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Montague [Forsaken Necromancer] [Noble type]
'''Player''': Binkleheimer

'''Character Full Name''': Montague P. Lazarus

'''Character In-Game Name''': Montague

'''Nickname(s)''': M. P.

'''Association(s)''': Undercity, Royal Apothecary Society and formerly, the Scourge.

'''Race''': [[Forsaken]]

'''Class''': Necromancer (Mage OOC)

'''Age''': As irrelevant as he thinks it is, with his death having him at 46, he's currently 55.

'''Sex''': Also irrelevant. He's dead.

'''Hair''': None.

'''Eyes''': What eyes?

'''Weight''': 156 pounds

'''Height''': 5'11"

'''Alignment''': Neutral. He doesn't believe in the concepts of good and evil, only the concept of Egotism. His moral dissonance derives from the fact that he believes that the actions of the mortal races are ultimately pointless in the grand scheme of things. It's not that he believes nothing ever matters, but that everything ends and ultimately disappears.

Montague generally wears a tuxedo or fine silk clothes when in public. When he works on his necromancy and the like, he tends to don simple linens and the like. He rarely wears robes.

He also carries around a book bound in a drake's hide with pages made from a virgin's skin. Multiple actually, he preferred the choice bits. For extra effect, the words are also written in the blood of dead murlocs. The book holds basic necromantic secrets and rituals. The tougher stuff is written on a more practical pamphlet he generally carries in his coat pocket. The pamphlet is made of standard paper and written in standard ink. The overly gruesome book is a decoy and a bit of a joke on his part.

Montague is rather reserved and quiet, preferring to study over tomes than to melt someone's face like some of his other brethren. Those that do deal with him find the man to be rather snarky and blunt, preferring to get to the point and avoid idle chatter. Like all undead, he lacks any actual emotions, only remembering how they worked. His world view, as stated above, isn't derived from pessimism, but ultimately indifference. This mind set helps him when working with the other races since he doesn't care about their actions, fates or even the consequences of the work. He just does it. He also has a dark and grim sense of humor, as evident by the book.

Born and raised in Lordaeron, Montague was a quiet child. Even then, he felt like an outcast, staying in his parents' estate. Born well before the First War, he was sent to Dalaran to receive training as a mage at the young age of ten. His training continued past the First War, as he was barely considered a full wizard at the time. The Second War was a different story. Once Dalaran was pulled into the War, he served the Alliance forces loyally to push back the Orcish Horde. After seeing the full extent of the devastation, he began to grow disillusioned with the Alliance and the Light. His mindset began to shift even more as he retreated further into the books. Eventually, he left Dalaran and holed himself up in his parents' estate. No one thought much of it.

Soon, he began to crave all information, delving deeper into the darker tomes to sate his lust for knowledge; even going as far as to acquire the forbidden texts on Necromancy and Demonology, something that eventually got him in trouble with the Magocracy of Dalaran. He was brought before them and tried as a heretic. Seeing as being found guilty would strip him of all political influence and possibly get him executed, he simply took an alternate option: He had the presiding judge killed and all evidence removed from record and planted on the one who sniffed him out. It's not that he wanted vengeance, he just wanted to be left alone.

His studies were left alone for the most part, occasionally a pet or vagrant would disappear. No one questioned him or even cared. Being left to his devices, he found that he needed help. The texts were incomplete and he was unable to acquire more without raising suspicion. The help came in the form of the Cult of the Damned. Seeing them as a way to get to the more information on the Art of Necromancy, he willingly gave himself and his assets over to them. With their guidance, he became a full necromancer, learning many of their secrets and even writing up his own spell book for the rituals.

And then he died. An arrow to the eye tends to make that happen.

And was summarily brought back. The Scourge wasn't going to just let one of their necromancers go like that. His new form didn't shock him or worry him. The man just shrugged and moved on. Once Lordaeron fell, he stayed there, serving to keep it under control as he served the Lich King. As time went on, he began to lose himself to the will of Ner'zhul, becoming more and more mindless. Then the influence waned, allowing his brethren and him to break free from the Lich King's control. With this new found freedom, he simply went back to his estate to study more and live in peace. That peace wouldn't last.

As Sylvanas took control of the Undercity, the Forsaken's control of the land rapidly spread. Soon, her lieutenants came knocking. Seeing no other choice, he just agreed to serve the Dark Lady as a necromancer and was immediately shifted to the RAS. Not being an alchemist at all, he just went about working on the abominations and mending any Forsaken whose parts fell off. He still works for them to this day, spending more of his time locked away in his estate though.
Quote:'''Age''': Irrelevant. Died when he was 46 though.

We do need his current age. Also, please single-space everything, not double!
Otherwise, seems good to me.

First Approval
Binkleheimer Wrote:For extra effect, the words are also written in the blood of dead babies.

Please remove this.
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
Changed to dead murlocs.
I suppose that's better, at least.

Second approval.

Third approval (3/3)

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