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Mazz and Atal
Mazz needs to be level 70 so he can attempt to eat Zangarmarsh, or at least make himself the dominant predator there as he eats the witless Spore Walkers and Fungal Giants

Atal on the other hand seems to drop from happy to medium rather quickly. Not sure if it affects all pets or its because he's still level 1 loyalty though
I have not had any problems with pet loyalty. All I can say is that it does take a while to gain, so don't just have your pet out during combat. Take it for walks! Groom it! Tell it you love it! Feed it fruitcake! (And have it out for, I'd say, over an hour or two.)
I had the same difficulties, lol, I am not a patient man
Those that are weak, can not teach me anything, but how to lose.

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