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Looking for more Horde!
Most of the time when I go ingame I tend to try and play Horde. I don't really like the alliance, so I try to get more Horde or even neutral rp. But more often then not I find a lot of Alliance only rp. Now I'm not complaining about people playing alliance, I'm just looking for people who rp Horde/Neutral that would like to rp with me.

I'm on anytime between 9 am servertime to around 12 am servertime (Now this doesn't mean that's a constant and I only break to sleep :p) Thats just heh times I pop ingame. II have an Orc Blademaster Daichi, a Tauren Runemaster with no story Bormus, A Blood Elf who is part of the Bloodsworn Honorguard Krest, A Troll Death Knight of the Ebon Blade Drezz, and a Goblin Pirate of the Bloodpaw Agald. Message me, poke me ingame on those guys, add my skype (Kagetheshadow), even post here!

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Dude I am all horde, well I have a worgen but he does not count. And that is the exact time I like to RP. I have Rip'dar, raider and leader of the FarWolves. Skoll, goblin tinker and Corwin, forsaken necromancer and sawbones. Hit me up any time

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If you ever see Thalarion, Alariel or Validar online, send me a whisper! I love horde RP.

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You know me, Kage.

I've got tons of alts, bro.
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Kage! You know me and how I love my alts. Apart from losing to you on the Izshani Tournament, I also like to play Horde heaps. One of my mains is, for crying out loud. Hit me up on Skype if you wanna RP!
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Well if you ever see me on either Misjana or Mistal both Blood Elves, just send me a PM or invite for RP. I would be happy to start some Horde RP. ^^

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Misjana Minaar <-- Brewing some plots...
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I've already RPed with some of those characters. I enjoyed Bormus talking with Lugradurz the other day, perhaps we could have some follow up to that end? Also, a couple of my own Horde characters are in storyline limbo but when they get free I hope to be a bit more active on them both. I also do have some plans to have more neutral RP with one maybe two of my Alliance characters.
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Gok'tar. I'm re-writing his profile and he's gonna be up for RP. Unfortunately, though, he'll be very --and I mean, VERY-- picky with new Hordies. Dislike of Garrosh and all that.

But he does know Daichi, so he'll be cool with him. Unless he's a Garrosh sympathizer.
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Your hours are, sadly, part of my most busiest. I wonder why I hardly see you ingame.

Nevertheless, I have plenty Horde. I haven't pulled out Mahen'tosh, Tibalan, Asul'na, Trot'ta, Manag'gal, Arnaldo, Jyovani, etc., for RP in a good while.
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So much Horde. Thank the spirits x.x

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