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Lyssera Embermaw [Pre-Approved][Night Elf]
Existing Profile: http://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com/Lyssera

Any Changes Made?: None whatsoever aside from Skills & Abilities being added in.

Character Full Name: Lyssera Embermaw.

Character In-Game Name: Lyssera.

Nickname(s): Lys, Maw.

Association(s): The Night Elves, the Cenarion Circle/Expedition, D.E.H.T.A., formerly Might of Kalimdor.

Race: Night Elf.

Class: Druid.

Skills and Abilities: The repertoire of Druid skills and abilities, more focused on combat-oriented aspects rather than anything else. She's also a fair spear-wielder.

Age: 12'463.

Sex: Female.

Hair: Verdant green and long, reaching down to her waist. Occasionally, a few flowers bloom in it.

Eyes: Glowing amber.

Weight: 98 kg.

Height: 1,98 m.

Usual Garments/Armor: Normally seen in leathers with metallic reinforcements – usually slightly scanty, but covering enough to provide a modicum of protection over vital areas. Then again, her definition of vital is rather dubious.

Other: Nothing distinctive. She’s a bit stockier than most Kaldorei, but makes up for it in muscle mass.

Personality: Lyssera is not the peaceful type of Druid. She believes herself to embody Nature’s Wrath in all its forms. Lyssera can and does mind her own business most of the time, but on the rare occasions she feels curious about something, she will most certainly bombard the most familiar person in an area with a myriad of questions. She also seems attracted to patterns and symbols, often idly scratching them into the ground or into wood, usually with her nails. She is an empathic person, often affected by the displayed emotions of the people around her, and the areas she is in.

Lyssera is a slightly sexist creature, mostly due to the matriarchal nature of the Night Elves. Moreover, she actually takes pride in being a Druid, using it to prove her point of view that females could fulfill all the necessary roles of Kaldorei society. She is not humble by any means...

As far as the races are concerned, she has very few differences from the typical Kaldorei mindset – the only thing very slightly tempered being her view on Orcs due to Saurfang’s leadership in the Might of Kalimdor in Silithus. Otherwise, she sees humanity as a destructive, if potentially useful race, Dwarves as amusing, yet doubly invasive of natural lands – save for the Wildhammers, naturally, and Gnomes she outright hates. Draenei are a source of fascination for her, as she doesn’t quite know where to place them. Tauren she respects, due to their natural, druidic and shamanistic ways, whereas Trolls she despises due to the conflicts between their ancient empires. Forsaken and Sin’dorei fall into the same lot – The tainted. She will most often refuse to have any sort of contact with them, unless she has absolutely no other way.

History: Born two and a half thousand years before the Sundering and the War of the Ancients, Lyssera’s naturally amber eyes met the Kaldorei empire in its full glory. Beating back the Trolls and expanding to a size where all of Azeroth save the Dragons and the Aquir were bent to their will. She quickly took up the path of the warrior in such a society, taking part in many a hit-and-run against the enemies of the Night Elves of the time.

Since coming of age, for two thousand years she safeguarded Kaldorei lands until the Queen Azshara and her Highborne brought about the Sundering and led the Legion onto Azeroth, triggering the War of the Ancients. She fought in the conflict savagely, often ending up injured and in need of healing. She still would always resume combat as soon as possible, with little regard for personal safety, all in all until the demonic threat was over, and the world itself was split asunder with the destruction of the Well of Eternity.

A Maelstrom churned in the heart of the Azeroth, and so did an emotional one in Lyssera’s own. As the Kaldorei turned to the natural arts, she, as a female born with amber eyes – a rare thing at the time – was also bound for the path of the Druid. Her first teacher was, quite unsurprisingly, another fledgling female Druid, who wished to spread the art, regardless of gender.

However, as the Cenarion Circle was an exclusively male organization as far as the Kaldorei were concerned, she did not benefit from their wisdom, instead her path to nature and the Emerald Dream being a fair bit more solitary. Her choice to delve into druidry was motivated in part by a desire for vengeance, whilst on the other hand seeking to restore some of the damage that the Highborne had caused to the world.

During the course of the millennia Lyssera had a handful of mentors, most Circle druids with good intentions, however the Cenarions as a collective would refuse her membership time and again, in spite of the fact that she was learning from them on an individual basis.

As far as the use of the powers gained through training went, she seemed to fall more towards a combat use for the abilities gained. It does not mean that she was inept in other areas, no, but she simply had more of an inclination towards evoking nature’s wrath upon the remnants of the Legion’s coming – the Satyrs and even some of the Quiraji in the South until the Kaldorei were forced to fall back to Un’goro, Desolace and Feralas, away from the insectoid threat. Regardless, the millennia passed quickly during the Long Vigil, and her time in the Dream was well-spent it seemed.

And then the Legion came once more, and she awoke in the midst of the conflict, her Barrow Den having come under siege. She made her escape a swift one, making sure to do as much damage as possible to the demonic invaders before retreating to safety. Indeed, so great was her hatred of demons, that she personally requested to take part in the battle of Mount Hyjal, fighting tooth and nail – or fang and claw as the case may be, against the Burning Legion up to the point where the Horn of Cenarius was sounded, and she made her expeditious retreat.

In the aftermath of Hyjal, as the Kaldorei joined the Alliance, she focused more on healing and restoration, tending to the sick and the wounded, as the now mortal elves eased back into the greater world. Her supposed ‘great destiny’ as predicted by the belief about those born with Amber Eyes, was still far from being fulfilled. Now that the Cenarion Circle finally opened up to Kaldorei females, she followed them Southward, into Silithus at Cenarion Hold.

There, she helped out with the war effort against the Silithid, and was a part of the Might of Kalimdor – A massive army of the mortal races, Druids, and Dragons alike, warring against the insect-like enemy beyond the Scarab Wall which had for so long held them back. Indeed, only after the massive force dispatched C’thun, the very God of Death, did she leave the deserts, and took a time to lick her mental and physical wounds up to the moment when the Dark Portal opened and the Cenarion Expedition formed, with which she joined quickly, in exploring and cataloguing the fauna and flora of the new world. Truth be told, however, she acted more as a guard and Druidic warrior than a researcher, fighting against the Naga in Zangarmarsh, for instance.

Still, as trouble on the shattered world of Draenor subsided, she left once more, the Expedition sending a few more radical members to Northrend – D.E.H.T.A. and she was among them. Engaging in guerrilla warfare against poachers and the like on the Northern continent was to be her charge for the duration of the war against the Lich King, however, she decided she’d take part in the descent into Azjol’Nerub, the kingdom of the Nerubians – the other race into which the Aquir had evolved, to vanquish the undeath-tainted, warped spider-like enemies there.

Emerging world-weary and returning to the two main lands of Azeroth, she found herself wandering once more, seeking some new, worthy cause to dedicate herself to, and otherwise living out her life, bonded inexorably with nature.

During her travels thus far, she has found not only bliss at annoying various people via 'mysterious' Storm Crow droppings suddenly falling out of the sky on them, but also a mate, or at least a permanent one, in the form of a fellow Druid. What the outcome of this relationship will be remains to be seen..
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Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
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