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Makra Axarms (Pre-approved)
Player Name: Dmitra

Character Name: Makra Axarms

Character Name In-Game: Makra

Nickname(s): Mak

Association(s): Horde, Stormshade Clan

Race: Orc

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: She is a powerful warrior with skills that she picked up from surviving on her own. Her reflexes are very honed and quick, and her strength is very impressive. She is skilled mainly with an axe but can use swords although she doesn't like to. She switches her armor between mail and leather, liking the protection of mail and the flexibility of leather. She is trying to become to be proficient with a bow.

Age: 23

Weight: 365 pounds

Height: 6 feet 1 inch

Eyes: Blue

Sex: Female

Usual Garments/Armor: She wears either leather or armor, whatever the situation calls for. She carries a bow, a quiver of arrows, and either a dual set of axes or a single two handed axe.

Other: She either has her hair either grown out and put into a ponytail, or shaved off completely.

Appearance:Makra is a warrior through and through. She shaves her head completely of hair so that in combat her opponent cannot grab it and use it to their advantage. She has a nice-looking face and her body is toned. Her body is riddled with scars and on her right thigh you will see a huge scar the length of her thigh and about as wide as a finger.

Personality:Makra is respectful to all that earn it, but she will not be rude if at all possible. She is somewhat easy to anger, but she controls it well. She does not like in-fighting within clans or families, and will try to resolve any conflicts calmly and respectfully. If her or something she loves is threatened, she will fight vigorously to defend it. She is quick to smile and most of the time takes on a friendly and lively attitude. She is very uneducated, but learns quickly if taught. She picks up things from the people she hangs around, such as personality traits or snippets of language. She is brutally honest when asked a question, but does not try to make that person mad with her answer. She also takes orders very well and tries her hardest to make sure it is carried out properly.

History: Makra was born in an internment camp in Hillsbrad, where her parents were suffering from withdrawals. They sat around eating and sleeping, not doing anything; they knew only the basics of common language, if they talked at all. When she was about 12 years old, Thrall came and rescued everyone in the camps, making them free. They wondered around for some time, no knowing where to go. They eventually ended up in a small village in the Barrens, near the Ashenvale border.

They stayed there for some time happy, raising Makra and getting by on their own. Soon after, Night Elves came and raided the village, having found a break in the Orc lines. They raided the village, killed about half of the people including her parents, and burned most of the houses. With the Night elves attacking her parents she found a carving hatchet and tried to kill one. As a result she was stabbed in her right thigh and as she moved away, the blade dug its way through her leg and left a very nasty gash. She also left little nicks and cuts all over Makra's upper body. The Night elves were pushed back by the Orc soldiers that noticed the smoke, and the villagers were told to leave and find new homes.

As her little village moved on, she went with them, but once they reached the next village a couple of people had died because of wounds or disease. She had inherited an infection in her leg, and was limping badly. After following the roads, they came upon the Crossroads, where they found directions to different villages and such. They had visited the healer there, and not being very experienced yet, had healed the wound and infection but not enough to make the scar go away too. He healed the other people accordingly and sent them on their way.

Having no family and no friends, she stayed in the Crossroads working for food and housing. After a while a warrior from the war had come through and she was very interested in him. His armor was bashed in, his ax bloodstained, his eyes distant. One day he was getting his armor re-done by the blacksmith and she ventured to look at his ax. He had cleaned and sharpened it, leaving it gleaming in the sun next to his riding wolf. It was a large ax, double edged and heavy. She picked it up with a little bit of trouble, then set it down neatly.

As she was setting it down the Orc came out of the workshop looking tired. He stopped and looked at looked at her with a severe expression. Makra did not know what to make of it, so she apologized and apologized until he finally walked over and put a hand on her shoulder. “It is ok, don't be afraid.” She relaxed a bit, then asked if he would be taking an assistant. He smiled at her and said no, but he would be willing to teach her if she would just be sure to do everything he asked. “Uh-huh!” She said while nodding her head vigorously and smiling at him. “Now, come with me and bring my ax.” He told her. She realized this would be her first order in a line of many.

So she hefted the ax over her shoulder and walked with him to the inn. After that she took his orders, did her chores spot-on, and never complained. Soon enough she could wield the ax he had given her with amazing speed and power, though she was hardly good enough to go to war. Soon enough after learning to do everything with a properly weighted ax, he gave her his. She took this gift with great thanks and admiration from him, and went out looking for her own adventures.
Quote:Weight: 365

365 what? Kilograms? Lbs? Apples? Please fill in the appropriate measurement!

Quote: After being born for a couple of months, Thrall came and rescued everyone in the camps, making them free.

There is about 12 years between the time that the Orcs got locked up in the interment camps and Thrall's rescue. She would've been born for a couple of years already before he arrived.

Also I am afraid that with 25 years Makra would be too young to be born in an interment camp. In our new timeline you'll see that the interment camps were made in the year 6. We are currently in the year 29 so any orc that is older than 23 would have been born outside of an interment camp.
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa
Ok, I put pounds as measurement, changed her age to 29, and said that she'd been rescued from the internment camp at 2 years old. Is that ok?
You need to wait one week before posting your next profile. Moving this to the workshop.
You seem to have misunderstood what I've said before.
Any orc that is older than 23 years old will have been born outside of interment camps. Draenor for orcs that are older than 29 and most likely Azeroth for orcs that aren't. If you want Makra to have been born in an interment camp she can be no older than 23 years old.

On the timeline the internment camps were made around the year 6 (23 years ago as we are currently in the year 29). Thrall only freed the orcs in the year 18 (There is a 12 year difference between year 6 and 18 ). So it took a pretty long time for the orcs to break free.

This means that Makra will have spent the better part of her childhood locked up in an interment camp.

I ask you to take a look at the timeline and make the appropriate changes where neccesary. For reference's sake we are currently in the year 29 on the timeline.
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa
kk Hopefully this is correct. sorry for not understanding.
Nothing seems to have been changed.

Quote:Makra was born in an internment camp in Hillsbrad, where her parents were suffering from withdrawals.

She would, as Karunzo said, have to be under 23 years old.
She is now 23. Fixed?
Not yet - there's still instances that don't fit the timeline. I would ask that you read it over and adjust all the mentions of her age throughout the profile accordingly - the camps lasted until the 18th year, so she would have been 12 when Thrall freed her and the other orcs.

...I went ahead and edited out the last instance for you.


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