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Mokaku [Troll Elementalist]
Edits are in red.

Player: Hawk

Character Full Name: Mokaku of the Darkspear

Character In-Game Name
: Mokaku

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): The Horde, The Darkspear Tribe

Race: Troll

Class: Elementalist [Shaman]

Age: 43

Sex: Male

Hair: Navy blue and in dreadlocks.

Eyes: Amber

341 lbs

Height: 7'9

He is typically seen with little clothing on, often wearing not much more than a trousers with wrappings around his ankles and arms. His body is littered with scars, the most obvious being one that's rather large and disfiguring that runs diagonally across his torso from his left shoulder to the right side of his waist. His face is wrinkled and stained with the expression of deep contemplation which accompanies a deep, but gentle voice. A long, thin goatee hangs from his chin that is well groomed.

He appears as a rather spiritual individual, or monk-like. When travelling here and there his moments are slow and graceful. He usually only carries a flask of water and a place to put his little amounts of coin.


Mokaku seems like a distant individual. He might not speak, but he will listen. He shows grace in defeat, holding onto the philosophy "Every defeat is a lesson." He does not enjoy being a leader of a company, or being the centre of attention. He's the type of guy who would be more content with simply being the one in the sidelines who still makes an impact, or just nudging the leader in a direction and acting as an advisor. He holds honour and honesty close to him. He won't lie or cheat unless necessary, and he tends not to socialise with people such as thieves and thugs. He steers away from those who are greedy and seek power for "evil" ends, believing them to be tainted.

He would much prefer an era of peace than war, and he'll try be diplomatic if the situation calls for it, but even so he's far from being a pacifist. If it would require it, he would kill one-hundred Alliance soldiers if it would defend his people. He was once stronger, but in a mistake that cost him his life, he exercises restraint and willpower over sheer force of strength. He does tend to hold prejudice against The Alliance, especially Humans.


Born within the jungles of the Darkspear Isles, Mokaku lead a simple life with an equally simple family. His father, a fisherman, often tasked him with delivering fish around the village or helping him get equipment. His mother had an affinity for alchemy, so he was also out gathering ingredients with his brother and sister. Though being forced to work a lot, it was slowly turning him into a fit and athletic Troll which, combined with hunting skills, was getting him some attention from some of the village elders for his promising (but not prodigal) beginnings. When an elder came to inspect him, he found the child not toying with weaponry or having an aggressive personality. Instead he saw a child silently sitting on a hill, watching the view. After a brief chat, the elder came to the conclusion that the path of the Shaman was a more fitting role. Eagerly accepting, he was whisked away from his hut and taken to a teacher.

Over the years, Mokaku was becoming a successful Shaman at a steady pace. Whilst he was trained to commune with both the spirits and the elements, Mokaku was keeping his ties closer to the elements. He didn't know why, but he felt more inclined to speak to them and hear their voices. Although thought of as unusual, he completed his training without objection. He was given a mate shortly afterwards and began to start his own family with two children. It wasn't until the invasion of his home that he was putting his skills to the test. He had no idea why this was happening, but it wasn't a question that had time to be answered. He was thankful that they at least had allies amongst them - the Orcs who came across the sea. Though a little peeved it was because of them the Humans came along, he was still able to befriend them with ease.

Feeling indebted to the Orcs, he joined Thrall and his company of soldiers to Kalimdor and participated in the extermination of the Centaur through assisting the nomadic Tauren, eventually moving on to settle on Kalimdor. After that, it seemed to be one war after another. Fighting was like his drug. He wasn't even sure if he was doing it for The Horde anymore. It was becoming an obsession to win against The Alliance. Although perhaps it was mentally unhealthy, he was gradually becoming a merciless, powerful foe on the battlefield, and rather distant from everyone he knew. Of course, he didn't notice. He journeyed to Outland, assisting in the siege of the Black Temple until he gathered word The Scourge had invaded Azeroth again.

Another opponent. However, his recklessness and lust for strength ultimately was his undoing. Whilst moving through the icy slopes of Northrend, he joined The Horde in Dragonblight. Foolishly venturing out alone, he encountered a small battalion of Scourge. He didn't intend on fighting them all, but they swarmed onto him like wasps. Though holding up an impressive fight, he was going down. His saving grace was the fact he was close to a Horde base, and they quickly sent out soldiers to cut down the group of Scourge. Mokaku had died, but he was recognised by Druids and Shaman he had befriended. Feeling his death wasn't honourable, they brought him back to life.

At first, Mokaku didn't believe he was alive. He thought he was in a spirit world, but he realised the reality: He was back, but he wasn't the same. He was permanently weakened. Crippled. The resurrection sickness that he had been inflicted with was going to be taking years to recover from. Furthermore, he was struck with guilt when he discovered the power it took to bring him back had put one of the Druids into a coma. It took a couple of months for him to get back to being mentally stable, but he remained in the frozen wastelands until the very end. He was far from being as useful, and he only went into the occasional skirmish, even those were the easier battles. When the Lich King was slain, he immediately sailed back to Kalimdor.

When he got back to Kalimdor, he promised to himself that he would get back to being what he once was and begin atoning for his sins. He began to retrace old steps he took during his training, refining his fighting forms and strengthening his bonds with the elements. Though he never returned to full power, he came out feeling more alive than ever before and he was much wiser. His new life certainly wasn't uneventful either, surviving peril on countless occasions or being taken captive. -A lot-.

For a while, there was silence in his life. Just when he thought he was beginning to finally get the chance to settle down, he felt a deep sense of dread in his bones. There were worrying signs all around him. The Elements were in turmoil, and he was powerless to help them. Before he knew it, the world was engulfed in the rage of Deathwing, leaving fire and ash in his wake. With Azeroth under siege once again, he clenches his fists and prepares to face another battle.

Skills and Abilities:

Mokaku is a Shaman who has sacrificed his connection to the spirits for a much stronger bond with the Elements. With their aid, he can perform a wide variety of spells that enhance his martial skills (and are also used to explain some spiritual ones). Only one element can be used at a time.

Earth's Refuge: A natural armour that gives him the equivalent of leather protection. When fighting specifically with earth, this protection is increased to Mail. Speed decreased, damage is average.

Water's Gift: Mokaku's overall damage is average, but he may only heal when channelling this element. Some more utility is provided instead of destruction.

Wind's Grace: When connected to Wind, Mokaku's overall agility is increased. His speed is augmented and he's generally a bit harder to hit. Chained attacks are easier to achieve.

Fire's Will: The element of Fire provides more offensive opportunities. Defences are easier to break and his attacks leave marks, but his defence is lowered, making him more vulnerable to being doused.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
Quote:Note that none of the following below actually give him roll bonuses or anything like that. They're just for flavour and will be reflected in emotes. If he's hit by a grenade in any form, it'll still deal the same damage no matter what element he's connected to. It really only changes what the reaction is. Again, it's just for flavour and he doesn't have more power than the other classes.

I think some of the notes here in skills and abilities are not needed in the profile. It's assumed there are no roll bonuses involved, so I'd like it if abilities were mostly descriptive. Other than that the profile works out.

Initial approval!
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."

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