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Melina Felo'thori (Blood Elf DK)
^_^ Hi..again I don't know what has been added and what is from the original, and it's further twisted by the fact some changes are NOT on the wiki so .. please just read the profile again :)

| name = [[User:Holynexus|Melina Felo'thori]]
| image = [[File:melinaDK.png]]
| title = And Then There Were None
| faction = Neutral
| race = [[Blood Elf]]
| gender = Female
| class = [[Death Knight]]
| age = 171
| height = 6'1"
| weight = 120
| eyes = Blue and glowing
| hair = Dark
| affiliation = Ebon Hold, Silverfangs
| occupation = Part-time stalker
| companions = None
| relatives = Unknown
| status = Undead (Alive)


'''Player:''' holynexus

'''Character Full Name:''' Melina Felo'thori

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Melina

'''Nickname(s):''' ----

'''Association(s):''' The Ebon Hold, Blades of the Silverfang

'''Race:''' [[Blood Elf]]

'''Class:''' [[Death Knight]]

'''Age:''' 171

'''Sex:''' Female

'''Hair:''' Dark

'''Eyes:''' Blue glowing

'''Weight:''' 120 lbs

'''Height:''' 6'1''

==Skills and Abilities==

'''Abomination's Might''' As a Death Knight, Melina is much stronger than the average fighter. She has typical talents with the blade and very strong physical abilities. Having said that, she isn't so strong on her own. Remove the runeblade, ward off her magics, and Melina becomes weaker - strong enough to put up a fight still, but no more a sight to behold.

She often dons her battle-plate armor, made of Saronite and Mithril. She can also sometimes be seen in elven-fashioned civilian clothing, especially robes.

She almost always also wears her runeblade, a curved katana of sorts. It is a mystery how she ended up in its possession – something about her first kill as an apprentice Death Knight...

'''Alignment:''' Chaotic / Neutral

Melina is a... strange being. She used to be cheery in her life, but the atrocities brought upon her by the Lich King have stunted her feelings and drained whatever life was in her. Her emotions are still here, lingering, hopelessly twisted towards extremes – and very often towards negative. Fearing loneliness, she attempts to blend in typical society - and fails too often. She is dark, gloomy, though she will frequently attempt to mimic happiness and cheer in desperate attempts to regain a normality she knows she will never reach – her Hunger keeps reminding her.

She might be emotionally crushed but she, by times, seems proud of her nature. She might look rambling and insane to the eyes of everyone, but inwardly, she plots, broods and bides her time.

The only thing that truly held her between her growing insanity, her plotting and brooding rambles, and a semblance of a normal existence, was ties to a man she loved and no longer remembers, even though she met him again. To a lesser extent, she also saved herself by her sense of duty to the Ebon Blade and to a lesser extent to the Silverfang who accepted, even for such a short time, her service, giving her as close as she could reach to a purpose – save perhaps mindlessly erring to seek a fleeting shadow she would never regain.

A purpose that changed with the Shattering - as she was struck in sheer awe at what seemed to be the end of the world, she decided to make a change for the better. The Cataclysm made her realize the world was -really- being destroyed, which changed her perspective...forever. The woman did not leave the Ebon Blade; instead, she tried to offer her help to the Black Harvest, before finally helping other Horde communities in need, still confused as to what path she should take, but finally getting back into living society..almost normally, as she still hungers, but instead directs her wrath on those unworthy of life...and not innocent prey. Something that helped with her insane side...that only grew because, in the end, she merely let it flourish.


The Felo'thori were a declining former Great House in the Quel'dorei lands. They were a proud bloodline of Farstriders, warriors, adventurers, but also magisters. And yet, the prestige of the noble Felo'thori was fading in Silvermoon, and had already vanished from most main towns. Melina's parents, Soipala and Thamli Felo'thori, were members of the last direct branch, and by far the most prevalent. Melina grew in Western Silvermoon, on a house bordering the always busy highway, jammed with hawkstriders and the occasional horse, towards the more northern lands.

Brave and with an explorer's heart, she took early the sword and shield, but in time she was told to use the bow. And indeed she was much better shooting arrows. Other than her adventures with her schoolmates and friends, who were not especially rich, she was given a strict, yet loving education. Yet she couldn't cast spells, couldn't work in the Exchange, couldn't even become a priest and work for anyone. So, becoming a Paladin or some other ideal....better forget it. Melina preferred to slack. The Felo'thori elders whined a lot, complaining the family values were lost and the Felo'thori ideals thrown to waste. But her parents held most Felo'thori assets, and they had no shame exerting their power over their crumbling empire.

She grew up and turned into a somewhat appealing lass. Well, she was a Quel'dorei, so she wasn't actually quite above average. She was cold-hearted, and only bore deep love for her bow and craft. It's what got her into the shady world of Silvermoon - or was it just not her inability to do anything else right? She was quickly given a few assignments by a then-greater House, through a Quel'dorei pro-Alliance male named Fofur Dawnmist. Boosted by her parents' fortune and her excellent skills, she was made a courier, and began running the roads of Quel'thalas, delivering important messages back and forth. Her first assignments were simple; but soon enough they began to lead her around the world. In the times before the First War, she spent a lot of time around Stormwind. And she often stayed there. Her parents were not too happy with this, needless to say.

Melina was direct in her assignments, which became more and more daring and elaborated as she gained trust and momentum within the greater House. Her father even tried to make her join the Farstriders, but they refused to take her into their ranks, claiming she wasn't what they wanted at all. With time, he became more demanding, but by then his hold over Quel'dorei politics was all but withered. He threatened to disown her quite a few times, but never did so.

Her work continued as the First and Second wars carried on. The unrest in Lordaeron and Gilneas benefited her. By then, her job had turned from being a courier to more daring assignments, and would often consist of retrieving... "valuable" items. And amazingly, not a single time she killed someone in cold blood. Well, if you consider stabbing someone in the heart "cold blood." Well, she did try to shed as little blood as possible. She wanted to avoid any necessary fuss - stealing might mean jail, but killing sends you to the gallows.

Melina Felo'thori met Roigan Dawnmist, son of Fofur, during a mission in Lordaeron. She had fallen in an ambush but held good. People who expected her began to worry after a while, so they sent him to investigate. He was as skilled with the sword as she was with the bow. He saved her by cutting through the enemy lines.. a group of bandits living in the vicinity of Andorhal. Both became interested in each other and soon enough, led missions together. It took them ten years, however, of taxing work side-by-side before realizing they were madly in love. They married shortly thereafter. The Dawnmist welcomed Melina as their own daughter, but her parents were furious again. It became obvious, at least to them, that their great house was now doomed and swallowed whole by the Dawnmist, and they ordered Melina home. She refused. Again. Her father eventually disowned her for real. If he even had anything to give his daughter in the first place.

What ironically saved her, at least for then, was the Third War. When Arthas led his undead troops against Silvermoon, destroying the High Elven city, most Dawnmists and Felo'thoris were killed and raised as skeletons. Overnight, everything had changed, and her town suddenly saw a flow of refugees. Indeed, it was pretty far from the path of Arthas' destruction, and was relatively untouched. However, her people was in a sad state. The Sunwell was destroyed, people ran insane all around her, and she, herself, did not feel well. Prince Kael'thas, last of the Sunstrider dynasty, and who indeed was outshining even the most powerful Quel'dorei house, offered salvation to his people. Those who refused – including a surviving Fofur – left in exile. Melina however, who was in shock, light lethargy and disarray after her home was sundered so quickly, like most High Elves, accepted his gift and became a Sin'dorei.

When he, along with a good deal of the remnants of his people, fled to Outland and his corrution was made public in the city, she reviled him. But she understood her time was over in Silvermoon. Not only the ruling dynasty had ended, but most great Quel'dorei houses had been destroyed. Moreover, what remained of nobility did not have any use for Melina. She was crestfallen but made her final leave; however, she would not return to Stormwind, which was now an enemy town. Instead she retreated back to her Sin'dorei town, where she made a living as a hunter for the settlement's food provider.

Not long later she was told that her father did have a treasure hoard buried somewhere in northern Lordaeron - but the area was now covered in plague. Missing the thrill of her former life, and certainly attracted by her greed, she decided to make way for Andorhal.

You have to be pretty insane to head into the Plaguelands. Or mighty greedy. What would someone sane do in the Plaguelands?! It's not even known if she reached Andorhal, or if there even was a trasure hoard in the first place. Even today she doesn't even remember having found it.

One thing is certain though. She never came out of the Plaguelands alive.

She woke up in a necropolis – Acherus. She couldn't even tell how long it had been. She couldn't even tell what happened to her. But there were voices in her mind. And she couldn't go against them. Her only and almighty master from now on would be the Lich King. She was compelled to slay in his name, and she killed so many people..she couldn't refuse. She was bound to the Lich King's lips and broken in pieces at the slightest questioning. She killed in his name, and in her own. A deep craving soon took hold of her, and her sword – as she was now wielding a sword, and would never wield a bow again in her “life” - killed many more enemies even just to satisfy herself. A living hell – in undeath. It lasted so long in her mind.

When, eventually, the whole of the King's troops were massed, at the battle of Tyr's Hand, something went wrong. And, as painfully as it had come, the voices in her head and Saronite indoctrination left her mind. She was crumbled again. They all were. They were free. She willingly joined the Ebon Hold, but as she embraced her new self, she was stunned to see how much she changed. She kept emotions and feelings, but they were twisted. A mere moment of sorrow would end up in uncontrollable destruction. And she still craved, compelled to play in sadistic ways with her victims, killing them to quell her own urges. She had become an abomination.

She stayed a long time in the Ebon Hold, working to get revenge against the Lich King. When he finally fell, she had an unpleasant surprise as she reached Silvermoon : most people were unfriendly to her. Her lover was gone, too. She heard of his suicide when the expedition searching for her body, after so long time had passed, returned empty-handed. She decided to shun all emotions, and since then kept a brooding and stern face.. perhaps to avoid triggering her unsatiating hunger. She left, but was quickly approached by a fellow Death Knight. He said he knew her well, and sought her help. She began running errands for him – what she had done all her life – retrieving holy artefacts along the way. Her strength was greater even and she had a sort of disdain and contempt for the “livers”. This would not last very long. She was quite often stalked by enemies of her nameless master, and eventually, she was forsaken again. She lost herself in Northrend. For two long and dire years, Her isolation led her to think much more. She evolved, in the silence and solitude of the Storm Peaks, into the being she is nowadays.

Upon coming back, many things struck Melina in the face. And not just shiny swords and orcish fists. She evolved into a dire being without purpose. It was all too easy for her, at this point, to give into her Hungerings. Oh, dreaded Death Knight cravings! Without anything to hold her, and completely stranded, she decided to stalk prey - that is to say, people. She killed and enslaved a few people that way, most usually, hapless farmers without the strength to retaliate nor the idea to flee the scene. It lasted a while...a long while. And even her time with the Blades of the Silverfangs did not change anything. She was cold, purposeless.....and sinking into insanity.

She needed something strong enough to set her mind right again. But she perhaps did not need....this. When Deathwing sundered the world, Melina was left all bewildered. And even though she claimed it had not affected her, it gradually sunk into her mind - that the world was perhaps ending. This, strangely enough, got her to rise and begin to serve local populations instead of feeding her insane, unholy hunger upon them....an hunger she keeps for those unworthy enough to live - a twisted but redeeming knight's plea for salvation, and a fallen, unholy woman's attempts to be on the right side again; but to bring justice on one's own is a dangerous path, especially for a Death Knight, and the line is still blurred between rightful retaliation and loathed self-righteousness..

[[Category:Character]] [[Category:Blood Elf]] [[Category:Death Knight]]

[Image: awesome-mario-gif.gif]

Have you hugged a dwarf today?
I'm kinda iffy about that whole caught-by-Lich-and-tortured scenario, and I'd like a second pair of eyes on that one. Personally, given the nature of how most of the Ebon Blade were raised (randomly), I'm a bit reluctant to approve it without others' opinions.

Did some spell-checking, too. Besides what I've pointed out (though I've mentioned it briefly below), you use the word "heavily" in somewhat odd contexts. I believe there are other cases of it than just the one below! Either way, not a big issue. Added a spoiler with some extended, unimportant thoughts on the matter.


I think heavily is mostly used in negative contexts. Something that puts the person in question at a disadvantage, so that while few are "heavily happy", grief can "burden them heavily."



She often dons her battle-plate armor, made of Saronite and Mythril. She can also sometimes be seen in elven-fashioned civilian clothing, especially robes.

She almost always also wears her runeblade, a curved katana of sorts. It is a mystery how she ended up in its possession – something about her first kill as an apprentice Death Knight...

The WoW spelling of the metal's name is Mithril. I'm also gonna assume that she owns the blade, and not the other way around. :P

Quote:The only thing that truly held her between her growing insanity, her plotting and brooding rambles, and a semblance of a normal existence is ties to a man she loved and no longer remembers, even though she met him again. To a lessen extent, she also saved herself by her sense of duty to the Ebon Blade and to a lesser extent to the Silverfang who accepted, even for such a short time, her service, giving her as close as she could reach to a purpose – save perhaps mindlessly erring to seek a fleeting shadow she would never regain.

Held or is are wrong. You can choose which, but the key lies in them contradicting each other. Held, was or holds, is. You choose! :D

Also; A lesser extent.

Quote:But her parents were those holding most Felo'thori assets, and they had no shame exercing their power over their crumbling empire.

exerting their power

Quote:Many a sailor would have sang songs about her looks!


Quote:Her parents were not heavily happy with this

Heavily? Not directly an error, but a funny way of expressing it.

Quote:Fofur did however explain Melina that she should better law low, and both her and her husband left Silvermoon discreetly

lay low

Quote:however, she would not return to Stormwind, which was now an enemy town.

Town? Stormwind? :P

I'm just kidding, but it's not exactly what I'd call a town. :D
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
Well, it passed with flying colors the first time. Don't see why -that- should change, barring a sudden face heel turn by Blizzard. In fact, while they were picked "randomly", don't try to make me believe all of the Scourge's agents were bureaucratic mavens. Nobody raised the question before, and that is a part of the story that didn't change.

Heavily is somewhat negative, but so is Melina. Her whole story sucks. Her whole story is about twisted feelings. To be "heavily happy" is a natural state for Melina.

For most of the other typos, it's certainly my auto corrector borking, or my clicking the first word that shows up without actually bothering to check it out. ^_^ Did fix the "held/is" thing though. It should indeed be "held/was".

Stormwind might be a town, a city, whatever. Actually, while a city is thought to be bigger than a town or older than a town, both terms are usually used interchangeably since there is no clear boundary between both. "City" is preferred over "Town" simply because it's Latin/Greek (in fact, borrowed from French) so it's supposed to be "higher", just like a stool is lower than a chair, and pork is basically cooked pig. I'd call it a City in the UK because of its Cathedral, but to be honest, Stormwind is small - much smaller than Silvermoon which, in true Elven terms, is a City, perhaps the only one ever.

As for "ended up in its possession" ... there's a sort of play on words here. She indeed is supposed to own the blade, but a Runeblade is almost a sentient thing on its own, and her ..well, "life" does depend on her runeblade. Remove the runeblade and she's helpless. So in a way, you do wonder who owns whom.

[Image: awesome-mario-gif.gif]

Have you hugged a dwarf today?
Fair enough, I'll ask for another pair of eyes to give it a looksie-over, then.

Initial approval!
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
Just because no one touched on an issue last time doesn't mean it's going to get reapproved without question this time. We have different people with different ideas about what's a-okay to pass and what's not.

Also, third generation death knight runeblades aren't sentient. They're just powerful weapons. So, nope, she should definitely be in control of her sword. They're not like the vampiric ones of the second gen. knights.

Couple of things here:

Quote: She often dons her battle-plate armor, made of Saronite and Mythril.

The misspelling is still here!

Quote: A purpose that changed with the Sundering

Shattering. The Sundering was the original one.

Quote: tamed a great Dragonhawk, whom she named Ditzy,

I see what you did there again. :P MLP pets need to go awaaaaay, if you please.

Quote: And when it came to battling, she and her underlings usually took their victims down from a distance, and seldom encountered any opposition able to retaliate against their sniper shots.
And amazingly, not a single time she killed someone in cold blood. The only casualties were those who had the misfortune to take an arrow in a vital part; most of the time, they were simply dazed, or struck in other parts and with the proper care, would be healed before their death. She never finished them off for two reasons : her morals of course.. and also a cheeky need to leave testimony of her prowess. What's more enraging to have your most prized heirloom stolen by someone who simply slipped in and out without anyone able to take her down?

I'm kind of confused about what she's actually doing here. You never actually say what she does beyond the information dealing, but why does she get in combat for that? And the stuff she does is illegal (stealing and attacking people...?) but her services are highly sought and she's well respected? I'd like some clarification. I might've missed something, but all I saw was her being a courier.

Quote: However, the remaining Felo'thori demanded a throughout investigation,


The lich that captures her in Andorhal isn't Araj, right?

Quote: She was even taught in the basics of Tormentor techniques as she trained.

Tormentors are considered non-canon now, actually. It's be removed/erased.

As per usual, post when you're all good and cleaned up!
Corrected Mithril (again?) and Sundering, and removed the Tormentor reference. She initially was one before it got banned and I removed most references but it seems that one stayed. As for the lich in Andorhal...should it be? I assume it's some random lich, it can be anyone, it's a plot device, not a big NPC moment.

About what she's doing there? Retrieving stuff (cough stealing cough)? I think it's clear enough actually. o.0 and she's sought around her entourage and field of work, that's clear enough. She doesn't have ye olde shoppe of illegal item retrieving. c: She went from being delivering info to dealing with info to acting based on that info herself. It's pretty clear in these paragraphs, I believe?

Removed the Ditzy thingy, though it has nothing to do with any other show. I just so happen to try and make my characters more alive in their backstories too.

The runeblade stylistic effect stays. She still depends on it like you depend on your paycheck or something like that, and she's still nothing but a disarmed swordswoman without it.

[Image: awesome-mario-gif.gif]

Have you hugged a dwarf today?
Quote:'''Eyes: '''Blue glowing

I am not sure how this might effect the spacing in the wiki formatting but the ''' should be after the :

Quote:To a lessen extent...

“Lessen” should be “lesser.”

Quote:It took much bribing from the Dawnmist to convince the guards that Thamli died from natural causes, and he was buried without any examination in the Felo'thori backyard. Fofur did however explain Melina that she should better lay low, and both her and her husband left Silvermoon discreetly, electing to live in a town further south. However, the remaining Felo'thori demanded a thorough investigation, and soon Melina would be in trouble.

I do not think the guards would take the bribe to look the other way on what is a very obvious murder.

Quote:This mission would be her doom. As soon as she stepped into the area, the dreadful stench of undeath dazed her. She knew it was foolish to carry on. But she reached the plagued, destroyed Andorhal, where she encountered a single lich. She thought it good to take him down from afar, but he froze her arrow mid-way, before entangling her in shadows. She didn't die; on the contrary, she was stripped naked and chained in the basement of one of Andorhal's homes. Her beloved bow was broken before her, and for weeks, she endured terrible treatment. She was hardly ever fed. The lich battered her, broke her, ravaged her. The ordeal was terrible. At last, she was but a willing slave, broken into submission, kissing the lich's feet begging for a timely death. The sadistic lich complied in horrible ways. He had her strapped onto a rack, and bleeded her, cutting her deeply, keeping her alive and screaming for days on. She finally succumbed, her last words going to her lover, back in the safety of her town. Words to never be heard.....

This should be removed or heavily changed altogether. I couldn't find much reason for a lich to imprison a naked blood elf in his basement and “ravage” her
(I guess that's supposed to be a kinder way of saying raped?).
This is a little too much.

There are a lot of traits that pile together to make the character feel like a Mary Sue. Examples are: being the rebellious teenage daughter, getting caught in the “Underworld trade” so to speak, not having killed anyone in cold blood, being considered incredibly beautiful, sleeping around for her missions, killing her father, and so on. I could take a few of these traits, but they just seem to become part of a growing list. I'm sorry since it's pretty hard to revise something like that and “the line” is subjective but I would like to see some toning down.
[-] The following 2 users Like Wuvvums's post:
  • JTJP770, flammos200
Changed and stuff. Many things were made less "hype" and all.

That other part wasn't actually meant in any "bad" way but in hindsight it does look like it and has been removed.

[Image: awesome-mario-gif.gif]

Have you hugged a dwarf today?

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