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Lilah [Succubus - Persistent]
Race of character/NPC: Succubus

Class of character/NPC: Warlock

Name of character/NPC: Lilah

Exact modelID requested: 10201 (I think it's the right one, still a bit confused on Display ID's)

Duration that character will be used: Persistent

Purpose for the character/NPC: The purpose of Lilah would be to offer a little diversity from the normal characters seen on a normal RP basis, especially with her demonic presence being a complication for some.

Location the character/NPC will reside: Anywhere found with her current master, Tazek.

Level requested: 85

Any special equipment needed: N/A

Other: This character is being prepared for Cata, whenever the time comes around. I’m also waiting for Spiky.

Here's her character profile.

Player: xAnimaSola

Character Full Name: Lilah

Character In-Game Name: Lilah

Nickname(s): Isolde, Vesper

Association(s): Sayaadi

Race: Succubus

Class: Warlock

Skills and Abilities:
Lilah is able to shapeshift, often transforming to be the image of any one’s ultimate desire, be it male or female. She has her way with words, and will try to manipulate the weak minded or trick the gullible. Apart from her silver tongue and quick wit, Lilah has brought need to defend herself, using her natural agility and whip to her aid.

Age: 13,012

Sex: Female

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 135lb

Height: 5’ 8”

Usual Garments/Armor: Leather Bodice


Alignment: Neutral Evil

Despite her past mistakes, Lilah has little regard for the races of Azeroth and even other demonic races. She always has ulterior motives to whatever she says or does, as her life’s been spent corrupting the Azerothian races. Lilah will treat others in whatever manner she sees fit for the situation but often holds the same initial disdain for anyone she meets unless they somehow impress her. Naturally, she’s spiteful and sarcastic, and whether or not she wears a guise, she holds a certain degree of dislike for warlocks who control or enslave demons. In her nature, she strives for chaos; even if that means imparting order first to carry her plans. She holds no sympathy or care for the lives of anyone but her own sisters, even if that might be a child.

Lilah has existed through the ages as a succubus loyal to her own people. Though she is one of the few who did not side with the Burning Legion, she and the other sayaadi are still just as chaotic as the Legionnaires. Throughout history, Lilah has exhibited skill in tempting mortal and immortal races alike, stirring chaos in her wake. Her missions have ranged from disturbing and even halting marriages, swaying political decisions and even ruining the reputation of nobles through means of adultery. Though she started small, with peasants and farmers, she has quickly moved up through the ranks of her own.

However, a few decades ago, Lilah fell into the one trap that she promised herself she never would. She had met auspicious magi named Sawyer, and was sent to lure him away from his studies as a playful girl he had met in passing. All had gone well, and the relationship between the two would escalate. The closer she drew to him, the more his studies would begin to decline, however his determination to become a powerful magi did not cease. Lilah soon became enamored with him, having spent more time with Sawyer than any other target she had in the past. Soon enough, Sawyer began to delve into fel magics to boost his power and hopefully make his way further up the magocratic latter.

Sawyer became so obsessed that he slowly started to lose his mind. Lilah woke him from his insanity and corrected his path to magehood. When Sawyer was accepted his life had changed for the better, and proposed to marry Lilah. Disturbed by and her own feelings Lilah impulsively accepted. She later was taken by her sisters in the night and brought back to the nether. She was reprimanded for both her failure and lack of self-control. Since then she was on probation, only allowed to run missions to the mortal realm on short periods of time, and often under watch.

Lilah worked tirelessly to restore her reputation and title and spent decades doing so. And over time, she did, and even surpassed her old rank. One fateful day, she was soon granted a promotion within her ranks. Just as her small ceremony was conducted and her title was to be given, she vanished. She was summoned to Azeroth by a young and ambitious warlock named Tazek. Despite being aware this could happen to any demon, she reluctantly followed the warlock and did his bidding for the day. However, when he dismissed her, she was unable to return to her home. Tazek, through his strong aspirations had performed a spell that bound Lilah to the realm.

Her sisters had never returned retrieve her, hinting to Lilah that the spell had masked her presence. She was now stranded on Azeroth, frustrated… lost… and indubitably annoyed.
[Image: shootersig_zpsadbf1421.jpg]

Izshandriel Dreamstalker - Leader of the Izshani (Night Elf)
Merewen Sunfire - Warmage of the Kirin Tor (Blood Elf)
Aoen Stardancer - Commander of the Ninth Regiment
Aliandril "Nightshade" Dreamstalker - The Uncanny Priestess
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  • Aethon, Alpharius
Bump <.< Dat line... I hate lines! They're so straight and rigid!
[Image: shootersig_zpsadbf1421.jpg]

Izshandriel Dreamstalker - Leader of the Izshani (Night Elf)
Merewen Sunfire - Warmage of the Kirin Tor (Blood Elf)
Aoen Stardancer - Commander of the Ninth Regiment
Aliandril "Nightshade" Dreamstalker - The Uncanny Priestess
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  • Stealthscout
Ohhh... this should be cool. Good luck man!
Approved! I'll send a PM with login details once the character is created!
Postponed. I'm not going to create a character to be put on hold. I see the associated character is still not created.
I Am the Sea

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Try to never just say, "My character isn't interested in that adventure." A lot of people mistake this for good roleplaying, because you are asserting your character's personality. Wrong. Good roleplaying should never bring the game to a screeching halt. One of your jobs as a player is to come up with a reason why your character would be interested in a plot. After all, your personality is entirely in your hands, not the DM's. Come up with a reason why the adventure (or the reward) might appeal to you, no matter how esoteric or roundabout the reasoning. -(Source)

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