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Lumine [Dark Ranger - Persistant]
Race of character/NPC: Forsaken High Elf (Dark Ranger)

Class of character/NPC: Rogue (Dark Ranger)

Name of character/NPC: Lumine

Exact modelID requested: 30686 , scale .91

Duration that character will be used: Persistent

Purpose for the character/NPC: Well, I’ve always found dark rangers to be interesting and believe they would be fun to play. Moreover however I have some thoughts to use her in an event series, and would enjoy having the character be one that I can use in interactions outside of just the mini-events.

Location the character/NPC will reside: Pretty much the entire northern eastern kingdom, between forsaken territory and elven lands on occasion.

Level requested: 80

Any special equipment needed: No equipment needed.

Other: I would prefer the character made on an existing account as before!

Player: Rigley

Character Full Name: Lumine Sunfire

Character In-Game Name: Lumine

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): The Forsaken, Silvermoon

Race: Forsaken High Elf

Class: Rogue (Dark Ranger)

Age: 530

Sex: Female

Hair: Pale blonde, hanging down to her shoulders. Usually tugged back under a hood.

Eyes: Glowing red

Weight: 165 lbs

Height: 6’2”

Usual Garments/Armor: Lumine typically is clad in her drab ranger’s attire, filled with pockets for knives, arrows and poisons. She usually has her hood pulled over her to obscure her face slightly, though the red eyes gleam through.

Other: None

Personality: Lumine is not completely atypical from the rest of her kin. Though she did originally despise herself and the other forsaken, over the years her frustration has been tempered out into a more complacent tone. Following the lead of the other fallen elves and the banshee queen herself she has grown to be fairly invested in the cause of the forsaken, having become a loyalist to the fallen nation of Lordaeron even more so than Silvermoon. She still has some sense of her presence, however, and often comes off as somewhat ashamed or aloof when in her elven homeland.
Even though she has become a supporter of the forsaken, Lumine still retains much from her past. Having once been a farstrider she has a deep interest in nature and its well-being; even if some of that perception has grown increasingly warped.

History: Lumine was born in Silvermoon City proper, to a fairly wealthy household. Though she was encouraged towards refinement and magical study at an early age she found little interest in the world of the arcane. From a young age she was much more inclined to venturing into the woods with her friends, shirking chores and other duties for play more than her elder brother. Lumine already had shown her inclination towards the farstriders by the time she was a teen, already having picked up a discarded bow from the forest to take inaccurate shots at the various jars she had lined up for practice in the yard. Though she lacked any innate gift with the weapon she did have a very energetic and enthusiastic approach to it, and was hounding after returning huntsman soon enough to seek out an instructor.

To the frustration of her parents she was eventually allowed to be taken under the wing of the farstriders. Though it took her some time she did eventually manage to prove herself with the bow and blade, often forcing herself into other patrols through the woods to try and hone her skills both in training and out. She found herself more suited as a sharpshooter more than anything, able to hide away in cover and aid her allies with more precise shots than by being in the heat of battle with the others. While she often practiced her hand at stealth she never truly had much of a chance to employ her skills; patrols were always on the move, and it was rare that a wandering troll came near one of her posts in the trees.

However, eventually war came. While not enthused by word from the south as to the approaching orcish horde Lumine rallied alongside her allies and took to the battlefield. Though they did not fare well against the orcs, Lumine’s training did finally come to fruition. After a particularly foul encounter she managed a travel back from behind what was swiftly becoming enemy lines, able to even aid a few other wounded combatants in her retreat. Though victorious in her own way she was injured greatly during the battle prior and her retreat, and found herself retained in her home in the city to rest and recuperate before being redeployed. To her disappointment however she was unable to rejoin her companions on the battlefield, the war concluding some time during her recovery.

In the years of peace which came to follow Lumine began traveling, even as the ties between Silvermoon and the Alliance began to fracture. She visited the lodges out within human and Wildhammer lands, mostly just taking in the sights rather than doing anything in particular to aid the regions. By the time she found herself returning home there had been talks of a plague spreading in Lordaeron, though she paid it all little attention. Having encountered the paladins of the region she had assumed that the whole thing would be settled in a matter of weeks.

Of course, hindsight proves otherwise. When the undead horde began to rampage across Lordaeron Lumine and her fellow farstriders already prepared for defensive measures. Under the command of Ranger General Sylvanas Windrunner they marshaled along the borders of the forest to prepare for any encounters with the undead. The following conflict was disastrous, with the elven forces hardly able to suppress the sheer numbers and force of the undead which soon came seeking the Sunwell. On the rapid retreat from the southern edge of Quel’thalas, Lumine and her allies frequently found themselves having to resort to quick hit and run maneuvers to keep their step ahead of the scourge. As the defensive drew further and further in so did their numbers, dwindling down to a paltry handful of her squad by the time they had reached Silvermoon itself. It was here that her regiment and other defenders held together for a last stand before being silenced by the wave of undead.

Luckily, Lumine survived. Against the odds she had managed to take shelter under a collapsed building and wait out the onslaught. However, she swiftly found herself stranded in increasingly hostile territory. With the undead progressing onwards to the Sunwell her only option of retreat was towards the south, through conquered territory. Though she managed as far as the river, her progress stopped there. Too wounded by an encounter with a crypt fiend she was unable to carry on, and found a post from which she began to open fire on the undead soon swarming after her. How long she lasted has since became a blur, but eventually she found herself knocked from her perch, plummeting to her death below.

To her anger, she woke once more. Now finding herself in the dying lands of Lordaeron she awoke with terrors of the time past; echoes of her place amongst the scourge haunted her memories, the sights of innocents slain by her hands playing across her mind in rapid succession. She was welcomed back to consciousness by others like herself; undead, but not the mindless creatures she had fought during her life. She was ushered into following the others, entering into what she would soon come to know as the Undercity where a familiar figure stood, poised above the horde of undead before her. She watched in silence as the raised Sylvanas Windrunner addressed this crowd before her. Even though she was reeling from the shock of her reawakening she knew this would be the only place of acceptance for her now. The Forsaken were both a terrible display of all that she despised in this ‘new life’, and yet her only home.

Though Lumine retreated from the Forsaken and the Undercity for some time, she slowly found herself more accepting of her new standing in life. Though it was gradual she took more and more interest in the movement of the Forsaken—and when she saw envoys from Silvermoon amongst them, she grew even more compelled to rejoin their ranks. It was not until the war against the Lich King began that she gave her bow to the cause of the Dark Lady in earnest, eager to bring vengeance down upon the scourge for the destruction of her homeland and her own life. Lumine threw herself wholeheartedly amongst the Hand of Vengeance and aided in the war in Northrend, not returning home until well after the Dark Lady’s ship sailed back from the victory at the citadel. Emboldened by the defeat of the Lich King yet similarly unsure of her purpose following the brief resurgence of energy she has since followed the other Dark Rangers back, pursuing more means to strengthen the power of the Forsaken.
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Approved! As before, feel free to create the character and I can take care of the persistent DisplayID.
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Try to never just say, "My character isn't interested in that adventure." A lot of people mistake this for good roleplaying, because you are asserting your character's personality. Wrong. Good roleplaying should never bring the game to a screeching halt. One of your jobs as a player is to come up with a reason why your character would be interested in a plot. After all, your personality is entirely in your hands, not the DM's. Come up with a reason why the adventure (or the reward) might appeal to you, no matter how esoteric or roundabout the reasoning. -(Source)
Character is created and can be found on the Rigley account.

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