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Looking for RP (Yes, that was the best I could come up with)
I have been absent from the server for a year or so and thus far my return has been thoroughly enjoyable. Roleplaying has been bumpy in frequency but it is what I would call 'frequent enough'.

But it has been getting slightly stale and same-y of late. I decided to post here and hopefully bring some variation to my plate and combat it before it becomes a problem. Right now, I'm trying to focus into my three 'main' characters, leaving the others idle for the time being.

The 'opportunities' listed bellow are only examples of each character's usual line of work. I'd be willing to create and run small events to better represent the types of roleplaying that may occur.

If you're interested in anything, send me a PM or post bellow.

Thanks for your attention.

Morka Bloodfang, Orc:
A half-refined orc that is polite enough to be bearable in the more genteel *cough*Silvermoon*cough* parts of the Horde, old-fashioned enough to be at home among the more brutish aspects of the Horde and open-minded enough to work with members of the Alliance.

She will refuse to work against the Horde.

[Offers] Bodyguard: She is a bodyguard by trade and knows her way around most of the world. Short contracts could involve travel RP from point X to Y with maybe some fighting in the mix. Long contracts would likely involve her following the contractor around (provided it is Neutral or Horde territory).
[Offers] Mercenary: Although it is a path she does not tread often, she can also be employed as a mercenary. Contracts for either long or short term would likely involve fighting, exploring, patrolling and other odd jobs.
[Offers] Translator/Interpreter/Teacher: She is not capable of speaking many languages - only Common and Orcish - but she prizes herself on the fluency of her mother tongue. She would be willing to teach Orcish to orcs and other members of the Horde (save for Blood Elves and Forsaken) or act as an interpreter or translator to those that cannot understand the tongue at all.

Carter Shinygizmo, Gnome:
A neutral, friendly and easygoing person. She holds no grudges towards any race at all, although she is naturally wary of Warlocks and Death Knights.

Whether she is employed or employing, the postings cannot demand her undivided attention for a long period of time.
She will not affiliate herself to either the Horde or the Alliance.

[Requests] Bodyguard/Guide: As she works as an assistant in other mages' research with frequency, she often needs to go to the most unsavory areas of Azeroth and beyond. As she is no expert in combat or pathfinding herself, she will often resort to hiring the skills of others in such jobs.
[Requests] Pseudo-Anthropological studies: Always a curious being, she is very interested in the lesser known facts about the many races that live in Azeroth. As such, she is always seeking those that would show her the finer and obscure details of their cultures.
[Offers] Adviser/Scribe: Having been tutored in natural sciences as well as the theoretical parts of the Arcane since her youth, she would be capable of working as a adviser. From accounting to astronomy, her knowledge is quite varied.
[Offers] Enchanter/Inscriptionist: Although hardly an expert in either area, she is averagely capable in both fields. On the plus side, her prices would be low, as she intends to build up her reputation at this stage.
[Offers] Arcanist: Capable of creating portals and thoroughly skilled in most non-combat spells, she could provide aid to anyone in need of magic to overcome a challenge. Even if it involves combat. (Although she is likely to run away once she is threatened)

Adelheid Dagmar, Forsaken:
A rather proud Forsaken, always working for the betterment of the Dark Lady's kingdom and people. Her relationship with the living varies from wariness to outright hatred, although she would often not display it openly.

She will not leave the Northlands unless it is absolutely necessary.
She will rarely work with the living.
She will not, in any way work against the Forsaken.

[Requests] Bodyguard: Many of the resources she requires for her experiments and her works will be difficult to acquire or even completely out of reach if she was to gather them by herself. As such, she would be willing to hire others - even if they are to act as nothing but glorified pack mules.
[Offers] Undead Repairs: She is thoroughly skilled with repairing and replacing parts of the undead body and will use her skills to the best of her capacity. Her brothers and sisters in death will be treated without a request for payment, donating only if they desire to.
Adelheid Dagmar, Forsaken [Profile]
Alahni Firelash (Swiftbow), Night Elf
Carter Shinygizmo, Gnome [Profile]
Durene Tallhammer, Dwarf
Lyhel Wolfsong, Blood Elf
Morka Bloodfang, Orc [Profile]
Sazaie Goldsprocket, Goblin
Rint Strongarm, Human [Profile]
Maeia's brother, Nicolaus, can easily bodyguard and packmule for Adelheid!
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
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Ehehehehe... I love your characters. Morka should visit Svenn in Orgrimmar! I had him transferred there for recovery because I could.

Also, adelheid needs to stay the hell away from my forges.
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Arnaldo can offer to be a bodyguard as well for Adelheid. Mahen'tosh and Tibalan may like Morka; Mahen would like her flowery speech, and Tibalan needs to improve his Orcish.

Of course there is Kogan and Kitson for Carter. Once the "Two Birds" storyline is finished, Kitson may be open to travel with Carter as a buddy or at least be someone to bounce off to.
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