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Maladras (Night Elf) [Pre-Approved]
Existing Profile: http://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com/Maladras

Changes Made: Slight grammatical improvements throughout, and minor changes to his personality regarding combat. Removed references to pre-restart guild.

Character Full Name: Maladras Deepclaw

Character In-Game Name: Maladras

Nicknames: 'Mal'

Associations: Darnassus, The Alliance, Druids of the Claw (Former)

Race: Night Elf

Class: Warrior

Age: 9,932

Sex: Male

Hair: Green

Eyes: Gold

Weight: 312 lbs.

Height: 7'2"

Alignment: Neutral Good

Skills and Abilities: Maladras is a competent warrior, possessing incredible physical strength and a considerable understanding of tactics. He is also competent enough to repair his own armor and weapons. When he has the resources to, he will craft makeshift explosives, a skill taught to him by the more technologically-inclined races of the Alliance.

Usual Garments/Armor: Maladras is always in the colors of Darnassus: Silver, purple, and gold. He seldom removes his armor, and when he does, Maladras does not wear much of anything else. When repairing said maille, he will occasionally make small adjustments to improve the flexibility, durability, or overall protection, thus changing its appearance. Otherwise, his daily wardrobe has remained the same, at least as far as the past several years are concerned.

For trips to Winterspring, Maladras' childhood home, he will switch out some of his usual armor for fur-lined leather boots and gloves.

Other: Maladras is a heavy-handed combatant, as indicated by the large metal warhammer and shield strapped across his back and the blunderbuss he carries at his side. His hair is long and shaggy, and he is well-muscled (even for his species).

Mal is quiet and slow to anger- Truth be told, he is slow to any kind of emotion, with the possible exception of mirth. Though the Kal'Dorei can be physically intimidating, it is difficult to find a joke or a story which he will not laugh at or at least smile to. He is prone to sarcastic remarks and playful jabs, which can become a source of frustration for those around him during stressful or otherwise serious times.

That said, when the time to fight arrives, Maladras is ready and able to drop the games. He is a grim and efficient warrior, though he does not seem to take any particular joy in killing. At the start of a battle, Maladras is typically distant and disconnected from the fight. He will use strategy and planning to great effect, but there is a notable lack of passion or rage. It is not until a situation becomes truly dire that he will become incensed. When this occurs, Maladras' demeanor becomes akin to that of the bear he was trained to become as a druid. His posture becomes hunched, his teeth bared, and his exclamations shift to bellowing roars. Though the Kal'Dorei no longer possesses the ability to shapeshift, the animalistic fury remains. That being said, Maladras always returns to a somber quiet after the outcome of a battle. There is no revelry in death for him.

What he does seem to enjoy, however, is crafting and maintaining his equipment. Maladras' weapons are always cleaned, oiled, and sharpened after every use, and he takes the time to repair his own armor. When it comes to tactics, Mal apparently enjoys digging pits, crafting snares, and scouting the lay of the land. He is always happier and more content when he has his arms elbow-deep into the gritty details of a project.

All in all, Maladras is a strong, dependable elf with a useful creative bent. He sometimes drinks too much or says too little, but will always stand by those he has sworn to protect.

Maladras was born within several years of Nordrassil being planted, and watched as some of the first Highborne exiles left what was left of the Kal'Dorei empire. He was raised in the time of relative peace that followed in the quiet hills of Winterspring. From a young age, he showed an interest in physical endeavors, specifically fighting and crafting. Yet as a male, he was 'encouraged' to channel these interests into a life as a druid. Maladras, still a youth according to his own people's reckoning, agreed to this path.

At first, he received training at the small barrow-den within Starfall Village, but he was later sent to Ashenvale for additional teachings. By the time he was an adult, Maladras was a succesful Druid of the Claw, spending years at a time within the realm of the Emerald Dream. He eventually came to befriend another druid, Celadrin Aldrien; the two became a tremendous team, and would often awaken at the same time for their brief stints in the physical world. Celadrin was perhaps the only other Elf to learn of Maladras' discontent as a druid.

During one visit to Azeroth, the two druids came into contact with an attractive young sentinel. She and Celadrin would quickly fall in love and form a union between them. Maladras kept his feelings for the female silent, and began to drink more during his forays to Astranaar.

With the coming of the Third War, everything changed. Maladras, Celadrin, and his lover had all been assigned to a single group. The three fought valiantly against the forces of the Burning Legion, but Celadrin was killed at the battle of Hyjal, along with countless other druids. Maladras managed to survive, though he suffered a near-fatal wound from a misfired glaive-thrower. When the war was over, Azeroth had been triumphant. And yet Maladras felt as though he had lost everything.

Returning to Ashenvale, the druid was glad to find Celadrin's love still alive, but was horrified by the destruction of the global conflict. With Felwood tainted, the furbolgs driven mad, and orcish forces invading and destroying the Night-Elven homeland, Maladras could no longer justify retreating to the Emerald Dream. He could no longer sit idly and pray for the purification of Azeroth. With the coming of the humans and their allies, he saw a force which he believed could be the key to saving the natural world.

Maladras renounced the ways of the druid and embraced what he had been seeking his entire life: The power to save Azeroth with his own bare hands.
[Image: UzMPvzA.gif]
Don't forget to add in your skills/abilities section!
[Image: Lirshar_zpscaa814f0.png]
Derapaderp! Updated, thanks!

As a side note, let me know if you end up remaking Anuil. I didn't want to pressure you into rerolling her by putting her in Mal's backstory, but yeah! I can throw her back in there easily enough. ^^
[Image: UzMPvzA.gif]


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