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Melody Tassel [Human]
'''Player''': Rini

'''Character Full Name''': Melody Tassel

'''Character In-Game Name''': Melody

'''Nickname(s)''': Mel

'''Association(s)''': The Argent Crusade, Lordaeron, Stormwind City, The Alliance

'''Race''': [[Human]]

'''Class''': [[Priest]]

'''Age''': 34

'''Sex''': Female

'''Hair''': Red

'''Eyes''': Green

'''Weight''': 141 lbs.

'''Height''': 5’5”

'''Usual Garments/Armor''': Clad in elegant robes, Melody wears a hooded cloak the majority of the time when traveling for both warmth as well as discretion. When at work with healing masses she typically is outfitted with pants and lighter clothing to allow for maneuverability and freedom from otherwise constricting robes. This also prevents her from obtaining blood stains that she believes would result in time wasted washing white robes that could be spent tending to the wounded. Her clothing always bears traces of white and gold due to personal preference. A white silk pack is used for traveling containing a change of clothes and a book used quite like a binder to store the letters she exchanges with her husband. Other supplies such as bandages and rubbing alcohol can be found as well.

Stern and rigorous, Melody is a disciplined woman of the Light who obeys orders from superiors and has the ability to take action of her own accord if necessary without a moment’s hesitation. Her compassion for the well-being of others is often overlooked by her serious and almost distant disposition. What was nearly a decade of limited contact with her husband Emmit has resulted in a no-nonsense and mistrustful attitude presented towards men who treat her as a bachelorette. She believes in the constitution of marriage that unfaithfulness to Emmit is an alien thought to her. Her curiosity and resolute nature can result in dangerous decisions such as traveling to far away locations with the intentions of healing fellow members of the Alliance.

Melody Fosters was born to a family of well-educated middle class citizens in Lordaeron. Her older sister by eight years, Keedra, was the pride of the family and her most prominent rival for attention as she had taken a position as a squire of a paladin in the city. Her family had a deep respect for the Light and Keedra’s future as a paladin cast Melody into what she believed was the shadow her elder sister cast upon her through her accomplishments. For most of her younger life, Melody set about the house cleaning and tailoring at her mother’s side.

When Keedra’s engagement to the paladin’s son was announced, the family was delighted. Eleven year old Melody was offered free education by her sister’s fiancée should her parents approve of the marriage. A relative of the brother-in-law’s family was an experienced priest who took the liberty of guiding Melody through the path of the priest. The sisters grew to be night and day to each other by adulthood; Keedra was assertive and brave while Melody was passive and cautious. Keedra continued to be Melody’s role model as she grew up, striving to develop an identity unique to the family and free of any comparison with Keedra.

By the time Melody was twenty-one years old, she had become a fully realized priest with the help of her uncle-in-law. She attended the church regularly and did as her superiors bade her. One day during a service at church she met eyes with a man named Emmit Tassel who immediately caught her interest. She approached him at the end of the day and the two spent hours walking the streets of Lordaeron while they spoke. Months later the two fell deeply in love with one another as they continued meeting, and months after they fell in love Emmit proposed to Melody.

The couple three years later moved to Stormwind City by mutual decision. Melody continued her work as a priest in the rebuilt city and took up tailoring as a part-time hobby and job. She tailored robes for the other priests in the city and helped pay towards the costs of living within the city in the process. Shortly before the plague outbreak in Lordaeron Emmit had returned to the city to visit with family while Melody remained in the city of Stormwind for business of her own. She exchanged letters with her family and Emmit during his stay, soon to follow after him to the city despite Emmit’s persistence to not travel alone. Melody received no letters from her family and husband for a long period of time and after persistently searching for any news from post masters, she learned of the fate of Lordaeron.

For a long period of time, Melody had assumed Emmit and her family dead. She served the Stormwind Army, offering her ability to both aid and attack with the Light. Melody preferred fighting and using the Light as a weapon as opposed to spending entire days within tents healing the wounded. Her battlefield healing proved efficient and she perfected her methods during the years she served the Stormwind army. Stories were shared with her detailing the horrors of the Scourge and after five years of serving Stormwind she was honorably discharged to pursue her interests in the Argent Dawn.

After seeing the scars upon the world that war had left, Melody directed her eyes to the threat that the Scourge had cast upon Azeroth. She viewed the army of ruthless undead to be evil incarnated and had thought that working for the Argent Crusade would help rid the world of them. Now and after four years of serving the Argent Crusade, Melody ventures the world seeking to lend aid however she can. She still sends letters to her husband while a lingering doubt exists in her mind that he may have started a life without her elsewhere due to his absence in the last nine years, not yet aware that he had become an undead.

[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
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