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I've returned to the university, this time in hopes to obtain a Master's Degree in Psychology. No holds barred in academics. Worst part is that I had to pay out of my pocket, at least for this school year; I did the stupid thing by not submitting a request on academic leave, thus I have to reapply for the uni. As I await for my appointment to do so, I'm on Extended Education, thus I would be ineligible for Financial Aid. $3000 for one semester is painful.

I cannot afford to fail these classes or lag behind, aid or no aid. Bacherlor's in Psych is a bit on the useless side, at least without certification or credentials (which I plan to take during the Summer, as I have to reapply to another school where I can get these at lesser costs). There is also the fact that I have to keep up with payments, so I need to focus on work (and getting better work) at the same time. For this very reason, you'll be seeing me even less and less.

Will this be the end of TLE and other RP until I return? Not necessarily. Because I am paying out of my pocket, I only paid for enough classes I can afford, so currently, I'm only taking 3 classes--all on Tuesdays and Thursdays, leaving Mondays, Wednesdays, and weekends free for study, job hunting, behavior respite work, or otherwise free time (if allowed). While behavior respite pays very well and tutoring is steady, the checks can't come in fast enough, so I'm hoping to look for a fourth job that can cover whatever costs I can pay off (as well as replace tutoring. Seriously. I love the job, but it pays crap, and the schedules are unreliable). So once more, I am job hunting again. In the meantime, RP. Yay.

Because I'm generally focused on school and work, I'll be avoiding coming ingame unless I am needed, will be assisting in an event, or I'm unwinding during the weekend. Skype will always be preferred in RP or contact. If you don't know it, it's imagenashyun.

Love you lots. Wish me luck.
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You'll notice I've more or less disappeared, even on Skype. The reasons are all primarily on school. Work (and job hunting) have taken a far less priority right now, especially considering how I haven't been getting clients and students the past month. In addition, I have courses that I realize I wasn't doing as well as I thought I was, and thus, I will have to focus harder.

The Red Glove event on Friday will still be going on this week, but besides that, no RP. I will not return until I've caught up with what is needed to be caught up, which should be until a couple of weeks.

Because this will be a bit of a longer term absence including Skype, if anyone needs to know what is happening with my toons for the purpose of discussion (since I'm involved in a handful of storylines), here's a rundown with my current circulation of characters involved in an active storyline of sort:

-Jyovani is practicing theater with Zeein and hopes to make something special for Faelara (no, I have not decided what that will be OOC, so don't ask!). He will not be at the Sunfire Estate at all, probably sleeping at the theater.

-Kogan is honeymooning with Scarlet and generally taking a vacation from duty. No, Uncle, no puppies yet.

-Kitson has still quit adventuring and will be continuing his stepfather's work in Duskwood. Madahon is accompanying him as his assistant and will not leave until Kitson comes home (which won't be until the next time I pull either in RP).

-Gunther, meanwhile, is still in Westfall, helping the hungry and poor with what resources he can take from the Colemann Estate without giving himself away. He's also still hiding from the Defias. Cage should be the only one able to identify him as of this post (I'm okay with Cage telling the other Defias players about Gunther). If the Westfall story ends before I'm back, he'll return home and focus on Elsa and the baby.

-Elsamina, now that Gunther is back home and Northshire is secure, is also taking a rest at home so she can focus on taking care of herself and the unborn baby.

-Diwaata, thankfully, hasn't destroyed anymore fences with her bum. She'd still be helping in Westfall as well. Yes, Kapre has been rerolled, but no, he is not available for RP.

-Kantado, though now recovered from the end of Wolf Hunt, has returned to Moonglade to focus on meditation and music. Because he has (recently) apologized to Kapre and Xanthe for an outburst from February of this year, he is considering returning to creating music for a career, but he still won't be returning to TLE as a matchmaker and musician.

-Dino has taken in refugees of the last Red Glove event that have arrived in Hearthglen. He has provided them work as his home and medical assistants, including Vitti who will assist him in his tinkering. If folks pass by his home, they can notice he has more company.

-Stefano is training recruits and newcomers in Hearthglen and assigning them minor tasks around the city. More often than not, if he's not defending or training, he's with his family.

-Arnaldo is still squatting in the Ruins of Lordaeron and drinking Spiritwine as often as he gets his hands on them (read: probably not that often, but he still likes to pretend he's drunk when he drinks).

-If Geoni hasn't taken Skidmark back permanently now, Mahen'tosh is trying to get Skidmark to wean off of milk while offering babysitting discounts by the copper. By the time I'm back and he hasn't been picked up yet, Skidmark should be weaned by then.

Okay, that should be everyone in my active circulation. Sorry for the sudden disappearance and the upcoming prolonged absence. I hope to keep in contact with everyone, but for now, gotta focus on the university.
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Good luck!
Perhaps it is your imperfection that which grants you free will, that allows you to persevere against cosmically calculated odds. You prevailed where the Titans' own perfect creations have failed.

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i am sea-bass
Aye, good luck!

I'm sure you have something good to provide with a higher degree in psychology, despite the difficulties you'll face in your path to getting a masters- and thanks for letting us know about the toons~
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Final Exam season has arrived, and I have been getting less sleep. A majority of my classes don't have an actual final exam, but rather, major projects that make up most of my grade. I will be spending the rest of my off-time making sure those are complete.

Fear not, folks! When I return, not only will I be completing "Light"... not only will the Red Glove events resume... but TLE will be coming back in full force. I intend to recruit some new matchmakers and put forth the plans I've been holding off since the new semester has begun.

Until then, all major storylines are on hold. For now, ta darlings!
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Good luck!
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And then, Ninde wished Kantado would notice her.

Good luck!
Perhaps it is your imperfection that which grants you free will, that allows you to persevere against cosmically calculated odds. You prevailed where the Titans' own perfect creations have failed.

- Algalon, The Observer

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i am sea-bass
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Good luck!

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"Excellence is when failure becomes improvement"

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