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Measure For Measure: Up In Arms (04-14-2013 - 02:00 PM GMT--8)
Starts: 04-14-2013 02:00 PM GMT--8
Ends: 04-14-2013 04:00 PM GMT--8
Repeats every week on Sunday

Measure For Measure: Up In Arms

Day: April 14th, Sunday
Time: 2:00 - 3:00 PM Server Time!
Place: Bladebreaker Stronghold (Barrens)
Limitations: Horde Only

Game Master: Reigen
Dungeon Master: Bhaal

Event of the Day: Up In Arms
Event Series: Measure For Measure

Measure For Measure is a series of events for Horde members to strike against the Alliance as retaliation. The first event will be Up In Arms on the date, time and place stated above.

Up In Arms

Bhaal will assemble a team of mercenaries and Horde loyalists to strike at the Alliance camps, supplies and teams on the road from Theramore. All are welcome (Horde) and will be paid a sum of 10 silver after completion of the mission! Meet at the designed date, time and place! Specific details for the attack are to be provided at the beginning of the event!

Post-Event: The team of six assembled and struck a caravan of supplies sent to refurbish an Alliance forward camp. It was a hard battle, but the mercenary Horde forces carried the day and took the supplies to the Crossroads where they are being used to fortify and maintain the defenders there.

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  • Bingles
This event is tomorrow, 2 PM Server Time! Horde only! 10 IC Silver currency payment for completion of the mission!

We're going to crush those humons!

Be there or be a dirty Alliance loyalist with a knife in your back!
This event is happening in 15 minutes! Come on down and have some faction conflict fun! And ooh, what is this? Shiny IC currency?
The event was a success! Thanks to Reigen for sponsoring it, she did a great job!

Shout out to Bingles, KageAcuma, Rini, Kelly, and a couple others whose names I forget...(sorry! :D)

Another event in this series will occur next week, TBD!

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