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Mind Slugged {RC}
It was a dark night, or day, who knows? Just that I was in the Shadow Realm.

I thought to myself before death, 'Eh, what the hell? I'm already dead.' Bad mistake. After
finally I had come to the conclusion that I'll be the tank, everyone else is still alive, they
deserve more of a chance then I, right?

I had jumped out from behind the rock, surprising the 'Master of Slugs', getting a direct hit,
my sword piercing his arm. Yeah, that did it, that got his attention, only to smack me around
a bit before finally stamping a damned slug on my head that took over my body.

The slug forced me to attack the weakest, Adel, -her-. Only to be attacked back by her and another
girl, who's name isn't remembered.

I was horribly weakened, and dieing to an ichor of corruption when I gained my will back,
only to be attacked by Tavren, he cracked my head on a rock, then eventually I died to the ichor that
ate me away.

That was not the end though, no, Aroes took my body as a last wish. Bringing me to his home
and keeping it safe, then after sometime I was brought to Redis, where Redis had recognized me and
agreed upon resurrection, once again I will walk this earth.

I had came to life, soon after, I received my belongings, and then acquired contact information from Aroes
who just said, "Sure."

I now live again, but what is this? I reached into a crevice within my skin, pulling out a letter
nothing written on the front, but the details inside told me all I needed to know.

Killer: NPC Shadow Realm
Resurrector: Redis Taylor

Will become a Mindless much sooner.
Weakened skull, cracks more easily then before.
Weak to mind targeted attacks, and attacks that damage his soul.

Weakened bones.
Steers clear of anything that has to do with shadow.
Grieves over Smokey.
Dislikes everyone from the Shadow Realm Event except; Kimee, Bragdana, and Karin.

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