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NPC Interaction
I was in Stormwind yesterday, saluting a guard as I walked by. And as I did, I was thinking how nice it would be if they'd salute back. Then, I remembered some NPCs who did.

About a year ago when I was still on retail, my guild was raiding Gruul's Lair. Right outside, near the summoning stone, there were some ogres. If you had enough reputation with these ogres' faction (Can't quite recall the exact name, it might have been Ogri'la), then you could interact with them. Target them and /wave or /dance, and they'd do the same right back.

If this concept was applied to NPCs around the server, maybe with a broader spectrum of emotes, it could do a world of good for player's roleplaying experience.
Yeah, that would be really really cool. But it would take a whole load of lua-scripting for Kretol, and I think that there might be a few other more important things like bugs to sort out first.
All the guards of the Stormwind Keep used to respond to /salute. But they don't on this server. Whether they still do on retail or not, I wouldn't know.
It's emulator limitations. On retail, nearly all guards respond.

For example, if a blood elf paladin does /eye on a silvermoon guard, they'll quickly jump to a salute and then kneel.
Theik Wrote:It's emulator limitations. On retail, nearly all guards respond.

If it's beyond the server's capabilities to do, then so be it.

I knew that might have been a problem, but I thought that given the things I've seen custom NPCs doing on this server - strolling around Stormwind, complaining about work in Northshire, etc - I thought it might be a possibility.

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