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Multiple chat boxes.
Guess who. No really, guess. It's Aeonar! Here to help hopefully ease the minds of some people who are having a tough time keeping up with Chat, Barrens, Adult, Whispers, Party Chat, and their RP. I had someone ask today about multi-chat-boxing, something i've found quite useful in the past. Here you go, a handy little guide. Cue the intro music!

Step one, you want to right-click your current chat window until a tab appears at the top. Right click that tab, and go down to select "New chat window". Follow the steps, naming and whatnot. Right click your chat box again, and this time, drag and drop the new chat window to somewhere.

Step two! Right click your shiny new chat window, and right click the tab again. From there, click "Settings", and select/deselect which channels you want to be in. Chat, barrens, and whatnot. Don't forget to select/deselect whispers, says, yells, party, and anything else, so your two chat windows have no overlap channel-wise. Do the same to your original channel as well. Also, as an added touch, change the color of your chat channels, for spice.

Congratulations! You now can discuss Sandvich, lolcats, lazors, turkey necks, and even the price of tea in China, all without leaving the comfort of your RP, or asking people in Chat or Barrens to shush the fork up. Enjoy!

Oh, you want an example. Fine, fine. Any questions, feel free to ask. Hope this helped! */bow*

[Image: WoWScrnShot_100908_183230.jpg]
Nicely done! Moved to Articles and Guides.
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
I love ye! Many thanks. This is a life saver!
[Image: signature2-1.jpg]
Two questions:

Is the picture supposed to be screwed up at the bottom? It's bright teal to me...


Those icons above your action bar, what are they/how do you get them there?

Also, this guide is useful, when theres a discussion going on its annoying to have to scroll up and stuff.
The picture shouldn't be screwed up. *shrug* May just be a problem with your computer, but I can't think of what.

As for your second question. Options > Interface > Actionbars > From there, just click enable/disable some.

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