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Lox Muses: Adventure Hour
Quote:Would this be something people would actually log on for?

Well, at first it might not be something people log in for, but once the word gets around that some interesting stuff is going on in x roleplay in 'insert location here', it might inspire people to log in.

Quote:What times (Server Time) work best for you? This information would be used to set up a schedule for these Adventure Hours.

My optimal server times are 12:30 pm - 7:00 pm server time on most days (minus Tuesday), and the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are very flexible.

Quote:Do you have any ideas, off the top of your head, to improve this basic idea even further to optimize the fun?

This is really directed at the GMs who are interested: take your time to observe not only what kind of roleplay that's going on, but the personalities of the characters involved. Then, when you try and do something that adds something new to the RP (whatever that may be), you know exactly how to do that in a way that creates a fun experience for all of the players involved.

Also, puppet. Puppet. Did I mention puppet?

If it's tavern RP, puppet an abrasive tavern goer or a talkative server. If it's adventure/travel RP, puppet a bandit or a stranger that'll lead the party into some trouble. If it's cultural RP, puppet somebody who is doing something taboo. It's something that you can do as a GM that doesn't take a long time to set up/phase/whatever.

I think puppeting is one of the most important tools a GM can have when it comes to creating an immersive RP environment, and it's something I haven't seen done as often lately.
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I think this idea is awesome. I personally would love to see it happen unannounced from time to time as well, but this is a wonderful thing to have on the server.
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Thank you for the suggestions and answers! Don't hesitate to post up more of them if you think of anything! Every little idea is helpful.
Make my character lord of the realm. Make it so I can become a titan. Give moar powa!!

Serious note, let people have an impact on the NPC's. Earn ranks in a military (Look at stonetalon, there's a quest chain where you slowly build in rank) if you end up doing a chain.

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