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Lucrezia Lustig [Forsaken Priest]
Player: Rosencrat

Character Full Name: Lustig

Character In-Game Name: Lucrezia Lustig

Nickname(s): Doctor Lustig

Association(s): The Horde, The Forsaken, Royal Apothecary Society

Race: Forsaken

Class: Priest

Skills and Abilities: Lucrezia's skills are seated in her training as a priestess and a surgeon. She takes great pride in both of these skills and uses them whenever possible to earn the respect of her peers and to satiate her blinding hatred.

She is most capable with mental forms of Shadow magic. She adores spells that melt, warp or otherwise dominate the minds of the living, finding it to be the ultimate weapon to wound the strong and prideful.

Her training by the Royal Apothecary Society has also given her knowledge over surgery. She delights in mutilating surgeries and has a particular fondness for tinkering with the brain and nervous system.

Age: 44 (Died 34)

Sex: Female

Hair: A wig of black horse hair glued to her skull. The hair is cut short and tied back in a bun. It is beginning to turn moldy.

Eyes: Her one good eye glows yellow with Ghostlight

Weight: 126 lb.

Height: 5’9”

Usual Garments/Armor: In life she favored the golden robes and ornamentations of the Light. In death, she now wears the dark cloth of her new faith. She most commonly wears her father’s old suit, the gold and silver trimmed black blouse and pants tailored to fit her emaciated form. She very rarely will wear anything else, preferring to wear the suit for both combat, surgery and leisure activities.

Other: Lucrezia lost her left eye during her mindless service under the Lich King. The flesh was melted to the socket, rendering it useless. She wears an eyepatch instead of seeking surgery to have it corrected.

The flesh of her cheeks has been eaten away, leaving her jaws visible.

Personality: Lustig is a woman burdened, both in life and later in death, with a poisonous jealousy. Her hatred stems from her own perceived weaknesses and detractions. She hates success because she thinks she is a failure. She hates achievers because she scorns work in fear of failure. She hates the capable because she does not possess their abilities. She has no capacity to appreciate what she has achieved or currently owns, preferring instead to covet what others own or have achieved.

Because of her lack of self confidence coupled with her hatred of appearing weak or lesser, she constantly weighs her self-worth by the adoration of her peers. She tries to be calm, witty, charming and competent. This façade is her most cherished treasure and she will lie about her abilities, exaggerate her accomplishments, hold violent grudges and even destroy people if it is challenged or put in question.

Because of her low self esteem and need for adoration, she enjoys being around lesser people who worship her. She finds particular pleasure in weakening the powerful and has specifically chosen her profession in undeath for its ability to destroy those who she feels are better than her.

This hatred of being considered weaker and lesser in any way translated poorly to undeath. Now looked upon as a monster by all other races, Lustig has a consuming hatred of all the living. Their disdain and possession of life and beauty have driven the once peaceful priestess to vow to eradicate all life.

History: Lucrezia Alloway Lustig was born the eldest daughter of two upper middle class merchants, Amelio Lustig and Countenance Lustig. They were the first people she learned to hate.

From a young age her parents, who –while very nice people- considered fame tantamount to success, created a system of reward and punishment that laid the groundwork for Lustig’s pattern of self deprecation and hatred. They would lavish her with praise and affection when she accomplish something they deemed worthy, push her to reach their levels of success when she was satisfied with her personal achievements and ridiculed her when she failed or made a mistake. From her birth to her teenage years she equated joy with living up to other people’s perceptions of success and misery when she failed to live up to those perceptions of failure. For the rest of her life she relied on her parents' approval, not her own, to guide her.

During these early years she began to rely more and more on her brother for emotional sustenance. Gifted only in muscle, not brain, he was considered a failure by her parents. She found pleasure in hearing their paise when she was put in comparison with him. Similarly, her brother idolized his older sister and fawned over her daily. This association with joy to weakness formed the basis of her love of public adoration from the weak.

Though gifted at an early age with an aptitude for sciences and matters of thought, Lucrezia’s parents guided her away from chemistry and towards more religious pursuits. She was placed in a seminary at the age of fourteen and, during the First and Second war, was educated in the ways of the Light and faith. She found little stimulation in the education, though derived some degree of pleasure in the idea of being the owner of spiritual knowledge not common to most. She continued her studies in science and human anatomy as a hobby.

While his sister was safely away in a seminary, Lucrezia’s younger brother entered into military service. He became a Captain and helped oversee the Internment Camps. He quickly became the apple of her parent’s eye, earning much wrath from his older sister, whom he still idolized.

During the wars, Lucrezia became a full priestess. In her mid twenties, she was elevated to the role of prioress of an abbey near Andorhal. She reveled in the rank and worked day and night so as to earn the adoration of those below her and the respect of those above her. As her years of service progressed, however, she began to grow drunk on the pleasure of success and the power her rank was given. Taking for granted the respect of those beneath her, she began to grow lax in her duties. Thanks to her laziness, others rose to do the work she was neglecting. Their labor and the laudatories heaped on them brewed jealously in the prioress and, instead of working to retake her position, she began to lash out at her sisters and brothers, becoming combative and sullen.

The decline culminated in her eventual dismissal and removal from the abbey just a month before her thirty-fourth birthday. The poison in her heart already diminishing her power over the Light, she left to simmer in her home to the north of Andorhal. She was one of the first few to eat the plagued grains sent to her small town and fell to the Plague of Undeath, alongside her mother and father.

When she had regained her senses, Lucrezia was a twisted and deformed monstrosity. Though her parents' death had freed her from their controlling scorn, she was now the object of total derision from all races. This complete rejection and disdain of her once-peers and of society as a whole, she fell completely into her blind hatred. She willingly joined up with the Forsaken and, without her parents' guidance, she abandoned the Light and began to practice Shadow. She found their tenants more amicable to her bilesome hatred, as well as their powers to weaken and destroy both mind and body to be good for her war against the living.

In the decade after her death, Lucrezia evolved to become a twisted defiler. Rekindling her old love of science and medicine, she began to practice alchemy and surgery beneath the Royal Apothecary Society. She found in them a similar respect that she had once found in the abbey, as well as a more forgiving nature towards her hatred. Their love of cruelty drove the woman to commit even more vile atrocities to earn the adoration of her new peers.

By the time of the Cataclysm she has been elevated to a full member of the Royal Apothecary Society as a surgeon and now wears the rank of doctor with pride. She now seeks to use her position and new-found abilities to earn herself respect and visit revenge on those who she feels slighted her.
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Quote:The decline culminated in her eventual dismissal and removal from the abbey just a month before her thirty-fourth birthday. The poison in her heart already diminishing her power over the Light, she left to simmer in her home to the north of Andorhal. She was one of the first few to eat the plagued grains sent to her small town and fell to the Plague of Undeath, alongside her mother and father.

I am not sure if it is an error of the official timeline but it now mentions the third war being 10 years ago, so this event would either happen at her 32nd birthday, or she is now 44 in undeath. But I see nothing else wrong. c:

Initial approval!
Corrected the age. Mea culpa; I was using an old, rubbish timeline when I made the last one.
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Seems like Rosencrat is following the RRRUUUURRRRS! Sorry, I had to.
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Can't wait to see this toon in action.
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