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Morhana's Project Temp

AKA Project Temp

AKA Project Temporary Character

What is Project Temp?

Project Temp originated with Geoni (Here is Geoni's Project Villain)... to bring more 'villainry' back to CotH. I am putting myself out there for any event organizer or storyline leader who needs a fleshed out temporary character (Including villains). I feel fairly comfortable with the majority of WoW's lore, so I am willing to work with whatever type of character you may need.

However, I do want this to be done in an organizational fashion, so there are some general rules and guidelines that I want to establish when it comes to this project:
  • Any person(s) seeking a villain/temporary character for an event must fill out an application that is hidden in the spoiler below, and send it to me via private message on the forum.

  • I want to ask that you send me an application at least two weeks ahead of planned events for the villain so that I have the time to flesh the character out and possibly get it wikified for purposes of keeping a record of what it is they were involved in and how they died or came to demise.

  • I am agreeing to create this character with the knowledge that it will indeed die or otherwise vanish by the end of its use. Any resurrections of my villain/temporary character has to be discussed with me afterwards through PM or chat.

  • Because of the effort that I will be putting into these temporary characters, I ask that they be requested for an event chain or storyline that involves two or more separate events. Exceptions can be made, but I'd like to discuss those if need be.

  • Due to me only being one person, I can only be working on so many temps at once. Therefore, I'll treat this as first come first serve, and I am going to limit myself to two at a time. Once one character dies or has found all of his/her use, I can begin working on the next in line.

  • If you want the character to be canceled after the sending and acceptance of the application, PM me. However, I do want to say that this will take up my free time and I would like you to feel sure about this before sending the application in.

  • The character doesn't have to be a villain necessarily, but can be any kind of character that is important enough for the requirement of another player.

  • If the character was not killed by the end of an event chain and you would like to bring it back for more action, I'm going to put it back at the end of line for the sake of giving others a turn.


Quote:What is the name of the event-chain or storyline that you are seeking a temp for? (please describe and/or link to the event-chain, guild post, storyline, etc.)

Quote:Please give a short description of the temp you are seeking to be created. You can be specific as you want to be, or as general as you want to be. However, I want you to at least give me his/her name, class/job, and purpose/involvement in the story.

Quote:In my guidelines, I have asked that there be at least two events that the character will be involved in. Describe each of these sub-events and provide me with general guidelines as to the actions of the temp during each of them.

Quote:If you want this temp to go unprofiled due to needing it sooner than I need in order to get him/her profiled, state so here.

Quote:If there is anything else you would like to instruct me with, state it here.

Quote:Would you like me to disclose who this temp will be on this thread or in his/her own thread? (Yes/No)

Geoni stated that he/she (Sorry) didn't want to be the only one working on Project Villain, so here I am with my own version, ProTemp. That being said, I will make use of some more clever copy-pasting below.

If there are any others who want to offer their time to other players by creating a villain/temporary character, I implore them to modify my rules and application and make their own post in the spirit of the post I've just made. Players might feel more comfortable prompting a certain player to create their villain and I might not be that player. I have a feeling that there might be others who want to join in, and I would be more than happy to see it happen.

If anyone has any questions or comments that they want to add, please feel free to do so in this thread!

In case you missed it before, here is Geoni's own Project Villain post!


0/2 character slots are still open.
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