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Minor Change/Clarification to Special Profiles
Hello everyone. This isn't really big enough to make a public announcement about, but we nevertheless need the members and staff to be in the know about this.

As everyone knows, the Special Profiles right now require two approvals. This won't be changing.

I just wanted to make note here that we can also give denials in Private Discussion, and a Special Profile required two apprehensive responses/denials to be entirely turned down before.

Now, we'll just be counting like this: An approval is a +1, and a denial is a -1. So a denial following a previous approval will bring it back down to 0, meaning you still need two more approvals to get the profile approved, or convince the GM giving you the denial to change their vote if you prove their doubts wrong or address their issues.

Important to note is also that a previous approval does not stick to the profile if someone comes in afterwards to request some changes. The previous approval is null until the staff member who gave it comes back in to confirm it once you've made any changes that have been requested, since the profile might not at all be the same profile anymore as the first staff member gave their approval to.

No real changes here, just clarification/brushing up on the previous system.

Consider yourself informed! *wavy arms* :D

EDIT: It's not like I meant to post this a week ago before my internet cut out. Nope. I'm just posting this now as if I meant to post it right now. Yep.
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