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Looking for - an Adventurer's Party!
Link to profile: viewtopic.php?f=62&t=26429


Monathiel Scorchgaze's character is based heavily on the age-old story of Mulan -- a Sin'dorei born in a family which strongly adheres to classic sexist mentalities (ergo, put males above females), she seeks to prove herself and her superiority over the male majority of her family by becoming a fearsome Warlock.

But how could this be possible when she is alone in Orgrimmar, away from the discrimination of her family, penniless, and working for her studies and lodging? In between wandering around in foreign territory, silently suffering through racial contempt borne by the continent's denizens, being frustrated with the stagnant progress of her studies due to unwilling mentors, and working for her bread, she has had no chance at all to chase her dreams of prestige and glory.

Is there a life outside an existence of hard work, bland study, and harsh reality? Is there a band of adventurers who could relieve her of the drudgery of living, and open her eyes to a larger world with a realm of knowledge far beyond mere literature?


Basically I'm looking for a group of adventurers who could inspire her to abandon her fruitless studies and instead go out and see the world, save/kill/eat damsels, whatnot. Y'know, a group of pals to go do quests with ICly, explore the Warcraft Lore, and ultimately accomplish each others' personal histories ('cause I really need to do that if I ever hope to get to the next chap of her tale).

Something sorta like the typical "a group of adventurers band together to save the world" schtick, without the saving the world bit, though maybe it could come up sometime.


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