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Malora Amberglade (Night Elf Hunter) Post-restart, major overhaul.
Player: Sadron

Character Full Name: Malora Amberglade

Character In-Game Name: Malora

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): Darnassus, Sentinels (former), Sisterhood of Elune (formerly associated), Cenarion Circle (loosely), The Moonhunters.

Race: Night Elf

Class: Hunter

Skills and Abilities: Malora is most skilled with a bow, though her abilities with a spear are not to be laughed at. She is skilled with traps and tracking, and quite agile. Otherwise, she is fairly normal at the moment.

Age: 10 336

Sex: Female

Hair: Platinum blonde

Eyes: Silver

Weight: 239 lbs

Height: 6’11”

Usual Garments/Armor: Malora wears red and silver chainmail, with leather and plate mail in different spots. It offers a balance between defense and agility. When she has her spear with her, she will also have a lightweight wooden bow and a sheath of arrows on her back. When she does not have her spear however, she will have a far more sophisticated bow that has a spike on the handle if an enemy gets to close.

Other: She has violet markings on her face that darken the look of her eyes. Her combat pet Shadowclaw is a Nightsaber that she tamed shortly after the Third War.

Personality: Malora is strict and very stubborn. She is a Night Elf supremacist and either looks down upon or outright hates other races. She is proud, failure is not an option for her or anybody around her. She expects excellence at all times. She is unforgiving, and though she believes in redemption, it is very difficult to earn her trust or respect once it has been lost. Malora will always try to use diplomacy to solve issues at first, though she always wants to have the upper hand in some way. If that fails, or if she becomes bored of the diplomacy, violence is her option number two. There is never a problem that an arrow cannot solve, she might say.

She is very old, and has seen many losses and made mistakes in her time. There is an element of either sadness or fatigue that she manages to hide around those she isn’t close to. The person who would see this side of her most often would be Niarrin. She is also selfish, believing that she has fought hard to earn what she has, and that others should do the same if they want it. Sharing isn’t something she does often. Love isn’t something Malora is actively searching for, though if the right male became a part of her life she would gladly accept a mate. Otherwise, she is quite chaste.

She likes to play mind games, especially with those who serve or have served her in the Sentinels or Moonhunters. During certain rituals or missions she will purposely lie to test those beneath her, so take directions and instructions from her with a grain of salt.

History: Malora was born in Winterspring before the Sundering. Her parents were part of a nomadic hunting group that moved around in Winterspring. She had a rough childhood, as life in Winterspring was cold and harsh. She grew to be a strong looking woman, with short white hair, black lips, and grayish-blue skin. She underwent a ritual of adulthood in which she received her markings, they were in the shape of bird talons to symbolize accuracy and speed. She had been trained in the use of a bow early on, so that she could help feed her family and village.

When the War of the Ancients broke out, Malora immediately took it upon herself to slay as many demons as she could. Though half the people in the hunting community died during the war, Malora and her parents managed to stay alive through the conflict. After the explosion of the Well of Eternity, Malora and her group decided to settle down in Nighthaven, in Moonglade. Malora and several of her friends joined the Sentinels. Nordrassil was planted and blessed, and most males entered the Emerald dream. What was known as the long vigil began.

When the Highborne were exiled, Malora saw them off, and watched from the coastline as their ships sailed off; silently wishing they would die at sea. She and her friends in the Sentinel Army hunted Satyr and other lingering evils as they could, but nothing on a grand scale happened until the War of the Shifting Sands.

Malora and most Sentinels were deployed in the southern deserts to help stave off the invading Qiraji and Silithid. Malora absolutely hated the environment. It was bright all the time, hot, there were no trees and the land was barren. But in some ways, it was similar to Winterspring. This gave Malora a competitive edge compared to other Sentinels from Ashenvale or Moonglade. Whereas they were used to having trees around them for cover and the like, Malora knew how to fight in a barren landscape. Having tested her close combat skills against Satyr, Malora worked out a balance between ranged combat and close combat during the war. She was the cause of death for many Qiraji, though the numbers seemed endless. Malora respected Fandral Staghelm, even more so when he lost his son in the battle and pulled through to win the war. The Night Elves pushed back from Un’Goro, and with the help of the Bronze Dragonflight, the Scarab Wall was erected. The War of the Shifting sands ended. It wasn’t until Malora returned home that she discovered only a few of her friends survived the War. Malora becomes bitter and antisocial for the next few hundred years.

Soon, Malora was promoted to a Huntress, the mounted warrior of the Sentinels. It was with great pride that Malora accepted the promotion, and she reconnected with her blood relatives and close friends. Though Malora had changed, she was proud and vindictive. Two hundred years after her promotion, Malora had a sort of vision. It was vague, and Malora could barely remember it when she awoke, but that day she had a compelling feeling. The same feeling that other Huntresses and Priestesses had felt before they became Priestesses of the Moon. Malora was filled with excitement and happiness, and she went to find a teacher.

When Malora found a Priestess of the moon, she tried to convince her to teach Malora her ways, but she refused. She doubted that Malora had the capacity to be a Priestess of the Moon, and even that Malora had the dream at all. Malora was enraged at first, but then was depressed. She lost much of her faith in the Sisterhood of Elune. She remained a Huntress, but she had lost her edge. She didn’t take to failure well at all.

It would be the Third War and the events leading up to it that would pull Malora out of her state of self-pity. The Orcs came and attacked the forest. Why, Malora knew not, all she knew was that they were monsters that needed to be destroyed. When they killed Cenarius and the Moonhunters, Shadowleaves, and Nightblades, Malora truly believed that they were demons, lesser beings that needed to be slaughtered. Malora adopted a hobby that she keeps up to this day: Orc hunting.

Then the Third War came in full swing, demons attacked the World Tree and its surrounding areas. Malora was disgusted that she had to fight alongside Orcs and Humans, believing both to be lesser than the Kaldorei, though she accepted that it would be a bad decision to fight all three factions at once. The demons were fought off, but the Kaldorei lost their immortality. Malora left the Sentinels to pursue her own goals, though the still refers to herself as a Huntress, she no longer possesses the rank.

In the aftermath of the battle Malora vowed to revive the Moonhunters and retake all of Northern Kalimdor for the Kaldorei. She was making preparations when she met a curious Night Elf named Niarrin. They shared similar interests and goals, so they decided to work together. Though Niarrin was far more religious than Malora, and brought that sort of an aspect into the new Moonhunters. Since then they have been preparing for their campaign of pride, the retaking of Northern Kalimdor.
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