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Marngor Twofingers [Orc Shaman]
I'ma finish this eventually.

Player: Avon

Character Full Name: Marngor Twofingers

Character In-Game Name: Marngor

Nickname(s): Marny, the Burnt, Burnt

Association(s): The Horde, Thunderlord Clan, Frostwolf Clan

Race: Orc

Class: Shaman (Pyremaster)

Skills and Abilities: Marngor is a pyremaster, but a unique one. He has some different abilities than a normal pyremaster or Shaman, but these are his only ones. He has given up his other shamanistic and pyremaster powers for these.

Touched by Flame: Once per day, Marngor can "clear his plate" with the elements. This means that he regains a significant amount of mana, but in exchange he receives a third-degree burn somewhere random on his body, but it is never fatal and will not be infected due to its magical nature.

Call Forth the Flame: Once per hour, Marngor can summon a fire elemental to help him for one minute.

Flame Lash: Marngor may summon a whip of flame that lashes out at an enemy three times before disappearing. He has no control over the whip, except for its target.

Avatar of Fire: Once per week, Marngor may become an avatar of flames. His hair and beard catches fire, his burn scars glow orange and blue, and his eyes glow. All of his attacks are stronger, and have the property of fire. He is exceptionally weak to cold or wet things in this form, however. It only lasts ten minutes. In this form, he gains all shamanistic fire spells.

Flame Wolf: Marngor may use the Ghost Wolf ability, but instead of a regular ghost wolf, it is sheathed in a non-harmful blue flame.

Commune with the Dead: Marngor may communicate with any spirits he has personally attended to as a pyremaster. This means they've received a full service from him.

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Hair: Long, twin braids, with twin braids falling from his chin. Brown hair.

Eyes: Red

Weight: 402 lbs

Height: 7'3"

Usual Garments/Armor: A simple, primitive robe.

Other: Marngor is covered from head to toe in burn scars. There is virtually no part of his body that has not been touched by flame. Because of this, and the fact that it never healed properly due to his dedication to the fire element and thus his refusal to let it be healed, has left him without his full range of motion in his extremities and is weaker for it.

Personality: Marngor is a quiet orc whom doesn't believe in beating around the bush. He is blunt and quick to reply, but will rarely start up a conversation himself. He is scarred emotionally as well as physically, and is not as lively as some other folks. He is very strong in his belief that every body, no matter whom or what they've done in life, is to be offered to the fire elements and given a proper funeral. His one solace in life is to send off spirits to their resting places. Otherwise, Marngor is a quiet brooder who doesn't care much for many people, though is willing to give advice to any close friends he might make.

History: Marngor was born only one year before the opening of the dark portal to a Grunt and a Shaman that were apart of the Thunderlord Clan. Marngor's father, which was the grunt, often staved off attacks from other clans and wasn't usually around for Marngor's childhood. So, he was mainly raised by his mother, the shaman. She loved him dearly, keeping him sheltered mainly from the other children, not letting him go and play games with the others or allow him to participate in events. This left him to develop into an introverted, shy being. Marngor wasn't often allowed to leave the hut, even. He did not lack for orcish luxuries, however, as he was the son of a respected Grunt and a Shaman. The opening of the Dark Portal and the First War didn't affect him very much, except for the drinking of demon's blood. When he was seven, the elements began to call to him. His mother presented him to the elders of the clan for inspection, and after sufficient proof that he was indeed connected to the elements, he was allowed to train under his mother as shaman after she nagged enough. However, after two years of training, he had only truly grasped the power of bargaining with the fire elements when the Invasion of Draenor occurred. While his homeworld was invaded, his father was killed. Ner'zhul declared the Thunderlord Clan traitors to the Horde and wiped the clan out. Before this had happened, though, Marngor's mother fled with her child with the Frostwolf Clan through the Dark Portal to find safety for her son.

Marngor and his mother made a home among the Frostwolf Clan, in the cold Alterac Mountains where they could peacefully resume his teachings of shamanism. As he began to grow up, he learned more about the peaceful aspects of shamanism more than he did combat-related ones, and especially learned about the importance of one's ancestors. Fascinated with the idea that the ancestors would watch over him at all times, he decided to test this theory. He ventured out around the mountains to find a wolf or whatever creature he could find, and fight it with the ancestors on his side, at the age of twelve. An elder, whom also happened to be a pyremaster, saw him sneaking out of the Frostwolf camp. Rather than stop him or alert others, he curiously followed him. They traveled for roughly half an hour, the elder always behind Marngor in secrecy. Marngor came across a slain Frostwolf scout, his throat torn open, most likely be a wolf. Using only his little hatchet, he spent the next hour cutting down a tree and stripping it to make firewood to build a brazier for the scout to be sent to the ancestors on, believing that this scout would befriend him and watch over him should he be given a proper service. As the body burned, the elder revealed himself and, with confidence, decided to take Marngor on as an apprentice to become a pyremaster.

Marngor learned the ways of the pyremaster under the elder, spending less and less time with his mother and learning of shamanism as time went on. His new status as a pyre-master-in-training gave him both respect and hubris; as time went on, his hubris grew while the respect for him began to diminish. It was getting so bad that, when he became a full-fledged pyremaster, even the elements began to leave him, rethinking their decision to lend their power to him. All except for fire, which decided not to give up on him, but teach him a lesson. During the night when he was seventeen, he received a vision. In short, it told him to go to the top of a mountain the next day and place a totem at the top, and call upon the power of a fire elemental. The next day, he did as he was bidden. He spent most of the day, from the early dawn until sunset, climbing a mountain. When he reached the top, he planted a totem and called upon the power of fire despite his exhaustion, and was well-received by a fire elemental's appearance. That was the end of the good times. The fire elemental immediately engulfed him, setting his entire body on fire. On the summit of the mountain, he rolled around in agony for what felt like an eternity before the elemental took him down to the base of the mountain.

There, a scout found him burned and defeated, the entirety of his skin covered in purple and pus and other awful scars. He was on the verge of death, and was taken back to the village to receive medical treatment. Marngor spent the next week in unconsciousness, being nourished and fed only by the power of orcish shaman. When he woke up, he found himself in intense agony. He screamed for hours on end until his throat was raw from the shrieking. He spent seven months in recovery, seen as too weak to be of use to the clan, and kept alive only out of their respect for him as a pyremaster. Marngor never truly recovered. He never regained his full range of motion or his physical prowess. Marngor, years later, joined Thrall in his crusade to free the other orcs in the internment camps. He spent most of his time as a scout and pyremaster, rarely fighting and more often than not putting the dead orcs to rest. He also followed Thrall across the ocean to Kalimdor, and participated minimally in the Third War. Marngor, once again, spent most of his time building braziers and burning the bodies of fallen grunts and warriors. Marngor spent his time doing the same thing in the following wars, occasionally participating in the defense of camps but preferring to stay back and lay the slain to rest.

Now, Marngor travels across Azeroth, laying souls to rest and acting as a shaman.
Edited to add abilities. Feedback, please! Let me know if it's too... out there or whatever so I can change/fix it.
There's already a totem for calling Flame Elementals. That, and the avatar of flame sounds a little OP. Perhaps making him very vulnerable to ice and toning it down might sound better?
[Image: djuraz.jpg]
(09-17-2011, 12:13 AM)Djurawuzhere Wrote: There's already a totem for calling Flame Elementals. That, and the avatar of flame sounds a little OP. Perhaps making him very vulnerable to ice and toning it down might sound better?

Changed. I left the fire elemental thing in there because I like the Pyremaster ability that lets you call forth a flaming undead minion, but don't want an undead or a totem to do so.
UPDATE! Gave him SOME history. Not done yet.
Finished him up! Can this please be moved to the main character profile section?
I'd like to repeat my request to have this moved to the judgement area of the character profile boards.
Eh. Looking over this, seems you focus a bit too much on the Pyre aspect, and not the social aspect that they get. Take that as you will.

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