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My TF2 Fragvid

Bout time I posted this here. I do notice some CotH people playing TF2 and mentioning it. Might as well drop it here. This Fragvid was recorded in a span of two weeks, consisting of cp_granary, ctf_turbine and cp_badlands. This stuff is basically replays of what happened in the http://etf2l.org/ season 4. Before you ask, yes, my clan was called the Power Rangers.

The idea of the clan was to create a team that will make the enemies become embarassed, or perhaps rage whenever they lose to us. I.E. we say "Oh, look at that, 'The Destroyers' just got defeated by 'The Power Rangers'". The name is more of a debuff.

I was the white ranger, "Rey the Storm Ranger". We had other rangers like "Kirill the Nandos Ranger" and what not, it got pretty funny. Our team folded, however, which is actually the primary reason why I have returned to this server.

You'll see some cool mid-air shots in this video, a lot of destruction. I warn you though, the word "rape" comes up a lot in this video. It is a play on my name, "The Reyp Train", really. But yeah. It's a thing I coined in the european leagues.


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