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Lore Question: Highlord Mograine
Just a question about the man.

How rawr/gung ho is he about killing Scourge?

I know he is, just to what extent would the irrational behavior go? Are there any examples of this in his speech patterns or behavior from quests?

I'm mainly trying to determine whether he'd go so fanatical or irrational as to cause concern among his troops. I realize most Death Knights would be as passionate, but would his passion go beyond that?
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He doesn't care about casualties, or how many of his Knights die. All he cares about is getting revenge, and that's all a lot of Knights care about. Basically, he'll sacrifice what he needs to to make Arthas pay for his crimes.
There are two things about Mograine...

One, it's explicitly stated that he'd do anything to harm the Scourge, even if it results in the loss of his own men. He's a fanatic.

Two, I believe there's an in-game conversation that I've seen referenced, where Fordring and he are talking about how to best attack Arthas. Fordring insists on fighting with honor, at which point Mograine says that then he's already lost.
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