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Letter(s) to House Winters.
Figured I'd open up a thread, if folks have a letter to house Winters as well then by all means! Feel free to use this if you want. Cassie will probably send more letters in the future.

@Ural @Krilari

Event attended: Restoring Stormwind!

Valda and Matharius Winters
House Winters
Elwynn Forest

Lord and Lady Winters,

As surely both of you know, Northshire Valley has been plagued with the recent developments in the world. Orc trackers and Goblin assassins have attempted to take over our territory for a prolonged time, locked in battle with the brave soldiers of the Alliance. I could stand this no longer and as the call for help reached me, I changed my route to aid our king. I apologize for not having visited the mansion for a few days, but I felt this took precedence over such.

I am happy to inform you that while we had our difficulties, the battle at Northshire was ultimately a victory in name of the Alliance. Our original mission was to capture and subdue enemy forces for future interrogation, but upon arrival it came to light that my abilities as a priestess were more needed then ever. Not only were we to capture hostile forces, we were tasked with the retrieval of several squads who had gotten wounded and pinned down by enemy forces. Out of the twelve men and woman we located, we managed to escort nine soldiers back to the established camp for further treatment.

Furthermore we managed to subdue four of the attackers, Goblins who will undoubtedly have beneficial information for the Alliance. While I was told the skirmish would break in our favor in the days to come, I do not believe the troops at Northshire have regained proper control over the area yet, and as such my services may be called upon again - a call I will answer to.

You may be interested to know that house Thelwind was present during the conflict and had send both Jonny Shadow and Jerico Caldwell to aid with the mission. I feel the need to speak highly of their assistance in the assignment, for surely our lines would have been broken had we been with less men. Their protection allowed me to mainly focus on gathering and healing the wounded and apart from a stray Goblin (whom I quickly subdued) nothing managed to approach me.

I shall remain in Goldshire for rest and to monitor the activities at Northshire for a few days to come, I trust this is not a problem.

For the Alliance, for the king.

Cassandra Goldenfall
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Valda and Matharius Winters
House Winters
Elwynn Forest

The following is written with a slightly shakier handwriting, it isn't overly visible but compared to the last one, it is different at some points.

Lord and Lady Winters,

I regret to inform you that the garments lady Winters so generously provided me with have become torn and damaged following an ambush at the Elwynn river bank. I have sustained several injuries to my mid-section but I am stable and in no direct further danger.

Ghouls ambushed us at the river bank, controlled by a being I only caught glimpses off. I do not know why or with what motive, but as it ambushed us I am confident its only intent is to commit crimes within our region. In the aftermath, I believe to have counted eight ghouls and experienced our attacker to be capable of casting some form of ice magic. It leads me to believe we may have a rogue death knight within Elwynn and Duskwood, or possibly an experienced necromancer.

I was accompanied by lord Thelwind and a knight named Kale, his last name escapes me at the moment. We had help from a woman named Catrina and a huntress named Kaina which with all our strengths combined, allowed us to defeat the beings, but not without a price.

I fear the ghouls claimed a nameless man who came to our aid, possibly a sailor or dockworker. He died before I was able to reach him in time, a funeral with rites was the only service I could still offer him. I assume the local guards have been informed by now but have not been able to confirm this, this letter being the first thing I wrote upon waking up. I am currently residing in Sir Caldwell's house, though if you prefer I shall travel towards the mansion instead for a new uniform.

Never lose hope, never give up. For the Alliance, for the king.

Cassandra Goldenfall
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