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Maleeka [Draenei Death Knight]
This is my first attempt at a first person profile, and also my first attempt at a Draenei, so please bear with me. :D

Player: Rowgen.

Character Full Name: Maleeka.

Character In-Game Name: Maleeka.

Nickname(s): Mali.

Association(s): The Alliance, the Draenei, Knights of the Ebon Blade.

Race: Draenei.

Class: Death Knight.

Skills and Abilities: As a Death Knight, Maleeka studied as one of Lord Thorval’s disciples of Blood. She possesses great control over the power of Blood, for instance able to unleash surges of dark energy that boil the blood of her enemies.

Age: 25,931.

Sex: Female.

Hair: Dark blue.

Eyes: Luminous blue.

Weight: 273 lbs.

Height: 7’5”.

Usual Garments/Armor: In combat, Maleeka wears a thick, protective battle armor that covers her entire body. Out of combat, she usually wears a nice, but simple dress.

Other: Maleeka’s body is surprisingly well-kept, with the exception of a pretty nasty scar running across her belly, a painful reminder of the past.

Alignment: Neutral Good.

Personality: Maleeka is kind, friendly and compassionate, although there usually seems to be something bothering her. Although she smiles once in a while, she rarely seems genuinely happy, mostly seeming exhausted and depressed, to an almost lethargic point. When faced with an enemy, she most often than not try to find a way to avoid conflict. If she can't, she usually allows her brother to do the fighting. She is very dependant on her brother, and doesn't dare go anywhere without him, even if there is no danger. She has a very patient nature, and usually do not show any sign of aggression toward anyone, no matter how annoyed she may be.


“I don’t remember much from my life, but I remember that I was born into a wealthy family in the city of Mac’Aree many thousand years ago. My older brother, Orkhan, and I grew up there, among wealthy merchants and powerful magicians. I lived in luxury; I could get anything I wanted. I became selfish and spoiled, and it was only obvious I’d find another like me. His name was Vaeirion. He was a charming man, but like me he was selfish. I don’t think my brother liked him too much. When the Dark Titan came with his offer to the Eredar, Vaeirion naturally swallowed it all. I admit I was tempted, as well. If my brother hadn’t dragged me off, I would’ve stayed.”

“My memory grows blurry after that point. I suppose we stayed on the Oshu’gun, Orkhan and I. I was too upset and heartbroken to pay attention to whatever happened around me. But Orkhan was there for me. That’s all I remember. Comforting me when I needed him, and he kept telling me when something new happened. In the end, I gave up my self-pity and decided I’d be useful. I began to train. In the beginning it was because I wanted revenge on the Legion that had taken away my mate. Eventually it became that I wanted revenge on the mate who left me for the Legion.”

“By the time we came to Draenor, I had become much stronger than I used to be, and I finally felt ready to leave the Oshu’gun. I had stayed inside all that time before, training. Still, I wanted to see the new world for myself. Although I know it was silly, I began exploring it. I wanted to see every inch of it. That’s when I saw the Orcs for the first time. They seemed peaceful, but I decided to keep away from them for now, and returned to Shattrath. I remained there for several years, continuing my training. A few months before the Orcs first attacked, I met Thiranis. He was a kind man, and we began seeing each other. He was everything Vaeirion wasn’t. He was selfless, courageous and caring, even toward complete strangers. However, I became ill for no apparent reason, and I couldn’t see him much. It was only when I noticed my belly growing I realized I was pregnant. I think he realized it when he came to visit me, I could see it in his eyes.”

“When the Orcs attacked Shattrath, I was among the defenders, despite my pregnancy. In the end I was cornered by a young Orc warrior. I was sure he’d kill me, but something in his eyes confused me. Suddenly he allowed his axe to fall, and gestured for me to run. I didn’t understand any of it, but I did as he told, and tried to escape to Zangarmarsh. His comrades weren’t as kind, though, and I was pursued until I reached the marsh. They wouldn't follow me beyond that point, but I didn't take any risks and ran. However, while I tripped and fell, hitting a rock. All I remember is a sudden pain in my gut before I blacked out."

“Once again, my memory gets blurry, but I believe I was found by the other Draenei and brought to safety. I remember my brother telling me that Thiranis had died. When I asked about the child, he told me that the child had died, too. I remember being unable to speak for hours, before I managed to ask if it would’ve been a son or a daughter. When he told me it would’ve been a daughter, I couldn’t keep the tears back. At least I had my brother, I thought, but it was still hard for me. I stayed in Zangarmarsh for many years, regaining my strength. The restlessness was killing me; I tried to find some way to be of use. When we went for Tempest Keep, I immediately joined, anything better than remaining in the marsh. However, we were surprised by the Blood Elves, and it ended in bloodshed."

“I regret to admit it, but at the time I had been restless for so long that fighting was a nice break from the boredom. Although the Blood Elves fought, we managed to capture the Exodar. The Blood Elves sabotaged it, however, and it lead to the crash on Azeroth. My brother and I were among the lucky survivors, and we spent the first few months trying to help the wounded. Shortly after the crash we encountered the Night Elves, who despite their suspicion welcomed us to Azeroth. Like I had on Draenor, I began travelling, wishing to explore this new world. During my travels, I encountered the Argent Dawn. I must admit, fighting for a good cause seemed like a good idea at the time.”

“My brother and I volunteered into the Argent Dawn, sure that we could be more useful fighting Undead than anything else, really. While the Alliance and Horde focused on Outland, my brother and I fought in the Plaguelands along with the Argent Dawn. However, we underestimated our foe, and we fell to the Scourge. We were raised as Death Knights under the Lich King, and we were instruments of his will, until the battle of Light’s Hope. When I regained my mind and understood what had happened, I was horrified when I realized what I had done for the Lich King. Desperate to find a way to redeem myself, I swore that I would not rest before the Scourge was defeated. My brother and I fought in Northrend along with the Ebon Blade and Argent Crusade, invading Icecrown. When the Lich King was killed and the Scourge finally defeated, we returned to Acherus, asking ourselves one question that we repeat almost every day now; What now?”
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
Great! First-person backstories! Yay! Lovely!

[Image: aADpK.gif]
I want there to be only the picture here, but sadly it is too large so I have to spoiler it and the spoiler doesn't appear if I don't write anything else here so now that's done, it's time for you to press it.
[-] The following 1 user Likes Ebenezer's post:
  • Rowgen
(11-05-2011, 08:21 AM)Ebenezer Wrote: Great! First-person backstories! Yay! Lovely!


Probably gonna be my only one, but whatever.


[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
First person backstories indeed. Approved

Great! :D
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
I love it, and especially the end.
"Life is offensive, people; it's brutal, stupid, annoying, dirty, and at the end, ******* pointless. Seriously, folks, you need to get a grip, alright? Relax yourself!" - Foamy

(11-06-2011, 11:44 AM)13kira13 Wrote: 6/5
I love it, and especially the end.

Cheers, bro! :D

(Yes, ref to Orkhan.)
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]

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