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Moving On [Specially Tailored Events for the Dead!]
Moving On

Moving On is a chain of events I shall be running as the time comes. This event has two goals, one OOC and one IC: To bring closure to the player, and to bring peace to the dead. This event chain is available to anyone with one condition: the character in question is permanently dead.

That's right, to get it on this, you must permanently kill your character. No, the event doesn't kill the character, this event takes place afterwards. It's just an event that allows the character to transition into the next life, and what happens to them is still up to you.

So, I think I've made it clear enough. Any dead character may apply (this will include newly dead from the Cataclysm [AKA characters you rested/killed off for the switch]) for these events, just PM me a message with the title "Character Name" is Moving On with this form:

Quote:Character Name:

Character Profile Link:

How the Character Died:

Describe their idea of Heaven:

Describe their idea of Hell:

Do you want the character to suffer or be happy, or somewhere in between?:
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