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[Image: numeroone2-3.png]

In Stormwind, a young Gilnean boy attempted to steal a Dwarf machine-repairman's life savings.

In the resulting scuffle, the boy bit the Dwarf, managing to escape with the coin until being cornered in an alley.

The Dwarf, fearful of the Worgen curse and scornful of the Stormwind City Guard, attempted to take justice into his own hands.

Before he could severely harm the boy, however, he was stopped by Sherl Firehearth, who calmed the situation until a guard arrived.

Neither Ferenc Tordai nor Chaim Riverbend were charged with crimes, and both were able to walk away calmly - though with a couple of wounds to nurse.

Things definitely could have gone a lot worse.
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[Image: prokyokrys.png]

In Durotar, a mother was chastising her son after a string of unfruitful hunts.

With only two years to his om'riggor and growing hard-headedness, she feared for his future.

Busy with her duties, she was unable to help him - until a traveler by the name of Morka came to help.

She took the immature hunter, guiding his actions and helping him; with her help, he managed to bring back a wild boar.

Overjoyed, Tejark - mother of Drorn - invited the outsider to share in the meal, confident that her son would succeed in the future.

The boar tasted very good.
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[Image: SleepSoundlyFallenPaladin-2.png]

In the Western Plaguelands, a soldier of the light ventured to pay respects to those fallen.

He left earlier than the first patrols out of Hearthglen, as he had no need for breakfast, but respected those who did.

He was overjoyed when, upon descending unto the particular tomb his friends had been interred, he found company in Gavner.

The Scarlet Crusader was not so interested in words; the first blow took Eltan Kormend, once-dead of the Silver Hand, by surprise.

The first blow lead to the last. He was exorcised. He was denied even bewildered words as the light voided them, breaking the bonds of shadow.

This is no elegy. He is interred with his friends, as he should have been long ago.
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[Image: 400dwarves.png]

In Loch Modan, a lady was in waiting - a thing most dwarf men would never dare to risk.

Eighty years ago she'd married a man with an appetite for food eclipsed only for that of adventure.

When he barreled off to the Twilight Highlands, she was past being surprised, but her anger never dwindled.

He'd had a way with words, and placated her with a letter he'd be on the road to Thelsamar, time and date exacted.

It had been two hours past this exacted date when the Krokul Riaabu and Thane Haiko Modanson happened across her.

Despite her strained words and her strained, haughty air, the two kept her company and the Thane offered her a drink.

She may not have said it, but her appreciation was great. When the two left as dusk approached, Brolauri Fallowstein waited still.

He'd either forgotten her, was late or dead, and she didn't know which she'd prefer.
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