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Looking to give my ideas to your Server as a GM
Hello You may call me Asprah or Tiayou (I made a story on Quizila about Tiayou). I am a big RPer and I have been looking for a RP realm the host 3.2.2a so that i can give my ideas on RP story lines, area creations, rp bases, and over all just help out as a GM the best i could. I have experience as a GM before but the server never went up sadly and i gave up on it. I have been looking for a realm ever since. I would love to share my ideas for the game and try to make the world a fun place for RPers around the world. I hope to hear from you soon and I would really like to work with the admins and other GMs.
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Anarial Everblade, Dalaran Mage
I'm sorry, but no. GMs are chosen carefully by the GM team. We've seen nothing from you but this post! Tell you what, you come into our server and be a big help, and I'm sure you'll be chosen to be one.
Crunchym8: Work tomorrow at a greenhouse, followed by a D&D session. Aw fel yeaahhh I can't be more hardcore.
Crunchym8: I AM SO MANLY.
Unfortunately, becoming a GM on CotH generally requires you to have repeatedly proven yourself to the existing GMs and the admins as competent and dedicated enough for such a position over an extended period of time. Alas, it's a bit more complicated than simply waltzing in and asking to help out - and certainly it requires a bit more previous work than just joining the server with the intention to do so.

For starters, you'll be wanting to post an introduction like the rest of us do. With that done, you can always post your ideas for storylines and events in the Roleplay Ideas forum, and you don't need to be a GM for that. But again, becoming a GM is a completely different matter than becoming a member of the community. Sorry, guv'nor.

EDIT: Monolith, if you say "inb4 Sol", I swear to god I'll...
The thing is is that i have just found your site and i am having a hard time getting on to your servers. if i could get help i would really appreciate it. I would live to help out as much as I can ^^
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Anarial Everblade, Dalaran Mage
If you've got problems connecting to our little bundle of win, then be sure to trawl through the stickies on the forum and the appropriate articles on our wiki. Failing that, there's always the Technical Support board you can ask for help on.
I would love to share my ideas but i would much rather share them in game then on a forums because you never know if another server GM comes on and trys to take the ideas. It is just a little issue i have with the forums some times. I have many ideas and I would just love to be able to work at them and with the abilities i remember having when i was a GM before i can work on it myself maybe with a little help. Also the GM abilities are very useful when it comes to base design because you will want to look at it from all angles and you cant as a normal player.
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Anarial Everblade, Dalaran Mage
I hope you can realize that you can do so without being a GM.
From my point of view, no offense, you wouldn't be a very good GM.
You're interested in power, and in sharing your ideas under but one condition.

As Jared (Sol) said, you should start off by Introducing and by helping the community, slowly, as a player. Don't throw yourself into the depths of hope and illusion. If you have proven to be good, you'll be noticed.
[Image: 124dk.jpg]
You're honestly worrying about plagiarism? :P I'm fairly certain that no member of the community here, let alone one of our GMs, would "take" anyone else's ideas. Regardless, it'd be much better to put your ideas on a topic so people can read through it and consult back to it if needs be, rather than having them in the game's chat log.

However, before you even start thinking about that, I really have to urge you to go and post an Introduction. Without that, you won't get very far here... in fact, you probably should have posted one before you even made this topic, come to think of it.

EDIT: And thanks, Rikhy. <3
Look I am not interested in the power to kick people off or anything. All I want to do is to make my dreams for wow come to life and gain experience as a GM for when i make a Video game later in life. I want to be able to help the people of this server by answering tickets and stuff like that. And Yes i did just come on and ask to be a GM but i am just putting out the fact that i have A LOT of ideas out there and that i am interested in sharing them. And I am sorry that I have trust issues and don't like it when I myself get to act in the creations of my ideas or taking my ideas and making them their own. So please do not think i am here for power because that is rude. And I would LOVE to get on but again I cant because something is not letting me on.
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Anarial Everblade, Dalaran Mage
It's not going to happen, if I have to be the stern one I will. CotH GMs take the server a lot more seriously than most other GMs on other private servers, and we follow strict rules, policies, and guidelines. The GMs WILL NEVER accept your offer for GM help unless you show great citizenship, activity, and help in the CotH community for an extended amount of time, there is no other way to become a GM, and there WILL NOT be any other way, so stop asking, and try to prove your worth by being a helpful person in the community.

Sorry I sounded like a jerk there.
Just a quick reminder, you can do so by playing and enjoying the roleplays you take part in.
If you have a vision on something, improvise. Use standard buildings to create something magical.
Also, you don't need to be special to roleplay; All you need is your personality and some creativity.

Another thing I noticed. You say you aren't looking for power, but It seems that, somehow, you want it. A lot.
Now, keep in mind I'm not blaming you or anything, I just think It would be unfair for such a new player to go rampant like that.

Here's my advice: Introduce yourself, go out on the server, make friends with the community. Stay. Chat. Roleplay. Get bored. Post on forums. Be helpful and enjoy your stay. Then, hence the italics, maybe you can get some more power as a roleplayer.

EDIT: Also agreed with Tarne. Well said.
[Image: 124dk.jpg]
i did introduce myself and i just LOVE it that no one is understanding the fact that i CAN NOT GET ON!!!!!! i would really love to go on, help out other players, and enjoy rp BUT I CANT!!!!! i understand it takes time to become a GM REALLY I DO!! (sorry i am sounding like an ass but i hate it when people get the wrong idea of me) I JUST want to put it out there. because i have been looking at many other realms and I am NOT going to put a forum on on any saying my ideas and I understand that you guys may not steal my ideas if i do put them up but you can never be to careful.
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Anarial Everblade, Dalaran Mage
Egotistical as it may seem to quote myself;

Quote:If you've got problems connecting to our little bundle of win, then be sure to trawl through the stickies on the forum and the appropriate articles on our wiki. Failing that, there's always the Technical Support board you can ask for help on.

Please take a read through this article if you haven't already and see if it's any help.
I believe you've been told enough times 'No' by our server grunts, sorry, but it's the truth.

Try posting the appropriate introduction template, maybe read over the rules and the wikki. They help, lots! /sagenod
So Ivan say to me "Who was talking device then?"

And then Sergei say "But Ivan is dead"

That is when I realize Sergei was bear.
Regarding your ideas, I'd say the best thing to do would be simply posting them on the forums.
As for your problem regarding connection, there are plenty of guides. Check Jared's post.
[Image: 124dk.jpg]

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