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May I ask?
Since my Introduction was denied (( Acually I dont the reason but I guess the Gamemasters and the Admins knows the best ))
Im just wondering for those who are able to play, What is the server like?
I can just imagine how fun a 100% RP server would be like.
Tell me some of your experience on the server :)

Also since I need to move on, I got both 3.1.1 and 3.0.9
Anyone who knows a great RP server with those patches?
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I heard once that there was one other RP server similar to this, but you had to pay for it.

I really don't think that there can be any other servers like this one. I don't think I've even been here for a full month, and already my RPing ability has probably doubled.

Since it -is- a server just for RPing, you will find someone who doesn't want to RP in the following situations:

They've been RPing all day and need sleep/food.
You've RPed with them before and they decided they didn't like your character. (Rare one. :P)
You are the only person on. (Also fairly rare.)

*Looks around suspiciously for any admins/GMs.* This server is good enough, I'd suggest you make a new username and try to get approved again. >.> (Of course, make sure you always use good grammar. :D)
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If I'm not mistaken, a visitor's IP is banned from the game server if they're denied. I think I read that somewhere in the rules. Also, making a new account is against the rules without Kretol's permission. I doubt he'd allow you to make a new account because you were denied.

Sorry for that, but the GMs judge you on first impressions.
We're all doomed
Oh... (Yes, that's my whole post. "Oh..." the ... version of Oh!, which is usually used to express surprise. When ... is added to the end, it can show surprise as well as remorse for the thing saying "Oh..." to. The previous sentence needs some hardcore revision for grammar issues.)
The word of the day is "Legs". Now go forth and spread the word!
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