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Melina Dustwallow (Human Necro)
Using the GW2RP profile template! It's actually kind of a WIP (not very pleased with the personality part), but for now it's what I roll with. :s

[Image: melina.png]

General Information

Character Name: Melina Dustwallow

Race: Melina is a Human of Krytan descent. Likely, she has some Ascalonian lineage.

Gender: Female

Profession: Necromancer.

Apparent age: 30-ish. In fact, she's born in 1303.

Hair/mane/leaves: Melina has long, black hair, that often undergoes various hair-dos.

Appearance details: Melina is a noble lady with a knack for adventuring gear and pretty dresses. She's pretty short, though it can be expected of many Krytan women. She carries herself with a certain grace and polite, withdrawn manners. Average-endowed, however, she enjoys dressing in manners that do highlight her features.


General Personality : Melina is a usually supportive woman. It's not that she gives without counting, but she doesn't really do the whole "looking down" thing. She is driven with a need to discover, to understand, to research. She is a curious woman, that likes to analyse every single thing and understand its origins, its purpose, how it works and how it can possibly be used. Like every person, she has her ups and downs, but she is generally optimistic, confident, and hopeful, sometimes even upbeat. She is very meticulous, and quite honest though she likes to keep evasive on more intimate details and enjoys some privacy. She is somewhat reserved, though not inhibited or utterly withdrawn, might it be about her behaving like a traditional noble or simply her not enjoying being at the centre of attention.

In contrast to this, and it might not seem obvious at first, but she is a very intrepid and daring woman. She is by no means a fighter, but she likes to go forward, quietly, without bothering anybody. And while she can seem cold sometimes, soon enough it is obvious she can be excited and sometimes a little hyperactive, especially on topics she especially enjoys (herblore, magics, and so on). She is freethinking, unorthodox, and creative - sometimes too much, though never to the point of being outright outspoken, but there are things her noble family frowns about. Melina is often twisted between her condition as a noble and her more creative self, and tries to balance the two with mixed results.

Melina has quite a few habits and quirks. She can often be heard humming or daydreaming when she's idle enough, and if you get her in the mood she might even attempt some humour - again, with mixed results, and her jokes typically end in silence. She might be warm but she also has a few more creepy habits - she goes around and collects random things (plants, ores, broken weapons, skulls, etc) and her excited curiosity can be a little annoying (or downright unnerving) by times. She enjoys Krytan music and the fine arts, but loves reading and researching, and there are few things she would not give for someone to travel and philosophize with.

She does not see necromancy with a bad eye (as she practices it herself), instead rationalizing it as a form of magic - maybe the greatest form of magic for, after all, what is more powerful and magical than life and death? And haven't the latest events in the world proven just how potent Necromancy is? However, she has sworn never to use her magic for ill purposes and to instead use her knowledge not just of Necromancy, but of all related disciplines, to benefit Kryta and people around her.

You see, Melina is still quite lonely, after all, and as she grows older the need for more company than family and the occasional adventuring companion begins to show - but that does not prevent her from wandering the world, and helping where she can, just hoping, maybe things go better..

Religious beliefs/philosophy: Melina believes in the Six, with no definite preference. She pays her respect to all six indiscriminately.

Favored alcoholic beverage: Beer? OMG MEAD.

Favored food: ALL the foods! Melina loves fine cuisine.

Favored weather or season: Autumn.

Backstory and Whereabouts : Melina is born 31 years ago in a lower but landed noble family in Beetletun. Her mother, who -did- work despite the social expectations, was a chemist and apothecarist; Melina's father, on the other hand, died before she even could know him, and was a relatively successful bailiff. At such, her early life was spent in relative wealth and comfort, though her family was not terribly wealthy either. Her family had good connections and reputation oweing to their social rank, and her mother owned (and still owns) a few farms and townhouses, usually with a low enough rent - that is to say, not an excessive one. An explanation for her family not being stereotypical comes from the fact her grandmother was granted, on unknown grounds, some land in the vicinity of Beetletun. The bourgeois family ascended to the rank of the aristocracy, but never quite forsook their more humble origins. This confused Melina a fair bit, as her extended family (through her mother's marriage with another noble family) was genuinely aristocratic, and kept whining on Melina's less than proper upbringing.

Melina had no siblings, and spent her early teenhood helping her mother out. Likely, this is how she developed a keen interest for chemistry and even alchemy. At age 15 she entered service as a page to Caudecus (because, yes, there certainly are female pages in Kryta - down with 'justified' patriarchy in fantasy settings), and left at age 19 with the rudiments of combat and certain honours. In addition, she met one of Caudecus' own wizards (albeit a lesser one). Lady Felica taught her the basics of magic and more specifically necromancy, after having spotted Melina's already quite developed curiosity and skill in herblore and chemistry. However, she made Melina swear never to use her magics for malign purposes - an oath Melina keeps to this day. Lady Felica asked for no monetary payment, but requested that Melina forward her any odd or bemusing magic item she could possibly find, something that she has kept doing ever since.

As Melina grew more confident in both her skills, she began to research on her own. She spent years in the basement of the apothecary building, practicing or studying. At age 22 she became romantically involved, but the relationship did not last - Melina felt more at ease in her books and spells. Shortly thereafter, she went for her first expedition (along with Lady Felica and others) in Godslost Swamp. The artefacts they retrieved and intricate findings she brought back astonished her; her life never was the same afterwards. She began staging expeditions of her own, and sometimes even ventured on her own. She journeyed all over Kryta and even beyond, bringing back various random artefacts - skulls, Risen parts, herbs, jewelry, and even once a stash of old Krytan coins, minted in Lion's Arch before its destruction, which she put on display in the apothecary. During these expeditions she found herself helping various locals more often than not, and more than once did she find herself in danger - though the more she went adventuring, the more she brought back. Nowadays, she turned her concerns to the Centaur threat and to the Elder Dragons, but prefers to wander the world, helping where she can, as promised in her oath, putting her Necromantic magic to the service of the local people, perhaps also showing that not all things undead are necessary evil - not to mention it is easier to defeat a threat you intimately know, in the end...

Random Facts

How does this character react when...

You find a powerful weapon: If it's enchanted, try to learn anything about its magics. Otherwise, discard it.
You find a coin purse: She's rich enough. Discard it. Give it to somebody that might need it.
You find food: Depends what food. 
You find a trap: If it's not anything of the above, might fall in it. If it's an arcane trap, try to study it. If discovering an dormant trap, discard it carefully..
You find a corpse: If it's fresh enough, arrange to have it brought back into her basement. If it looks noble, too old, or suspiciously placed, discard it.
You find a suspicious scroll: If it's not sealed, read it until you've learn everything. Otherwise, discard it.

Any roleplay preferences or limitations for this character?

No permadeath and, oh please, no ERP. Really. 
A bit allergic to taverns. Prefers adventure RP. It's a lot more fun that drinking beers all day long, trust me.

[Image: awesome-mario-gif.gif]

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