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Maya's mentor
So I was wondering if anyone would be interested in playing Maya's mentor goblin. As a running name we have Belgaz Rocketfist, but it can change. Belgaz is an engineer who adopted Maya in the Third War after the formation of Orgrimmar. He taught her everything he knew, and had her in a contract where she could work around Kalimdor as long as she sent the coin back to him.

He raised her from about ages 13~19 and became a father figure to her (and allows himself to be called "dad"). They have a father/daughter relationship.

Maya was allowed to crash at his place whenever she went to Kezan. Since the shattering though they went to Orgrimmar, and he joined the Bilgewater cartel so he could stay close to her in the Horde. They now live in the Orgrimmar slums, and run a "mom and pop" shop for engineering, making mostly weapons for the war effort. He could have other family members or friends who live and work with him, but Maya is a definite resident.

As a side note he would also know most of Maya's secrets and quirks, such as her fears and phobias.

Gonna scratch that for the slums and have place of resident be the Bilgewater Harbor, but they probably sell in Orgrimmar. I thought the slums had some actual buildings. :<

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