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Mrs. Marsh and her characters.
I wasn't sure where to post this, but I figured it was general enough to go here. Anyway, onto what it's about.

I'm deciding to withdraw many of my characters from their storylines. If one of my toons that you'd like to continue interacting with is listed here, then by all means send me a PM or an in-game whisper and we can discuss keeping them active. I'm not vile enough to ruin the fun for anyone else and if you feel that you simply cannot perform that raid on soandso's pants without good ol' Jane Smtih, I'll accomodate as best I can. On with the list:

Lydia - this storyline is dead anyway, so we can go ahead and get rid of the Waninglight manor in Eversong Woods. We lost the main group of players pretty much right off the bat.

Libra - she was a tool to bring Xaveria into this world, and while she's fairly good for comedic value, I simply can't play her for any extended period of time.

Thalia - this character was pretty much doomed from her inception, if only because it made me rely on others for RP and I'm simply not finding the time to be around when the other cronies of Siv are around.

Evelesse - no time to create a new priest character, I spend too many hours raiding on one as it is. She was never really played with anyone else, so no huge loss.

Samaya - I don't play her, really, and I've lost interest in her story.

Akayla - I know, I just made her, but the same thing that was said for Thalia applies here as well.

If I have more characters than I can remember, perhaps that's a bad sign. I'll edit as I make decisions on my other characters. For now, though, I am keeping Zartha, Whizzyboom, Xaveria, and Alice on the payroll.

Consider this a withdrawal from a feeling that I had to RP with as many people as possible, if you like. I stretched myself too thinly and I was overwhelmed whenever it came to making a decision about who to play as. I've already discussed my other feelings with a GM and they won't be brought up here. :)
I agree with many of your reasons for withdrawing your characters, and it's part of the reason why I only run two toons here. It's hard enough being on when others are, and having a huge cast only spreads me too thinly.

I'm also thankful I'm hooked up with Tradewind as Chayne, it's a generic enough Cartel-aligned "company" that I can be hooked into people's plots really easily. I like this setup better than rolling a single-storyline character since plots change quickly, and people come and go.

The only character of yours I really have seen was Thalia, but only once while running through SW. So there's no big change with any of my stories (whew).

Are you going to stick with a new main? If so, let me know so we can get together!

Shademoon - Human Priestess, Humanitarian
Chayne - Human Paladin, Tradewind Mercenary
My main, as ever, will be Zartha because no matter what goes wrong, I can't give Z up. She's just too fun. Thalia was a toon I had when a lot of new folks came around and I never really meant for her to be my main. :)

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