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Mahen'tosh Blindthunder [Orc Shaman] [Profile Resubmission/Class Change]
This is a complete profile rewrite, so whoever is to insert this into the wiki is to completely overwrite the whole profile.

Player: imagenashyun

Character Full Name: Mahen'tosh Blindthunder of the Bleeding Hollow Clan

Character In-Game Name: Mahentosh

Nickname(s): Mahen, Tosh, Gramps, Grandpa, Elder, Old Man, Dirty Old Man

Association(s): Bleeding Hollow Clan, Fel Horde (former); Orgrimmar, the current Horde

Race: Orc

Class: Shaman

Skills and Abilities: Mahen'tosh's abilities are more elemental-focused, especially that of lightning, his calling card. He is capable of possessing visions of a time and place not of his immediacy, with minor taps into the future. Most of his visions are connected with the Elements and the Ancestors, though as with just about any vision, they are cryptic and difficult to decipher. Nevertheless, Mahen'tosh's visions tell of foreboding omens, limited as they are.

Due to age, most of Mahen's mobility is reliant on his wolf, Lo'bo. Almost everywhere he goes, he's mounted on Lo'bo's back. When riding into battle, he'll surely be rushing in as cavalry, calling upon lightning to quell his enemies.

Age: 83

Sex: Male

Hair: Bald; thin, fine white hair around the back of his head down to his shoulders. Long, ragged beard that reaches to his chest.

Eyes: Amber

Weight: 210 lbs.

Height: 5'4"

Usual Garments/Armor:

Other: Mahen'tosh has a broken left lower jaw fang, achieved from a failed attempt at a courtship hunt with his would-be wife, Ka'wal. He wears a brown eyepatch over his left, blind, misaligned eye, a condition he's had since birth. He walks around on a walking stick, and his back hunches at a lower angle. Mahen is and was always as small orc, even in his youth and prime of his life, when he was barely a few inches taller. Lacking of any real musculature due to age and years of physical inactivity, Mahen'tosh's shape is composed of a barrel belly with thin, flabby arms and legs. Slowly, but surely, his vision is worsening, and thus, has to rely on shapes and the spirits themselves to guide him.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Mahen'tosh, on the surface, tends to come off as a simpering, lecherous, and senile old coot, often seen mounted on a wolf due to his age. While indeed lecherous and simpering, he is far from senile--Mahen'tosh remembers every single horrid deed he did when he was overcome by demonic corruption before and after the opening of the Dark Portal. For this reason, Mahen often hides a shamed and mournful heart with a broken toothy smile. He is, in truth, an elderly orc who simply wishes for the children of the future. For this reason, he is a firm traditionalist of pre-corrupted orcish culture, albeit with a bit of compassion and kindness usually not seen in otherwise war-hardened orcs.

Much of Mahen’s habits and beliefs are relics of historical orcish practices—however, due to his friendship with draenei, he is also familiar with concepts such as the Light and its virtues. For this reason, as well as his history with corruption, Mahen lives to remind the current generations of the paths their ancestors took so that they may stray from it. He is a cautious thinker, hesitant to enact violence. He fears corruption and surrender to demonic activity, especially since he was once a warlock.

Even with the downs of his heart, Mahen tries to live life to its fullest. No longer restricted with familial and tribal expectations that caused him anxiety and inferiority in his youth, Mahen’tosh is more socially brazen, even playful and coy despite his age. His body is old, but his spirit is forever young—he finds happier company in others often young enough to be his children or grandchildren. Often times he would go out of his way to disgust younger folk with exaggerated debauchery and invaded intimacy; in reality, Mahen just wants companionship and for others to enjoy love and life. The falsehood in his debauchery can be seen should his gestures be returned—a shyer, more anxious Mahen will come to life.

While friendly (and dare one say, thoroughly compassionate) with draenei as of the current times, Mahen is staunchly loyal to the Horde. He views kaldorei as hindrances to orcish survival, and he still possesses little heart for dwarves and gnomes. Of all peoples of the Alliance, Mahen’tosh hates humans with a searing passion—humans took away his children and grandchildren, and they are smug, self-righteous corruptors of the draenic Light faith. Nevertheless, Mahen’tosh will willingly provide at least begrudging respect for those he hates if they deserve it.

History: Mahen'tosh was the second child born out of three, his elder brother named Baya'nog and his younger sister Ka'pati. For a time, he was largely ignored by his parents due to being the middle child, and though he was spared the water as a newborn, he was nowhere as strong as his older brother nor as bright and precocious as his young sister as Mahen would grow up. In his youth, a calling came upon him of visions where two worlds would come together and clash. Feeling this is a calling to shamanism, Mahen'tosh eagerly began training and meditating with the spirits, hoping for visions of a brighter future for him to come. For an orc's life, his was fairly idyllic, and most of Mahen's strifes were personal. Nevertheless, Mahen would strive to overcome his personal weaknesses, frequently meditating in order to train his connection with the spirits.

One day--South of Telaar, East of the Bleeding Hollow Village--Mahen'tosh would depart from his home to meditate at his favorite clearing in Nagrand when he saw a group of young draenei conglomerating there. Though at first unhappy that his favorite meditation spot was now occupied, Mahen nevertheless would spy on the draenei, as this was his first personal contact with them beyond aloof meetings at trading posts. A slip-up occurred one day at the village, and Mahen would accidentally reveal the draenei's occupation with other young orcs, including Ka'wal and Baya'nog. A short conflict occurred between the draenei and Ka'wal's company. The fight was broken up by respective orcs and draenei elders who were alerted of the incident, and pride was hurt enough among the youngsters when their fights were forced to a lack of settlement. The young draenei group, lead by an anchorite apprentice named Diwaata, met with Ka'wal's company in secret to arrange other duels and matches to settle the fight, once more meeting at the clearing they met before. The numbers, however, were an even eight versus eight, and the score was a draw: the orcs had four duel winners and the draenei their own four. An opportunity to make himself look proud for his brother and crush arrived for Mahen'tosh as the orc's tie-breaker, and he was set up in a duel against the draenei's residential wimp: Kapre, a vindicator-in-training. The fight went on, and the resulting injuries left Mahen'tosh and Kapre unable to fight. Once more, elders interrupted the fight as the fires in the clearing alerted them, and once more, the hotheaded youths on both sides decided upon a tie-breaking rematch. Mahen'tosh and Kapre were to recover, but during the time Mahen was blind and Kapre was immobile, both have not only developed a deep respect for each other, but an even deeper friendship. Kapre would be Mahen'tosh's first draenei friend.

As the two hit it off, their companions soon followed. Meetings in the clearing were more congenial, with aims in exchanging information, skills, and gifts that were typically not granted in formal economic trade. The orcs and draenei turned their improvised fighting ring into a socializing campground, and in the next year, they decided to turn it into a genuine draenei-orc home. As Diwaata and Ka'wal aimed to gain their elders' authorization of what they presented to be a new trading post, Mahen'tosh would prepare for his om'riggor. No longer wallowing in self-pity and frustration he was suffering as a growing teenager, Mahen passed his rites with pride and strength. However, he has yet to do a deed that would earn him his own name, so even though Mahen was officially an adult, he still lacked respect among his family and friends.

Years would pass. Eventually, authorization was granted after the growing younglings have shown enough maturity to begin constructing a new trading post. Buildings and homes were built using the sturdy draenic domes with orcish touches and design. Though the architecture barely complimented each other, the two groups of friends came to love it and called it home. The post was dubbed "Liwa'nag", using a combination of orc and draenic words. Everyone was proud of it, especially Mahen'tosh. From then on, the friends made themselves right at home, returning to their villages only to gather among their own but otherwise coming back to this mixed family.

Despite happy times, Mahen's personal misery did not quell. Though he has passed his own om'riggor, Mahen was not fast enough to win Ka'wal's heart; she and Baya'nog had their own courtship hunt, and soon after, the two married. Tragedy befell upon the couple, however, in Liwa'nag in less than a year since the union's ceremony. Ogres discovered Liwa'nag and began rampaging it. Mahen'tosh was, once more, blinded as a result of injury of the attack; in his time of need, however, the Elements answered his prayers, and despite his temporary blindness, he was able to fire a great chain of lightning at several ogres at once. The orcs and draenei defended the village the best they could, but not without a loss: Baya'nog lost his life to an ogre's crushing blow. A pyre was made for Baya'nog, and his ax Darkblade, inherited from their father, was passed down to Mahen'tosh, as Baya'nog had no heir. Mahen's family was crushed by their loss, but not as much as Ka'wal. Deciding to give her space to herself, Mahen remained only a comforting friend for her until, finally, he made his move for his second attempt at wooing her. This hunt was successful and simple, and though still plagued with loneliness, Ka'wal agreed to be Mahen'tosh's wife. By the next year, Ka'wal would bear Mahen'tosh their firstborn son, Bragnok. Their other children--another son, Sigaw, and two daughters, Gan'da and Tabak, were born not long after, and all four children were raised in strength and honor by under the loving eyes of Mahen'tosh Blindthunder, aptly named for the heroic feat in Liwa'nag.

Even then, happiness was eluding. Mahen'tosh, despite having a family of his own and a friend in Kapre in the town he helped build, was slowly becoming overly focused with power. Relations strained with both his family of origin as well as procreation--his parents still domineered over him, and Ka'wal was becoming increasingly distant. In addition, he still lacked respect among his peers, especially as Mahen announced his goal to become a far seer. As the years passed, Mahen became more and more obsessed with sharpening his elemental powers, to the point of neglect of his family and friends. The turning point arrived in the passing of the Chalice of Rebirth and promise of power by Kilrogg Deadeye to the Bleeding Hollow people as the conspiracy of the draenei were buzzing around. Without second thought of the consequences to the drink and with only the goal of achieving more power (and respect), Mahen'tosh willingly drank the Blood of Mannaroth. All memories of his friendship with the draenei were consciously wiped as Mahen was consumed with bloodlust and hatred, and it was he who encouraged the slaughter of Liwa'nag. In less than a day, Liwa'nag was wiped out--no traces, no artifacts, and even the buildings were burned down to the ground. A chase occurred, and Mahen briefly saw the eyes of his best friend Kapre as he was lost in betrayal as he fled. Mahen didn't care--he was too lost within the bloodlust to want to go back. Proud of his work, Mahen'tosh encouraged his family to integrate with the forming of the Horde, and soon, the rest of the family would join the other Bleeding Hollows as their conquest began.

Madness in the bloodlust consumed Mahen'tosh when he realized the Elements have forsaken him for what he has done. Infuriated, Mahen sought a new means of power through warlockery, and once again, flames were at his fingertips. Mahen'tosh, then felt he has reached the peak of his power, and he took advantage of this with great gusto as he would lead campaigns across Draenor with his clan. Moments of clarity would briefly return to Mahen'tosh when he noticed even his wife, Ka'wal, has fallen deeper and deeper into corruption, as to the point where she would attack even her own mate while in blind and everlasting rage. The couple was split, with Ka'wal placed under the constant watch of Burning Blade ogres. Now separated from his wife, Mahen would turn to his sister, Ka'pati, and his daughters, Gan'da and Tabak, into producing more soldiers for the Horde in Ka'wal's place. Mahen'tosh would spend his time before the opening of the Dark Portal mastering his warlockery and building an army of soldiers in his grandchildren and nephews/nieces, all magically grown and trained for war.

The Dark Portal opened, and Mahen'tosh led his family army into Azeroth. He participated in the battle for Stormwind, though this was not quite a success; conflict rose between Kilrogg Deadeye and Cho'gall, prompting Gul'dan to reinstill Blackhand as the Warchief of the Horde. Mahen and his family continued their conquest under Kilrogg's leadership of the Bleeding Hollows until Azeroth was theirs by the end of the First War. From then on, the clan stayed in Khaz Modan, and Mahen'tosh led his family to oversee mining and oil refinery there. His family then continued to grow in size, his children bearing many grandchildren, some even having children of their own.

Despite his growing family, Mahen’tosh and the rest of the Bleeding Hollows did not last long against the Alliance of Lordaeron once a second war began. The Bleeding Hollows were pushed out of Khaz Modan, and eventually they are led back to Draenor under the uneasy rule of Ner’zhul. Even on Draenor, however, they were not safe--the humans went on the offensive and invaded their planet. Though the Bleeding Hollows fought hard, they fled back to Azeroth before Draenor would crumble and collapse. Though now safe from the Nether, the Bleeding Hollows would be captured along with other orc survivors. Mahen’tosh, now weary of battle, succumbed to his human captors and was eventually taken to Hammerfall and interned at the camps, with his family following.

Slowly, but surely, the numbers in his surviving family would dwindle. Bragnok, inheritor of the Darkblade, was already killed in Stormwind back in the First War, and news of his wife and son never reached Mahen’tosh. Sigaw perished in Khaz Modan. Gan’da was transferred out of Hammerfall and to another camp when she died of illness along the way there. Tabak, Mahen’tosh’s youngest daughter, stayed with her father and her own children for a time before they, too, began to expire. Mahen, lost in the Lethargy and unable to fight back, would watch as the humans separate and mistreat his family, young children taken away from their mothers and many succumbing to overwork, malnutrition, and disease. Tabak, the last child of Mahen’tosh, would die giving birth to her last child, whom Mahen would name Manag’gal. Of all the members of the remaining family, only Manag’gal would stay with Mahen’tosh until Thrall would arrive to free the orcs from internment. By this time, Mahen spent his years wallowing in misery and guilt, the Lethargy providing him the clarity to look back at his deeds and think of the dishonor he caused upon his family and friends.

Mahen’tosh followed Thrall and the other freed orcs into Kalimdor, though he had little direct involvement with the rescue of the Trolls and the Tauren, choosing to, instead, stay behind with the younglings as a guardian. The Third War would rage on, and though Mahen had the option to help his fellow orcs, his fear of returning to the fel overtook him. Mahen’tosh just about remained a sideline supporter among warriors as the New Horde is formed. Eventually, the weariness of travel and survival combined with old age, years old regret and guilt, and lingering of the fel overwhelmed the elderly orc, and soon, he opted out in hiding in isolation as the Third War went on. With only himself and Manag’gal, Mahen’tosh would live quietly in the caves of Durotar, only a stone’s throw away from the Valley of Trials.

Days passed... weeks... months... years. The Third War came to pass, and the world fell into further war in a short time. During this period, Mahen'tosh simply stayed in isolation, having only Manag'gal and trolls Madugo and Asul'na as company. When news of relative peacetime came to be from the death of the Lich King, Mahen'tosh decided to try integrating into orc society once more. He and Manag'gal would travel to Orgrimmar, and soon enough, both would begin making some friends. Mahen'tosh eventually joined a group of warriors, for the first time having orcish friends and being unashamed of his warlockery. Even then, however, his dark past came to catch up with him. While wandering in the wilderness, an old demon associate of his--Torr'gath, a Doomguard--would approach him, and Mahen'tosh would succumb to the demon as his own control of the fel was waning. Under the demon's influence, Mahen posed as "Torr" as Torr'gath sought Mahen'tosh's friends as victims, including Kapre, who turned out to have survived; Jami Al'Salma, a friend of the orcs; and Thragash and his company, whom Torr'gath sent spies after. Eventually, Torr'gath was found out and defeated, and Mahen'tosh was freed from his influence. This incident has further scarred Mahen'tosh's heart, as the whole time he was harming his own friends. Mahen'tosh would withdraw to another period of isolation, this time letting Manag'gal on her own to prepare for her 20th birthday.

Mahen'tosh came out only as needed, such as when to gather food or to listen for current events. After months of wallowing in remorse, his spirits would lift for the first time in seemingly forever--family of his own surely did survive the Second War and the internment camps. First, there was Gortan, son of Bragnok; he was the leader of the Redwatch Band, and he still carried the Darkblade as inherited from his father. A little later, Irsha, daughter of Gan'da, would return to Mahen'tosh, now a grown woman with her own fighting spirit. Other younger orcs would befriend Mahen'tosh, especially a young lorekeeper female named Orvisha. As more and more of the younger generation of orcs come to befriend and learn from the elder, peace returned to Mahen's spirit once more... to the point wherein Gortan would suggest his grandfather return to shamanism. The idea was laughable at first, especially considering the deeds he did up until then... but time would pass, and eventually he warmed up to the idea. At last, after weeks of contemplation, Mahen'tosh began walking back to the path of shamanism. It was not, however, without its frequent obstacles.

His retraining began atop of a mountain in Thousand Needles, where the elements of Azeroth took notice of his remorse and allowed him to breathe air cleansing of his direct fel connections in exchange for his return and a vow to never return to warlockery. However, an encounter in Shadowmoon Valley urged him to use his fel as a means of defense against angry spirits. Angry with himself with yet one more failure, Mahen was just about to brood some more when he wanders into Karabor and witnesses a vision delivered by a draenei named Andra. Wracked with a pain that was, for once, not his own, Mahen'tosh remained in Outland as he explores the spirits in hopes to search a way to redeem himself. One act did bring him closer to the spirits in aiding a human named Cristovao into the Auchindoun, where he helped put some spirits--including one of his Ka'pati's children--to rest. Still, this was not enough; the fel has not departed, and Mahen'tosh's connection with the spirits was still hardly felt.

The trial of his call to the elements came in a vision-- a Burning Blade orc, surrounded by her enemies and slaughtered at Blackrock Mountain. Believing this is a call to bring forth the reprieve of the restless spirit of Ka’wal, Mahen’tosh travelled through much of the Eastern Kingdoms, avoiding the eyes of Blackrock orcs and dwarves to reach the Mountain and Searing Gorge. Despite nearly getting himself killed multiple times, he finally arrived at the statue of Lothar, which was located at the site of Ka’wal’s death. There, he discovered her sword, the Beastcleaver--a creation of uncorrupted hands on the planet Draenor. Upon obtaining the sword and reconnecting with his past, the trials were complete. At last, the bonds of fel were severed, and Mahen’tosh can connect with the spirits once more.

The power Mahen'tosh sook for so long in Draenor was finally his, though now it is not for seeking respect and control, but for honor, unity, guidance, and compassion for the younger generation. Since his escape of the caves, Mahen'tosh spends his day meditating and connecting with the elements, allowing his spirit free for visions they may grant him. Lightning, once more, was his weapon, and thunder was his war cry. Though the bloodlust still lingers, and his skin remains tinted with green, Mahen'tosh now walks a different path. With his wolf as his companion and the spirits of the elements as his guide, Mahen'tosh now rides the wind as a voice for the Elements. He works hard to continue his return to honor, in memory of his ancestors and his family. Never again would he return to demonic influence, never again would he return to corruption. He now rides and fights in honor and glory for his people.
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
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  • c0rzilla, CappnRob
Quote:Mahen'tosh's abilities is more elemental-focused

Also, I don't think Draenei the type to set up duels with Orcs. They were peaceful to a fault, hence the ease with which they were slaughtered. Their mind was set on anything but conflict.

Quote:discovered the Liwa'nag
Sans the the.

Quote:Wracked with a pain that is, for once, not his own, Mahen'tosh remained

And, the rank of Far Seer is a step-up from a mere Shaman who's just regained their connection with the Spirits, mind. You should elaborate on how he got that.

S'about it.
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
Wanna refer me in Tribes: Ascend? Clickies!
No problem, hon. Seems a few sentences skipped my usual grammar scan.

I will say in the defense of the Draenei setting up the duel involve my own, two being approved profiled characters, who are the young, hot-blooded types (Kapre and Diwaata, specifically). If I am to change or remove the duel entirely, I would like to request alternatives. I may have to reprofile for consistency as well.

I am more than happy to otherwise elaborate on becoming a Far Seer. However, I'm currently on the phone, which I don't consider ideal in makings major text edits. Until I have access on the computer, may I have suggestions on what you are looking for in a far seer? :)
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
Looks pretty good! Very elaborate, and a fun read. It was cool spotting some of the things I remember from IC happenings in a profile's history.

I'm okay with the duel only because I'm considering those draenei (yours) the exceptions, not the rule. Although, as I'm sure you know, them being approved already doesn't count for too much when someone's got a question about something like that. Everyone's got their own guidelines!

As for the farseer, it's more that...they're among the most respected orcs in the Horde. Certainly the most respected shaman. It's more a formal, recognized title of respect than a sign of abilities (excepting the farsight, of course), in my opinion. They're leaders, respected elders, all that jazz. While Mahen may be strong despite just regaining his connection to the elements, I don't think that would make him a farseer.
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Being Immy's co-writer for the Mahen-Kapre-Diwaata backstory, let me point out that all the draenei led by Diwaata and Kapre to duel with the orcs were very young (all under 300ish) and furthermore were reprimanded severely by pretty much everyone else in Telaar for being such knuckleheads. Draenei may revere peace and all that yadda-yadda, but that's not going to guarantee they're gonna be hippies all the time. The ease in which they were destroyed came from the suddenness of the blood lust, not because they were non-violent. Draenei are proud holy warrior badasses after all.

That said, it could just be re-written that the orcs goaded the draenei youths into a spar with taunts and boasts, but I digress.
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
Thank you for your help! I'll make the corrections and elaborations ASAP. :)
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
I've made the grammar edits and removed all mentions of him becoming a far seer (though he still wants to become one). Given how he lacks social respect, I just can't justify him becoming one. Mahen is humble, and the family he leads is almost entirely dead. There is no way I can say that he is a respected leader of the Horde.

On the other hand, I left his abilities in-tact. Can he have far seer-like abilities without being one nominally? His fighting style is similar to the far seers in the Warcraft games, but he'd lack prestige of one. The abilities I gave him are what are present in the spellbook, so I doubt he's overpowered.
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
Sounds just fine to me! I think the only stuff out of the normal shaman arsenal that farseers get is a boost to the actual, y'know, farseeing stuff, as well as a greater mastery of elemental command/power granted to them by the spirits, I'd imagine. I've no problems giving this the approval stamp.

[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]

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