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MUD Checklist and Dev Notes
This is partially so others can see where we're headed, and notes for myself and the other staff members working on this project so we don't forget what we're doing. This is likely going to get continuously updated as work progresses.

-= Immediate Goals =-

- Update the race list.
- Come up with some basic race and history lore. Put these in the appropriate help files.
- Build the initial location for RP. Probably a trade town of some kind.
- Rename the mud. Kretol has a placeholder name right now, so we need to think up something snazzy.
- Set up additional staff ranks aside from the default Archon (not everyone on staff needs admin privs, guys.)

-= Short-term Goals =-

- Examine base classes and the stock sub-classes, see what we want to keep and what we want to toss.
- More races are always possible.
- More town areas, especially racial capitols.
- First actual adventure areas for leveling.
- More lore writing. Deities and locations need to be written.

-= Long-term Goals =-

- Potentially creating our own classes and sub-classes.
- More areas. Always more areas.
- Player housing.
- Player clans.
- Conquest locations.
- More stuff I'm sure I'll remember later and put down here in a future update.

-= Dev Notes =-

- Probably keeping CoffeeMUD's class system, using AppSub. Everyone starts as an Apprentice, which is a basic commoner class, and can then advance to a chosen base class. from there, they can level up in different sub-classes of that base class, allowing limited multiclassing so long as they're all part of the same base class. (Example, Apprentice to Fighter, and then taking levels in both Ranger and Paladin as they are Fighter sub-classes.)
- System allows for interesting things for class development, including penalizing spellcasting if you're not the proper alignment, and restricting certain classes/sub-classes to certain races. Not sure how much I'll want to use this, but keeping it in mind for later.
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Would I be of any help? I like creating things. Let me help. Please.
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