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My Application
First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:
What is there to say? I'm not perfect at role-playing but I enjoy it, especially in crowded enviroments. I'm really bad at levelling characters, as soon as I make one, I play some on it, and then I make a new one with a whole another background story etc. My characters always tend to take a twisted turn over time. Like, from hero to villain. Crusader to bandit. Peasant to warrior.

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:
Sweden, Swedish and English 'course.

How did you get into Warcraft?:
My friend had just bought it and became pretty addicted to it (which ain't rare), at a visit to his house I tried it out, and god! It was fun, after a week I bought it as well.
I started as a normal PvE/PvP-guy on the EU servers though I used leetspeak and horrible grammar. I had great fun, until I reached the level cap and started looking for something else to pass my time on World of Warcraft. Unfortunately, I didn't, but I borrowed the game Warcraft from a friend and suddenly I begun to understand the lore and story of World of Warcraft, and also got very interested in role-playing, and I transfered all my characters to the most populated role-playing server I could find.
But ack, retail cost money, and I'm very stingy and I begun to search for free role-playing servers.

What made you seek our server over others?:
A friend of mine, who role-played under the name 'Fizban', recommended this server for me. I was by a very... special, role-playing private server before this, with extremly low standards and low population.

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:
I really enjoy all kinds, all from pit fighting, to drinking a mug of dwarven mead at the closest inn. From peasant to warrior, hero to villian, but my favorite would probably be villain. All my characters tend to be very arrogant and selfish, regardless class or purpose.

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
Trolls. No doubt, Ah jus' love dey proverbs mon, da lore an' dey Loa worshippeen'. /Chuckle

What are your expectations of this server?:
Good role-playing, a friendly community, active forum members and somewhat of a population with players who run around role-playing as people, and not at Arthas' long lost brother or something, which is pretty common on private servers nowadays.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:
Quote:No godmoding, metagaming or powergaming.
What more is there to say? I just hate it, and it's good to see that it's forbidden here.

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:

It is when the gryphon suddenly turns left and the air around gets that bluish, hazy texture, that you know you are entering Duskwood. Away goes the golden Elwynn sunset – so sweet in this time of the year – and deep you dive into the dark, silent woods, up to the small hill where Darkshire flight station is. In these days Darkshire is gloomier than usual, while its inhabitants are suffering from the unexpected onset of a mysterious disease, called, not without some exaggeration, a new ‘plague' by someone. This strange epidemic has started quite abruptly some week ago and, even though the exact number of victims is not clear, it appears that it has diffused rapidly, affecting both Darkshire resident population and some travellers who had stopped by the village. The holy order of the Shield of Light is operating in the area, trying to contain, cure and study the disease. Another organization, The Shield of the Dawn, has been appointed to make sure any similar threat doesn't reach Stormwind, where many circles and communities are getting concerned about general safety. Just landed to Darkshire, I am received by Sir Richard Tisdale, High Protector of the Shield of Light. “The disease is transmitted via ingestion of contaminated food and water. After its outbreak we started to investigate the possibility of someone actively spreading it,” sir Tisdale reveals to me, and then he heads towards the well opposite the main square. “We took a number of water and food samples, and naturally the well was one of them. From what we can gather, the water in it has been poisoned. Water is currently brought here from the brook up north, and it is under guard both day and night to prevent sabotage.” He rests his heavily-clad hand on the thick lid which is now sealing the well. “Any idea about who can be responsible of this heineous action?” I ask. “Well… Around these parts there's the obvious villain, but we cannot say for sure.” I suppose that sir Tisdale is hinting at notorious, extravagant local types like the Embalmer or Morbent Fel, and mention them. “Yes, or an agent of the Scourge.” I nod, while bad reminiscences about past attempts to poison the water in our very capital start surfacing in my mind… I will leave to my readers to draw any possible connections to past stories – with the warning that of course similarities in situations and criminal ‘modus operandi' do not necessarily imply that the same hands are behind different crimes.

Madame Eva, one of the most prominent citizens of Darkshire, has generously offered the upper floor of her large mansion as a temporary hospital for the victims. We move there, and as soon as we get upstairs a priestess of the Shield, Zeerin Tammerhand, welcomes me. The young woman appears calm and in control of the situation, notwithstanding the heavy coughing coming from the other room and the stale, unpleasant smell clearly speak about the ordeal which is endured here. Other two priestesses, Tinith Da'lrin and Miraye Vanyar are assisting the sick people; a couple of paladins, Gwyndion Vanyar – Miraye's father - and Carolus Tristain are around as well to provide support in case security issues arise. Although there is no sign that the disease can pass from individual to individual, those tending the victims use face masks as a precaution, and I am given one as well before we enter the main infirmary room. I am also warned to stay out of ‘spitting distance', which, given the still obscure nature of the disease, doesn't sound like an overcautious suggestion.

On the beds three victims of the epidemics lie, two humans – a man and a woman – and a Draenei woman, quite a proof that no race is immune to the contagion. Some are slumbering, but another is coughing violently, blood cough for what I can see from where I stand. It appears that the sick people are also struck by recurrent fits of convulsions and mental confusion – the man suddenly sits up on the bed, and utters something about not knowing where he is. He then asks to be brought home, crying, while the Draenei priestess gets presently at his side, wiping his forehead with a wet cloth.

“As you can see, Miss, the illness presents like a potent influenza...” Priestess Tammerhand tells me. “Except for the cough, which we have troubles to keep at bay, even with the healing. The temperature also can get very high, hence the delirium.” On the other side of the room priestess Miraye is gently trying to soothe the Draenei patient. I can see her fingers run over the unfamiliar shape of the horns, then rest against the woman's temples, as she closes her eyes. I think that I have seen enough, and we get downstairs. Sir Tisdale comments: “There's no reason to fear it is spreading to the nearby regions, and last week there was a higher number of cases. Yet, even admitting that the major outbreak has passed, we want to urge travellers to be cautious within in the area.” Reassuring statements indeed. But I can't help listening to Madame Eva's words, whispered while we pass by her: ‘The future holds much death and uncertainty, not unlike the past.' I hope for the welfare of this village, that it just the ominous attitude of its charismatic medium to inspire these words, and not any real precognition of a sealed fate.

EDIT: Made a new, longer story, with a rather more advanced literature.
"The Cult of the Damned... I need to print more brochures."
"I always wanted to start my own religion... so I did!"
"This horned thing on my head is KILLING ME!"
Welcome to the server!
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

I've RP:d with Goznic here several times, and he plays his gnome well and pulls him off quite nicely as far as I can tell, and He seems to be pretty solid OOC as well, oh, and he's SWEDISH = instantly awesome.

So I feel that he should be given this:

[Image: 2nbsf2d.png]
[Image: 25jxl3r.png] ~ [Image: rap0jl.jpg] ~ [Image: 2rz9vtw.png]
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<Academy of Magic> ~ <G S F> ~ ~ <The Forgotten Shadow>
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