.

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[4:16:27 PM] Cristovao di Silvio ( @CappnRob): theres the bar. then theres the bottom of the barrel, then theres you sachi
Better. :|
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Now all that's needed would be pancakes and lotion.
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