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MoP Ending Cinematic
(09-19-2013, 12:51 PM)Valicor Wrote: He only says that because it's what people want to hear, not because he's a realist.
Pff, Alliance realism..

He's a populist, then! :O

But really, unification?

Humans: Still got rogues running around, we still have corruption in the Noble ranks, and Varian is just a butthead. EDIT: Thomas Miller also has a monopoly on the bread industry.

Dwarves: Magni is still a stone® but I think everything is going well for them, well, relatively.

NElves: The trees are safe, but Varian still gave Tyrande a kindergarten lesson in patience.

Gnomes: Their homeland is still being invaded by Mirialans Lepers.

Draenei: Why the hell hasn't the Exodar been fixed yet, the Bloodmyst Isles cleansed, and the entire Azuremyst archipelago un-baddified?

Worgen: Don't QFT me on this, but Gilneas is still under siege by the Forsaken.

Pandas: The Alliance screwed with their homeland not as much as the Horde did, but still kind of did. In fact, why did they even give Pandas the choice of going Horde or Alliance? They should've been a separate, neutral faction.
Quote:Draenei: Why the hell hasn't the Exodar been fixed yet, the Bloodmyst Isles cleansed, and the entire Azuremyst archipelago un-baddified?

All of this has actually happened in lore, the game just doesn't reflect it :V
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
This thread....

I'm speechless.
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I'd love for the Alliance to get some lore that isn't just "HUMANS YAAAAAR!" at some point, humans are perhaps the least interesting part of Warcraft.... because they're humans and it's kind of a bizarre mash up of different time periods.

Also A'dal is still holding Shattrath's shield up by himself... he'll probably turn into a void terror before they get the whole "army of light" thing together (Yeah I will put money on that being the plot twist at some point)
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