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MoP making setup difficult
So to begin with my game client was fully patched for MoP before I decided to go to the free realms. When I attempted to follow the instructions on the site to get to the correct server version, I encountered a couple of odd problems.

I downloaded realmlist.wtf and changed the name and file location of the original as instructed, then placed the new realmlist in data/enUS. After that I searched for patch.MPQ and patch-2.MPQ, but the file names must have been changed since cata. The closest thing I could find were a set of files labled expansion1-expansion4. I attempted to follow the same instructions with those instead of the patch files.

When I tried to launch the repair tool I found that had been replaced too, by a program called wowError. When I attempted to launch that nothing happened. So I tried launching the game, and the expansion files rewrote themselves. I tried to log in and got the message that I needed a battle.net account.

So getting to the correct server version is problem to say the least. Anyone have any ideas?
[Image: wowdata.png]
I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to the MoP folder, but one way to solve it would be by downloading the entire WoW standalone folder.

Over here.

You can just run that one and it'll work. :3 If you rather downgrade MoP to this version, then I can't offer much help. Sorry!
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Downgrading isn't possible across major patches. Go by Psychyn's suggestion for a standalone folder.
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