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Lore 7.7 and You
It appears that Lore has been updated to a new version for the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion. I've downloaded it and installed the addon to test if it works on this server (since it'd be a pretty good thing to have should anyone need to use other languages). I know from experience that the older versions didn't work here, but I'm going to test this new one to see if it does, in fact, fix some of the problems we had with it.

The link is here: Lore 7.7.0

This thread will be updated with the results to see if it works. It'd be helpful if people posted up problems they've had here with Lore so I can see if they still occur of it it's possible to get a workaround for them. At this point I've been able to use custom languages in /say and my faction's own languages along with them; so that function does work.

It would help to have a volunteer to help me test two-way communication and cross-faction use of the mod.
Kaghuros-To assist you, and with the hopes that this'll work, I've installed the thing.

Edit- It says 'out of date', so I'm assuming it's not compatible with the server's current patch version.
Well.. No, it isn't. It's technically compatible with Lich King patch 3.0.2 but it appears to work all right with my version of the game. I need to find out if it works between players, and if it still has the language bug like the old one did

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