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Lost the key...
Oi! Sorry to disturb you all again :( .

First of all, I apologize for breaking the level 40 rule :( , indeed, I won a bit more of experience than I expected from a certain quest and kinda went overboard. So, as proof of the effectiveness of the GMs, my character got locked tight.

Thing is, I went to check today my character profile (Domosael) to see if it got an initial aproval or anything, and then I realize the profile is not there anymore :shock: .

I searched through the stickies and forums to know what happened to it, and I read that the "kidnapped profiles", have been approved, you can imagine how happy I was to know that my little Domosael is now ready to face the world! :D

Indeed, I really got really excited, and rushed to play again with him. But, when I got there, he was still locked.

I went to the character profiles in the wiki, and he was not there... So, two questions still remain: Did he get approved and is still looking for the key to the cell? or was he killed in the Stormwind raid ((Dead))?
Everyone, deep inside, is a poet
It has been approved but yet not put in the Wiki it seems. I`m sure it will be unlocked in a moment.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Thank you! :D One think to say though, I posted this about 3 minutes ago, and I already have an answer. You GMs are fast! Congratulations!
Everyone, deep inside, is a poet

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