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My (possibly and self-proclaimed) Epic Return!
Tis true, the rumors of my Great return! What do you mean you don't know who I am? :O

Yes yes, I am aware that you haven't a clue who I am. But that's okay. Back when I first joined in mid Oct. of 2010, I didn't seriously roleplay. I mean, I roleplayed "seriously" but didn't really roleplay. I just "rolled with the punches". Then slowed down, didn't get into a good roleplay scenario as much. Then I moved. My whole life just tipped up-side-down, turned left, turned around, flipped back over, did a few barrel rolls, you get the point. I stopped playing WoW, went back into XBL, and on my birthday I decided it was time to pick up WoW again. Looked at all the changes and started leveling. Got my Hunter to 55 then made a Death Knight and got into the beginning questline. Loved it. Then I started getting more and more into Warcraft Lore. I'm still fairly new, but I know quite a bit about Arthas and his Reign as the Lich King. I read Deathwings lore, and like it, but I don't really like Cataclysm as much as WoTLK. I started getting that itch for Roleplaying a few days ago... I wanted what I had when I played on Echeloned WoW (Not to advertise, just for the topics sake). I wanted that experience where Roleplaying was how you made it. But the I remembered what it was like trying to Roleplay with people always chosing OP roles such as (but NOT limited to at all, ever), Arthas, Some dragon, King of Azeroth, Arthas' son, Brother to Arthas, and the list goes on... and on. When I found CoTH I knew this would be a MUCH better experience. I don't like that I can't have a Death Knight for awhile, but I know that any restriction on here is definitely for the best. I don't like to stay on one Character, but I would like to develop a good character who is built for Roleplay, and not just killing things. To me, roleplay adds a whole different look to the game. I see the value in lore when Roleplaying, and the TRUE meaning of certain things. ie: Frostmourne. It's not just a sword that would have X damage at 864 damage per second, but a sword whoever holds it. Having my own weapon with a name, rather than "Longsword of Agility". However this got brought up, I don't know... just "roll with the punches".

ANNNNNYWAY.... I just wanted to say that I have returned and hunger for real roleplay. I've got WoW setting up right now, just downloading a fresh WoTLK so I can return. Cannot wait!! Hope to see you all in Azeroth!

An Kararnir Thanagor!
(Yes, I actually know what that means and what It's related to:D)
Little update to everyone that's not going to care :P
The installer didn't work... Failed at, get this, 98%. So I /ragequit and looked on here. Luckily, there is a "ready to go" download that hopefully works. It's going to take a few hours to download it though. 16.6gb's is a lot even for my awesome internet. So I'll spend tomorrow setting it up, and let it download through the night. Go CoTH!
Welcome back, person I have never seen or heard of!

There's been a restart a few days ago, so all our characters have been wiped. It's okay, though, you can recreate them as always.
[Image: djuraz.jpg]
The download worked, and I actually stayed up. Can't wait to get back into the real RP!
Greetings Mrsandan. Hope you enjoy our epic roleplay on the server. =)
[Image: btCv6mF.png]
Inspired by Aroes to make fancy parchment letters. :heart:
Lendri Autumn Sylvian
Alassae Starleaf
Lazarus Majire
Josephine Renae Briarthorn

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