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Mistal'aerix Feedback please! <3
I got -nothin'- bad to say about Mistal.

In the time I've spent with him on Cameron, I've learned what it -really- means to be the perfect picture of a Felsworn.

Evil in general, uncaring about anyone else and demanding of respect. It's almost scary how well you pull that off. o.o Well, bottom line is you RP Mistal -very- well.


Bottom line. Right there.
I'm constantly intrigued by Mistal. I've only RPed with him twice, but he set in line a chain of events with Aulten that'll lead to something... Well, it's scary; needless to say. I love the way you handle Mistal as a character. He fits what I understand of him, personality-wise, very nicely. And he's just a fun character to be around. Again, thanks for the awesome, slightly unexpected development, that has yet to be fully described in public. :3
I'm honestly not that intrigued by Mistal. His evil seems to be very generic "omnomnom fel" and "mwahaha kill Light users".

Really, which is more interesting?
A) Unleash a plague in Booty Bay because I enjoy the suffering of mere mortals and generic chaos.
B) Unleash a plague in Booty Bay as a social experiment to reaffirm my belief that mortals will only destroy each other.

Mistal needs...a deeper goal. Mistal needs deeper conflict other than "I hate my old elf self" and "the Legion is cool". I'd like to see him truly be afraid of his old self for some other reason than "mortality is for losers". He needs a scene where he comes very close to returning to that emotionally.

He doesn't need to kill Light users. He needs to turn Light users against each other.

Here's a good Treatise on Villainy.

I don't mean to compare you to Marianna, but she's the only other fel-sworn I know anything about.
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
Perhaps he needs a deeper goal, but that could not stop him from wanting to kill all Light Users. Remember, Anna, not all Felsworn are the same. Whilst Marianna was tricky and cunning, Mistal could just be vengeful.
@c0rzilla: First off, I must say that your feedback was rather rude (imo). Second off, if that's how you view Mistal, you have yet to explore the character throughoutly.

Generally, I'd say that I love Mistal for being the more subtle villain. While you don't have the same privileges as Marianna does(I'm talking about GM powers making it easier to do stuff, like flying, teleporting, spawning, etc.), you seem to pull it off quite nicely. It seems that you have adjusted the character, taking that into consideration and made it more unique. Instead of "following" Marianna's path as a villain, Mistal is more subtle and mysterious(in my opinion).

He's not that kinda villain that would use his powers to burn down a city, but rather use his wit and powers to make citizens turn against each other and destory themselves. That is what I love about the character.
Actually, I discussed this with Mistal in-game and he did not think it was rude. All my viewpoints come from my RP with him, and reading both of his IC threads and his guild posts.

Why should I not compare him to Marianna? She is the only other fel-sworn I have any experience with. I mentioned in my feedback post that I apologised for my limited experience. I am only expressing what I know, and from that, what I feel.

Jurkey, please do not make assumptions. I know Mistal is "your" villain, since you have RPed with him so much on Coriv. That does not mean all of your opinions are automatically "better" or "right".

This shall be my last post in this thread to prevent this from becoming a flame war.
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
I never said that your viewpoints or so were wrong, or anything like that. I'm not flaming either. I'm just stating that -I- found your feedback a tad rude. The rest wasn't directed at you, it was just general feedback. Only the first line was directed at you. ^^,

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